Did you know that eating snails is more Viennese than Schnitzel?

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Did you know that eating snails is more Viennese than Schnitzel?

OK, maybe not, however, snails had a prominent place in the Viennese kitchen back in the day of ye’ old Habsburg empire. And there’s one guy (with one very fancy moustache) reviving the Escargot cuisine in Vienna. 

In our fourth episode of Fork you Vienna! we visit Vienna’s only snail farm & Escargot Bistro, Gugumuck. We headed to the outskirts of the city where the Gugumuck farm is located (literally, it’s surrounded by farming land) and experienced our first encounter with eating Escargot aka. SNAILS!

We also learned that the French stole the snail cuisine from Austria, and that Vienna was the REAL ‘snail capital’ back in the day of the Empire. Ok, this fact could be very easily contested by some very angry Frenchie, but that’s what Andreas, the guy behind Gugumuck, told us (was to deflect any heat in the comments below, right? 😉

Hard details about Gugumuck

Where: Rosiwalgasse 44, 1100
Opening times: it’s only open on specific days of the week for dinner. Check out their website for available bookings.
Website: www.gugumuck.com

Cards accepted
Not vegetarian-/ vegan friendly
Schanigärten: yes

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Christopher Hanschitz & Benjamin Steindorfer on camera.
Vienna Würstelstand editorial team on story.

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Andreas and his team at Gugumuck for having us and feeding us!
More info on this awesome place, here: https://www.gugumuck.com

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