5 Bubble Tea places in Vienna where to get the sweet heavenly drink

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5 Bubble Tea places in Vienna where to get the sweet heavenly drink

Who doesn’t love a dose of funky-flavoured, psychedelic-coloured, sweet tea with tiny, chewy tapioca balls in it? The bubble tea trend has made a comeback in Vienna like a Marvel remake.

Stores selling the addictive Taiwanese dessert drink have been popping up all over the city, and it’s not the first time. Vienna has seen the bubble tea trend before, however, for some reason, it died out, and is now back with vengeance and plenty people are going crazy for the sweet, sweet liquid delight.

This time around, the Boba stores are mostly using only natural ingredients and they’ve gone all out with hpyer-styling their interiors and their teas and snacks on offer – it’s all about the colour! It all makes for great Instagram porn.

Here are 5 bubble tea stores in Vienna where you can taste the joy of boba.

© LaCha

Le Chá – Places to try bubble tea in Vienna

MON-SAT: 9am - 8pm


Between 4.50€ and 6.80€

Le Chá is located in the Donauzentrum in the 22nd district.

They offer many kinds of bubble tea, ranging from creamy milk teas to fresh fruity ones. Also, whilst you’re there, you should try one of their homemade mochis – tasty as hell!

The shop is looking hip as hell (we have no idea if hell looks hip), with their futuristic design. Le Cha lives up to the typical look and feel of Boba stores in that it has this fantasy feel to it.

Plus, they take great pride in the fact that there are no artificial ingredients used in their tea creations – all toppings and ingredients are homemade, and the tea is top notch quality stuff. They also offer some variations suitable for vegans and the gluten-free friends amongst us.

Expert-Tip: You can pre-order your boba on their website to avoid long waits!


© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

Tea Plus – Places to try bubble tea in Vienna

Daily: 12pm - 9pm


Between: 4.50€ and 6.50€

Tea Plus is a veteran in the bubble tea game in Vienna and it’s so popular it has recently opened its second location – right at the end of Mariahilferstraße, near Westbahnhof, on a little street called Stumpergasse. Their original address is at Kurgerstrasse 12 in the first district.

Their offering of teas is large – from fruit teas, to milk creations – and their claim to fame is that they only use natural ingredients.

We’d recommend you add some of that cheese, cream cheese goodness to whatever tea you go for – it’s a texture adventure.

Their chic white interior, jazzed up with fake plants, is a pleasant place to spend some time with your tea and friends.

© Vienna Würstelstand

TEEAMO – Places to try bubble tea in Vienna

Daily: 11am - 9pm


Between 3.90€ and 5.90€

TEEAMO is a pocket-sized place (ok, you wouldn’t be able to fit it in your pocket, but it is cute and small and you’ll want to after you’ve tried their teas) located in the 1st district of Vienna, right at the St. Peters church. Yep, you can slurp up your tapioca balls amidst the charming streets of Vienna’s city center.

We love this place for its looks and the people that work behind the counter (they’re often looking as tastefully and outlandishly styled as the interior of the store.

They offer everything from Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, Sodas, Pure Teas and Smoothies, with all the toppings you’d expect on offer. You can mix ingredients and toppings to your heart’s content, so be sure to go for it and create your own Frankenstein of a tea. Oh, and if you’re in the mood, go for the Cheezo topping – it’s one wild, creamy ride.

Whilst there, you can also enjoy one of the cute little snack cakes they’ve got on offer. Oh, and loving the vertical plant wall you’ve got going their Teeamo (yes, pun intended).

© Seventea1010

Seventea1010 – Places to try bubble tea in Vienna

Daily: 11:30am - 8pm


Between 4.50€ and 6.50€

A newcomer in the bubble tea game is Seventea. They are located in the first district, Walfischgasse 4/1a. Even though they’ve only been open for a couple of months we cannot imagine a time in our lives without them anymore. Their mascot, the drinks AND the desserts are exactly what you’re looking for in a bubble tea shop: cute, fresh and delicious (not the mascot, obviously).

They offer milk and fruit teas with several toppings and unique flavours such as peach rice wine or sakura grape. You should also definitely try their ice buns – soft dough filled with different ice cream, one tastier than the other. 

If you’re unsure about what to get from the wide variety of fresh drinks, the super friendly staff will be more than happy to help you out.

© Bubble King

Bubble King – Places to try bubble tea in Vienna

MON-FRI: 11am - 7pm
SAT: 11am - 6pm


Between 3.90€ and 5.50€

The self-proclaimed king of bubbles is keeping the Boba-loving people of Meidling happy. Located right at the Meidlinger Hauptstraße station, inside the shopping center, this is a popular option for those who pass through here daily, and for those addicted to this sweet drug in liquid form.

They offer all the delights of the bubble tea world, from fruit teas to classic boba varieties, with all the range of toppings (red bean, flavoured jellies, aloe vera, etc.) you’ll expect to land on your bubble tea.

Whilst you’re there, you should try one of their mille-crepe cakes – they are da’ bomb!

Good to know: Bubble King is takeaway only, but you can enjoy your drink in the nearby parks, like Schönbrunn, for example (yep, drink your tea like a royal).

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