The 5 Heurige and Buschenschänke in Vienna you absolutely should visi

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The 5 Heurige and Buschenschänke in Vienna you absolutely should visit, according to pro winemakers

This time ’round, we’re sparing you our low-brow advice about where to consume some splendid wine and are handing over the reigns to our lovely winemaker friends, the Kellerkünstler. The two 20-something guys behind this wine label are experts in all things winemaking (and wine-drinking).

Of course, there’s many Heurige and Buschenschänke at which to enjoy an afternoon buzz in Vienna, but that’s what makes deciding where to go all the more difficult.

Check out these 5 absolutely visit-worthy Heurige and Buschenschänke, according to the young winemakers, Michael Lutschounig and Marcus Bülow:

© Buschenschank & Bioweinbau Obermann 

1. Buschenschank & Bioweinbau Obermann – most visit-worthy Heurige

The lovely Buschenschank & Bioweinbau Obermann can be found in none other than the district of Döbling, about a 10 minuted walk from Grinzinger Hauptplatz in the capital of Heurige in Vienna, Grinzing.

Frequent guests of the swimming pool, Krapfenwaldbad, have probably looked down upon the Buschenschank before, but had no idea that an absolutely rad’ organic viticulture operation was happening below.

You might be wondering how wine can NOT be organic; well friends: chemical pesticides and artificial additives. And these nasty things don’t touch any of Obermann’s grapes!

With their muy delicioso Bio-Wein (we have no idea why we switched into Spanish there, but carry on…), you can have your typical cold, or warm Heurigen grub, like pork roast, potato salad, or pickled veggies, and such.

When it comes to lounging around with a glass of wine, you can do that either inside, in their garden, or sometimes even in the vineyard in between their Zweigelt grapes. Then you can whisper to the grapes still on the vines in a really creepy, serial killer voice – ‘You’re next.’

2. Mayer am Pfarrplatz – most visit-worthy Heurige

Mayer am Pfarrplatz is one of those places many other publications would label as ‘an institution’ when it comes to wine, but we’re not going to call it that, ‘cuz we like to be different.

There are two spots you can enjoy the delightful Mayer wines – one is their historic Heuriger in the 19th district, Mayer am Pfarrplatz, which is situated on the same square as the apartment where our old boy Beethoven once lived and composed his beats. Then there’s also their Buschenschank location based up the hill from their home base, Mayer am Nussberg. At this outdoor location, you’ll have a view to enjoy with your Jause (Austrian-style antipasti) and wine.

Meanwhile, at ye ol’ Mayer am Pfarrplatz location, you can choose between feasting on a hearty Austrian menu, or some bits and pieces from their Heuriger buffet, to go with your wine. Also, they’ve got musicians playing the traditional music played at Heurige most days of the week from 7pm. Check out their programme!

© Steve Haider

3. Weingut & Heuriger Kroiss – most visit-worthy Heurige

If you’re looking for that ‘Oma’s Haus’ feel with your wine drinking, you should definitely visit Weingut & Heuriger Kroiss in Sievering.

Not only do they make and offer up insane amounts of delicious meats, cheeses, spreads and cakes you’ll have trouble refusing, they serve it all up on the very same dishes our own grandmas have, and that makes us feel all kinds of nostalgic.

And of course, not to forget, you’ll be served up litres of great wine, from splendid whites, like Gruner Veltliner and a top tasting Riesling, to a couple of stellar Zweigelt in the red wine department.

Weingut & Heuriger Kroiss really is a down-to-earth family business, where you’ll feel right at home, just like at a quality Heurige.

© Wieninger am Nussberg

4. Wieninger am Nussberg – most visit-worthy Heurige

THUR: 3pm - 10pm
FRI-SAT: 12m-10pm
SUN & MON: 11am- 10pm

For everyone who’s not only chasing wine, but are also #chasingviews for those on-fire Insta’ pics when in search of a place to enjoy some wine with friends, Wieninger am Nussberg is where it’s at.

This Buschenschank is following a modern philosophy, with a focus on biodynamic wines, and only uses local ingredients when putting together their dishes.

Don’t expect to get a pork roast here, since they only serve cold Jause (Austrian version of a antipasti).

Plus, as we said, the view’s truly impressive – you’re sitting right in the vineyards, looking down on pretty Wien. This is totally a place you can take your next visitors to if you’re looking to impress.

© Weingut & Heuriger Christ

© Weingut & Heuriger Christ

© Weingut & Heuriger Christ

© Weingut & Heuriger Christ

© Weingut & Heuriger Christ

5. Weingut & Heuriger Christ – most visit-worthy Heurige

In the midst of good old Floridsdorf, you’ll find the Weingut & Heuriger Christ. The location is part old Heuriger-Stüberl, part new seating area, which has been renovated to have a sleek and modern style. Don’t worry, there of course is a gazebo full of vines where you can sit under and enjoy that glass of their scrumptious wine and munch on some Heuriger-grub. You can get your classic buffet-style foods, but also some seasonal dishes prepared by lovely Hannerl, who is the experienced kitchen chef who never lets anything scorch. Well, we don’t actually know that, but we’re sure there won’t be any burnt food on your plate.

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