The ultimate Guide for a K-Pop stan in Vienna

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K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Pop – The ultimate guide for a K-Pop stan in Vienna

1. Go to a K-Pop Party

Yes, you heard that right. There are K-Pop Parties in Vienna, and they are actually quite frequent. Organizers like the Hallyu-Events, Gaja, YOUNG BROS and the Asiannight throw parties on the regular. The music? Obviously K-Pop. You’ll drink plenty of Soju, dance to lots of your favourite songs, and meet people with the same interests as you. So throw on your Yesstyle-Outfit and don’t miss the next party.

2. Buy skincare at K-Beauty Vienna

We’re sure you’ve wondered at least once how idols get their perfect, glass-like skin. Well, the Korean skincare industry is honestly just on a next level. And we’re in luck – the K-Beauty store in Vienna has lots of skincare products that’ll help us achieve the idol look (or at least get near to it, because let’s be honest, some of them just look UNREAL).

3. Visit a dance class

We all want to be able to dance like the idols we watch on screen, and now you just might be able to do that. Visit one of the regular dance classes by either the Unlxmited Crew, the Vienna Dance Center or the Empire Dance Center. Don’t be shy! It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if you already have some experience – everyone is welcome. But be ready to break a sweat, ‘cause those moves are not easy!

4. Show those moves off during a Random Dance Play

Once you’ve mastered some choreographies, make sure to stop by a Random Dance Event. If you’re a K-Pop stan we won’t have to explain what a RDP is. The events are more frequent in summer, so keep updated on the Namu events page.

5. Enter the K-Pop World Festival Contest

And if you’re feeling super confident about your dance skills, you might want to try entering the K-Pop World Festival, organized by Mindeullae in Austria. If you manage to make it to the finals in Vienna you’ll be able to compete against other Viennese groups, and if you WIN you even have the chance to go to South Korea to perform. OMGeee! If you’re not quite the dancer for this, you can also just watch the whole event (like we do) and cheer for your favourite cover group.

6. Go to Krieau to meet up with dancers/friends

You might have a big question mark wobbling above your head right now, but next to the U-Bahn Station Krieau is where the K-Pop community currently hangs. Since the Messe Prater building serves as a mirror, it’s a free place to practice dancing, and it’s a nice place to chill. So come by on a weekend and see if you spot any dancers (as long as it’s warm outside, that is).

7. Visit an Anime/Comic Convention

In the last few years a lot of conventions like the Aninite or the YuniCon have added their own K-Pop section since the popularity of K-Pop has grown so much. So make sure to swing by – they often times sell CDs and merch, have little K-Pop themed workshops AND a cover dance competition!

8. Go to a Korean supermarket and buy snacks 

One thing you can do all year long is enjoy some Korean food either at a restaurant or you can even try cooking something for yourself with ingredients from a Korean supermarket. Since Korea is way more than K-Pop we encourage you to look into its culture, customs and food as well. But be respectful: Korean supermarkets are not an attraction, they are still supermarkets. (Imagine if someone went into a Billa and started taking pictures. Would be weird, right?)

9. Get Bubble Tea and Korndogs

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

Pretty self-explanatory, but there’s no better comfort meal than fresh Bubble Tea and a savory Korndog. (Craving those right now as we type.)

10. Go to Müller or Thalia for CDs and merch

Yes, even local companies have picked up on the K-Pop hype. You can buy merch and CDs at Müller and Thalia now!

11. Attend an event at the Korea Kulturhaus

If you want to immerse yourself more in Korean culture you might want to check out offers at the Korea Kulturhaus It’s in the heart of Donaupark surrounded by beautiful greenery. You can attend Korean language classes or different events all about Korea and its rich culture. (It also has a restaurant!)

12. Cry a bit about the fact that no group ever comes to Vienna

Even though there’s plenty to do as a K-Pop stan in Vienna, nothing can make us forget about the fact that no group ever decides to give a concert here. So let’s all spend a few moments in grief, anger and in the end, acceptance.

13. Save your money to go to Berlin, Paris, London etc.

Because that’s the only Europe K-Pop companies know, apparently.

There you have it, folks, your local guide to the K-Pop community in Vienna. Maybe we’ll see each other at one of these events?!


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