How will BREXIT affect you as a Brit' living in Austria? Explained in under 4 minutes.

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How will BREXIT affect you as a Brit’ living in Austria? Explained in under 4 minutes.

It’s been the question of every Brit’s lips for a while now…well, since Brexit was announced to be going ahead all that time ago. This week, Austria has published a new draft law that shines a light on how those with a UK passport living in Austria will be affected by Brexit.

In this video, Theresa Kamp and Patrick Kainz from Law&Beyond in Vienna breakdown what the draft law means.

They also explain how you can acquire the new residence permit after 31 December 2020.

If you know somebody that will be affected by Brexit, do them a favor a share this video with your them.

May importante: Keep in mind that this is still preliminary information and this draft may still be adapted before it comes into effect.


Big thanks to Patrick Kainz and Theresa Kamp for answering many of the questions that are being thrown around in highly speculative conversations between Brits’ and others this year. You can reach out to Patrick and Theresa on their Instagram channel.

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