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10 things you should never say to a Viennese waiter(innen)

1. ‘Just tap water, please!’



2. ‘Could I have a second fork?’

Yes, of course, there are plenty of forks in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean one will make it’s way to our plate without an evil look.


3. ‘Do you have soy, or almond milk?’

Honestly, don’t ask for any special orders. You’ll experience a look that says, ‘I will have my revenge on you!’


4. ‘What’s the wifi password, or do you have somewhere I can plug in my laptop?’



5. ‘Could I have some mayonnaise with my Würstel?’



6. ‘Could I just use the bathroom?’


7. ‘Can I pay with card?’



8. ‘Has this got gluten in it?’

If you see fire in their eyes, run…run for your dear life.


9. Can we split the bill?

We get this one, actually. We always feel a lot of empathy for the waiter that has to split a bill between a table of 15.


10. Anything else, really. They generally don’t like human interaction.



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