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8 ideas for dad dates that aren’t totally awkward

1. Go for a run/cycle together

All dads like running (or so it seems). We get to a certain age and it’s inevitable we want to see how quickly we can run along the Donaukanal, around Augarten, across Schönbrunn or up Kahlenberg. Depending on the age of the children, you might want to reduce the distance, have the kids go on their bikes, or simply leave the kids at home.

Why is it good?

  • There is a set start and end time to the date
  • You get some exercise and get out of the flat
  • If conversation isn’t flowing, just pretend you’re too tired to talk
  • If you both enjoy it, just keep on running into the sunset


2. Check out a ‘Wiener Sportklub’ match

© Götz Schrade

Yes, it’s stereotypical and at the time of writing this the football season has just finished. But the Hernals-based football club is very family-friendly and kids are always welcome.

Their cult fan following have a serious dedication to fairness, integrative youth work, inclusivity and social causes – making them the perfect guilt-free football indulgence.

The legendary ‘Ute Bock Cup’ charity match (named in honor of the late educator, charity goddess and campaigner Ute Bock) was also spawned from the ‘Friends of the Friedhofstribüne’ fan group and is supported by the club.

Depending on your allegiances or public transport links, First Vienna, Rapid or Austria Wien also have excellent family areas to conduct your ren-dad-zvous. Even if you’re not that into the beautiful game, an afternoon at the stadium has all the things we dads enjoy most about hanging out with other humans.

Why is it good?

  • Low cost entrance and readily available beer
  • Lots of noise making small talk conveniently impractical
  • Something to watch and comment on using out-of-the-box phrases
  • If all goes well, the option to do it again in two weeks time!

3. Play adventure minigolf under blacklight

© Backlite Arena

Crazy fluorescent colors, dinosaurs, sea creatures, an arcade area and laser maze… it’s hard for long drawn out silences to manifest themselves when there is this much sensory stimulation going on. Add to that the highly competitive nature of adventure minigolf and you’ve got yourself a hole-in-one of an afternoon. Check out the Black Light Arena for more information.

Why is it good?

  • Indoors, so it’s not weather dependant
  • Play as much, or as little, as you like
    Food available on site
  • If it’s a hit, Vienna has plenty more courses to explore


4. Practice your cycling proficiency at the ÖAMTC Mobilitätspark

There’s no time for things to get awkward if the dads and kids are whizzing around 3,400 m² of totally safe and totally enclosed cycle track, right? This place is purpose built for kids to practice their urban cycling skills. It’s kitted out with real life traffic lights, roundabouts, train track crossing, and bus stops, and it’s the perfect place for kids and dads to get acquainted whilst learning fun and responsible cycling.

The Mobilitätspark is free to use but admission is only possible by appointment. For more information (in German) be sure to check their website.

Why is it good?

  • Enter a world free of cars and other motor vehicles
  • Bikes, scooters, ‘Laufräder’ and roller blades all welcome
  • Open on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Lots of space for a rest and a bite to eat


5. Meet other LGBTQIA+ families for a picnic

via Unsplash

Getting two families to spend time with one another is difficult, but if you’re a ‘rainbow family’ looking to meet other gay or lesbian parents, it can seem damn near impossible. Happily, there is an excellent organization in Vienna to help get you started: Regenbogen Familienzentrum.

As well as offering advice and education, Regenbogen Familienzentrum organizes regular group meetups, weekend trips and picnics. Although the services provided are in German, this is an excellent place to start new friendships with other LGBTQ+ parents.

Why is it good?

  • A group of welcoming people guaranteed
  • Everyone is there for the same reason
  • Kids can learn about other LGBTQ+ families
  • Organized events mean regular no-pressure meetings

6. Create a dad group

Whilst being added to another WhatsApp group may sound annoying, once you’ve got a couple of previously unconnected new friends with similar interests together, you shouldn’t let them go!

Be the person who makes things happen and suggest a no-pressure meet up in Stadtpark, go for a curry down Burggasse or organize a fantasy role playing game night (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Why is it good?

  • Safety in numbers. No one person is sharing the social pressure
  • Everyone feels involved
  • The option to make it a regular thing
  • Get to know more people in less time

When talking about dads meeting other dads in a positive and constructive group, a special mention should also be made for the ‘Vätertreff’ initiative run by the ‘Friends Kinder-, Jugend-, und Familienzentrum’.


7. Grab a coffee at Cafe Dschungel

© Cafe Dschungel

Sometimes it’s the simple approach that wins the day. Meeting up for a coffee and talking about parenting, music or (inevitably) running is a time tested way of forming excellent friendships.

While Vienna is blessed with more than its fair share of Kaffeehäuser, there’s always that nagging feeling your kids are disturbing everyone else’s tranquility. Not to mention hopping up and down every five seconds to locate/recapture them. That’s where Cafe Dschungel comes in.

Why is it good?

  • Lots of space for kids to run around
  • Plenty of toys and other parents
  • Excellent food and chilled out vibe
  • If things go well, stay for another coffee!


8. Let the kids decide and just go with it

At the end of the day, things are always much less awkward if the kids are having fun.

So, if they’re old enough, why not let them decide what you’re going to do.

You’ll be surprised at the suggestions that come up, giving you and your new dad friends an opportunity to do things you might not have done in years.

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