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14 hidden places in Vienna that only the locals really know

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we all like to be in on a secret. And we’re about to expose some. Well, many of you will know these 14 places, however, this is a list of places in Vienna that aren’t so widely known.

To the regular visitors of these places – please don’t be mad, we just want to share all the cool places we’ve discovered over the years with fellow lovers of Vienna.

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1. Jubiläumswarte – Hidden places in Vienna

The Jubiläumswarte is a weather station turned into a super rad lookout point in the western area of Vienna, somewhere deep in the 16th district.

Climbing up the many flights of stairs is definitely worth it, and not just because you’ll get in an extra workout, but also because the panoramic views awaiting you at the top are absolutely marvelous. The best thing about it is that it’s completely free to go up there AND it’s open 24 hours in summer!

2. Setagaya Park – Hidden places in Vienna

This Japanese-style garden in Döbling will make you feel like you’ve entered into a world far, far away from Vienna, and also far away from any of the sorrows, or worries you may have had upon entering.

There’s a pond, a bridge, a unique array of plants and a little waterfall in Setagaya Park. There’s even a tea house where you can sit and have a cuppa’ while you enjoy the atmosphere and get your zen on.

3. Vienna Peace Pagoda – Hidden places in Vienna

Did you know that Vienna hosts a harbour? And that along a route that runs along the harbour area, known as the Hafenzufahrtsstrasse, there’s a Buddhist temple?

Buddha is encased in a white dome structure and the monument symbolises the unity of all humans, and the hope for the common cause of world peace, no matter your background, or religion. Visiting and sitting by this pagoda can be a peaceful thing to do as part of a walk along the waterside walking trail that passes by it.

4. The hidden bars – Hidden places in Vienna

There are many awesome bars in Vienna that you’ll only know about if you’ve caught wind of them via word of mouth – or a cool article in Vienna Würstelstand, of course.

The bars krypt. and Tür 7 are definitely a little tricky to find, however, those who know them, love their dimly-lit and stylish appeal. To get into both of these cocktail joints, you first have to find the entrance and ring the doorbell. For more hidden bars, check out our article about our favourite dive bars.

5. The hidden market squares – Hidden places in Vienna

Now, everybody knows Vienna’s largest market, the mighty Naschmarkt that spends most of its days constipated with tourists. But how about the smaller, lesser known, tourist-free market squares, which throb at the heart of many of the city’s neighbourhoods.

We ventured from one side of the city to the other to make you a list of our favourite market squares to discover in Vienna.

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6. Gugumuck – Hidden places in Vienna

Gugumuck is one fascinating place run by some fascinating people. Part snail farm, part escargot restaurant, Gugumuck seeks to keep the Viennese tradition of eating snails alive in this city.

It’s located on the fringes of the 10th district, so it is quite a trek, BUT, it is well worth it. Ask anybody who’s dined there.  You need to reserve on one of the select days that they open up their restaurant, which is particularly charming in summer when they open up their alfresco garden right next to their snail farm.

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7. The Hermesvilla mansion in Lainzer Tiergarten – Hidden places in Vienna

If you decide to have a stroll in the huge nature reserve known as the Lainzer Tiergarten, you should really plan in half a day for it, as there’s a lot of green space and woods to cover.

You’re sure to stumble across the Hermesvilla, which is set right in the middle of the former imperial hunting grounds – which was actually a present from Kaiser Franz Joseph I to none other than your favourite empress, Sissi, who called it ‘castle of dreams.’ Inside the regal looking shack is a cafe and restaurant run by the talented Gastro crowd of Labstelle.

8. The lesser-known charming Heurige & Buschenschänke – Hidden places in Vienna

Since you’re already well versed on what a Heurige and Buschenschank is, we know you need no convincing on why you should visit one of the local’s favourites when it comes to Vienna’s wine taverns.

Hidden away up in the foothills is Heurigenschenke zur Wildsau, which is set in a quiet green garden – that actually feels like somebody’s back garden. Meanwhile, at Weinhandwerk, you can enjoy a stellar glass of wine in amidst a beautifully overgrown and colourful garden. For more Heuriger-inspiration, check out the winemaker’s favourites here.

9. Shakespeare & Company – Hidden places in Vienna

This English bookshop is delightfully hidden away in the cobblestone streets of the city centre. You’ve got to go up some stairs and down a wonky-paved alleyway to reach it.

The bookshop was inspired by the famous Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris, and while it doesn’t hit the heights of the same kind of charm, it certainly has a flair of its own. It’s an intimate paradise, a safe space for book lovers.

10. The event venue METAStadt – Hidden places in Vienna

Happening inside the ex-factory, now event venue, METAStadt, you’ll find yoga sessions, flea markets, and concerts, and more.

From the outside, one may think this is nothing more than an abandoned building, but within its brick walls, you’ll find a huge space that offers 4 event halls, boasting the perfect kind of vibe for a grungy concert, a wild DJ set, or a bustling fleamarket.

11. The hidden palace gardens and parks – Hidden places in Vienna

If Schönbrunn is overcrowded, then Palais Liechtenstein is a great location to escape the masses and still enjoy a palace setting. This palace is a real eye-catcher, and behind it, you’ll find a fairytale-like garden. You can either stroll through the park’s walkways on your own, or join the guided tours that will tell you all about the family Liechtenstein’s fancy art collection.

If quiet parks that few people know about is your kind of thing, check out our article on Vienna’s hidden gardens.

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Photos © Daniel Dutkowski (www.dutkowski.com)

Photos © Daniel Dutkowski (www.dutkowski.com)

© Vienna Würstelstand

12. The lesser known coffeehouses – Hidden places in Vienna

There are soooo many traditional Viennese coffee houses surviving today that are off the tourist track. And we just love discovering them, with their retro vibes, intimate booths, and smartly dressed waiting staff. Priceless.

You can experience all of this at Café Kafka, where in addition to being served some satisfying pesto-tomato-mozzarella toast, you can increase your caffeine intake from an award-winning barista! Or there’s also legendary Café Rüdigerhof that you might have heard of from your hipster buddies and artsy-fartsy friends.

Want more? Check out our list of more lesser-known coffeehouses in the city

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Photos @ Condomi Museum

13. The lesser-known museums – Hidden places in Vienna

Many people will tell you to visit the huge and famous museums in Vienna that – don’t get us wrong – make for a great Saturday, or Sunday afternoon experience. But check out these cool and unique lesser-known ones this ‘ole city of ours has to offer!

There’s places like a funeral museum, a condomi museum, a circus and clown museum and a coffee museum, where you might truly learn to enjoy and appreciate the little things this weird life has to offer. We’ve actually gathered a full list of the lesser known weird and wonderful museums of Vienna for you to check out, so you don’t even have to do any work Googling them. You’re welcome!

14. Böhmischer Prater – Hidden places in Vienna

Yep, you read that right! There’s another Prater in Vienna, and only a bunch of people really know about it, because the big one in the inner city is stealing its thunder!

It’s set in one of Vienna’s recreational areas, the Laaer Wald in Favoriten. This frozen-in-time fairground was born cuz’ some guy named Franz who owned a small inn decided to put up a swing set and a carousel. It became so popular for Sunday outings that other cafés and restaurant owners followed his lead.

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