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9 scenes of Vienna made into photomontage art

Check out the creative things he’s done with buildings and things of Vienna:

1. Describe your style in 9 words or less.
Abstract, simplified, minimalistic

2. What equipment do you use to photograph?
I photograph with my iPhone7

3. Tell us about your art; your motifs and subjects.
My art is mostly about situations & places I find myself in, and represents emotions I am dealing with, whether they are triggered by the present, or the past. The focus has turned out to be on architecture a lot and its extraordinary forms and lines. I like to extract details out of the pictures I take and put them together again in an individually aesthetic way to create something new.


4. What is the wildest experience you have ever had while producing your art?
The most exciting experience I had producing my art was probably my journey from India to Vietnam; walking through jungles and deserts & getting to know myself in different situations and new cultures.

5. Did Instagram change how you see the world?
I wanna say no, but gotta’ say yes.

6. Who’s your favourite Instagram artist at the moment?
My favourite IG artist is @thismintymoment – his works match my moods perfectly.

7. What’s your favourite spot to hangout in Vienna?
My all-time favourite is Café Espresso on Burggasse.

8. What does Vienna mean to you and how has it influenced your work?
Vienna means feeling at home with everything I have experienced here in the last eight years – the Art Nouveau architecture surrounding me, knowing my friends are around, but still having the possibility to have solitude. This city constantly influences me.

9. What’s your background photo on your phone?
A black wallpaper.

10. Is there any music that inspires you in your work?
I have always been influenced by music. Right now, I am into Twit One.

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