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A map of Game of Thrones if it was set in Vienna

Winter is coming…What if the world of Westeros from Game of Thrones was Vienna? In which district would the Starks’ Winterfell be most at home? Where would the wall be? We’ve matched the characters of each kingdom to fit the charcteristics of Vienna’s districts and translated the setting of Game of Thrones to the streets of Vienna.

Check out our map of Vesteros (Combined the words ‘Vienna’ and ‘Westeros’ – get it?) To what kingdom do you belong? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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Game Of Thrones Vesteros map explained:

+ Casterly Rock and the Lannisters – 19th district:
The villas in the hills of the 19th would make for perfect residences for the richest family in the 7 kingdoms. And like the Lannisters, the Döbling-ers always pay their debts (we’re not sure if this is true, but eh…it fits to the story).

+ Winterfell and the Starks – 1070, 1060, 1040 and 1030 districts
We could imagine the beloved Starks of the North being based in these beloved districts. The bearded and rugged men would fit in perfectly with the bearded and bohemian hipsters that inhabit these neighbourhoods. We can imagine Jon Snow sipping at a Melange in the front of Cafe Europa.

+ Dothraki – 1020 district
We would base the fierce horse-mounted and nomadic Dothraki in the Parter park as we could imagine they’d get a kick out of the Würstel Prater. Just imagine them riding the Riesenrad, or the spinning chair lift letting out the infamous Dothraki scream. The park also provides sufficient space for riding their horses.

+ Iron Islands and the Greyjoys – Donauinsel
Where else in Vienna would be suitable for House Greyjoy of the Iron islands than the Danube island. We can just imagine their ships sailing up the Danube, taking what they want, raiding and pillaging the little ice cream truck that goes up and down the river all summer long, or the Langos stands. They might be a bit bashful in the FKK areas of the Danube island, though.

+ Beyond the Wall – beyond the Danube
Seeing as most people living in the districts on the south side of the river never venture to the other side of the Danube, we thought this was perfectly fitting that the wall would be set along the Danube. Beyond the wall, the free people of the 21st and 22nd districts dwell. And the white walkers, well, any Austrian would tell you that they would be best played by the Germans, we guess. Not that we’re saying that, though.

+ The Tyrells and Highgarden – 1130 district
It’s the perfect fit – the large wealthy House of Tyrell hanging out in Schönbrunn Palace, Olena and Margery Tyrell snacking on lemon cakes and sipping at tea on the Gloriette hill of the palace gardens.

+ Daenerys Targaryen, House Targaryen and Dragonstone – 1160, 1150, 1140 and 1170 districts
Oh, Khaleesi, our queen, our mother of dragons, breaker of chains, we love you. We’re your biggest groupies. We want to dress up as you for every costume party, go home with ourself, and make love to ourself several times over. If you ever need anybody to babysit your dragons, we’re in. Your House Targaryen is one of the few houses that have transcended race and house in building its army under your leadership. You’re a real mixed bunch, so we thought the multicultural 16th and 15th would be right for you. You’re also damn hot, like all the people living in these districts.

+ King’s Landing – 1010 district
It seemed only natural. Vienna’s cobblestone city center would work as the perfect setting for the home of the Iron Throne and crown, King’s Landing.

+ House Martell and Dorne – 1230 district
To be honest, we weren’t sure where to put you House Martell, so we though we’d just place your kingdom of Dorne out in Liesing. As we’re not exactly sure what’s out there anyway. And we’ve heard they’re a kinky bunch, just like you (wink, wink).


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