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The Käsetoast cook: Simple & Tasty AF recipes for you to make during Vienna’s lockdown 2.0 even if you’re the worst cook

Given the current situation, it’s obviously not possible for us to visit all the interesting and lovely restaurants of our fine city.

BUT! as we know you like to eat good food, and that you might be getting bored of your cooking repertoire by now, we thought – Hey! We can share with you some recipes for some super tasty – but super simple to make – dishes. Plus, we sourced all of our ingredients from local markets so we support local businesses at the same time, and highlight the joy that can be had in a neighbourhood market visit.

Dish on the Vienna Würstelstand Käsetoast cook’s menu today:

© Vienna Würstelstand

For our first dish, we’re cooking with you something healthy – stuffed eggplant with chicory salad and roasted brussel sprouts. Now, this is fairly easy to cook if you know how to cook. Or, let’s say, if you know how to operate a stove, you should be fine. 

Neighbourhood market where we got our ingredients:

© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand

We picked up our fresh ingredients from one of the celebrity of markets in Vienna – the good old Naschmarkt. This market is full of fresh produce, herb and spice dealers (not the kind of herb you’re thinking)  and people screaming  at you to try their Falafel.

© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand

What you need:

© Vienna Würstelstand

+ Two medium-sized eggplants 

+ 250 grams of Couscous

+ Two handful of Brussel Sprouts

+ Two carrots

+ Two pieces of chicory salad

+ The green part of the dandelion

+ Spring onions 

+ A block of Feta 

+ Dried tomatoes 

+ 50grams of pine nuts

+ Spices of your choice from the Naschmarkt (we went for a so-called Greek mix) 

+ Basic stuff like salt, pepper, and oil (if you don’t have this at home it’s time to be a responsible adult and stock up your kitchen what are you an animal?)

Here is what you have to do:

1. Fill up a pot with half a litre of water, throw in a dash of salt, heat it up on the stove, and boil the couscous for about a minute. Take it off the stove, add some olive oil pepper and paprika powder.

2. Now it’s time to grab a spoon and carve out some nice looking holes in the eggplants – don’t throw away the inside bits your carve out! You will need it for the filling. Take everything you carved out and cut it into small pieces while laughing hysterically like a maniac

© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand

3. Next, you want to cut spring onions into thin slices, and do the same with the garlic. After you’ve cut up the garlic, take a good whiff of your stinky garlic fingers and shove them up the nose of the person closest to you. 

4. Put the garlic and the spring onions into a pan and fry it up for a bit (we don#t really give a f** how long), and add the eggplants. Fry this all up for a few minutes more ’til everything looks rather tasty (meaning it gets all lovely and brown)

5. Slice up some dried tomatoes and add them to the the mix, stir it all up and add the couscous. Take it off the heat, add a chunk of Feta cheese to it (throw a couple of pieces into your mouth, cuz’ you deserve it) and wiggle your bum a little once complete to celebrate that you’re almost there.

© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand

6. Ram everything into the carved out eggplants, and toss them into the oven at a medium heat (so something between 0 degrees and 180 degrees – you decide as you’re the chef!) for about 30 minutes. 

© Vienna Würstelstand

Keep in mind: every oven is is its own little unique individual, so it might take a little shorter, or a little longer – depending on the model of your oven. You’ll work it out. When it looks like charcoal, you’ve left it in too long. 

© Vienna Würstelstand

7. So, as for the brussels sprout – the demon vegetable your Oma made horribly wrong at Christmas every year so you hate them, but are actually quite tasty when you know how to cook them the right way. Here’s how: 

Clean them up, by removing the outer layer, and then clean yourself up by removing your outer layer. wait, what?! Anyway, throw them into some hot salt water for exactly 5 minutes (and we mean exactly – don’t you go letting them soak in that little brussels sprout spa for any longer than that!). Then rinse them with cold water, so they stop f*** boiling. Cut them in half, fry them with some olive oil (be sure to apply olive oil as if you’re in a slow motion shot on some cooking show), grind in some pepper and then grind your kitchen bench – finito. 

8. The salad is really easy to make (if you’re not some Käsetoast-cooking barbarian…ok, even you can handle this): wash the chicory and the dandelion. Cut it up, slice up some tomatoes and some carrots, mix everything together and marinate it with whatever the hell you want. Our tip for a dressing: olive oil and vinegar go well together.
Ok, Do we really need to tell you how to make a salad? 

9. Toss everything into a bowl plate (you know, those bowls that have an identity crisis because they’re neither really a plate, nor a bowl), or on the floor (who are we to tell you how to eat in the comfort of your own home).

© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand
© Vienna Würstelstand

10. High-five yourself, or do some awkward finger guns at your food (whatever you’re celebratory move is – you do you).

Muy importante: If you feel super fancy, pair that colourful looking dish you’ve got in front of you with a nice red wine. Hell, who are we kidding – pair it with wine even if you’re not feeling fancy. Our wine of choice for this meal was Zahel – Alles Wojza (Alles Walzer), or just drink a good old Hülsn with it. 

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