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4 Organizations That Make Life in Vienna Easier For Single Parents

It can be tough to handle childcare plus the paperwork, doctor appointments, kindergarten obligations, and the perpetual wetness of all your belongings and surfaces, but these four organisations are here to help.


1. Vienna Family Network

Languages: German, English

Vienna is best when shared with others. It’s great to have company when you take the kids to the Spielplatz in the Prater (and are amazed at the number of people playing Quidditch there), or want to discuss the weightier matters of single-parenting over a Melange.

VFN helps single parents connect and make the most out of life in Vienna, with organized outings, help with paperwork, information on parental leave, volunteer opportunities, and support groups. Their super approachable team offers loads of great advice along with access to social and communal services.

If you believe it takes a village (or city) to raise a child, the Vienna Family Network is worth a look.



Languages: German, English, Polish, Slovak

Not every single parent is the sole or primary caregiver. Some are involved but separated and can only see the children on weekends. It can be hard when the Jahreskarte for the Zoo is maxed out and EVERYTHING is closed on a Sunday. So what’s a separated parent to do?

Ask JUNO. This organisation, run by and made for single and separated parents, offers peer-to-peer advice and ideas for parenting activities. Their services are available in multiple languages, so you’re sure to find someone you can talk to.

JUNO also helps single and separated parents find accommodations in Vienna, even offering a WG exchange. It’s like WG Gesucht but for people whose days of drinking Pittinger and singing Karaoke until 3 a.m. are behind them.


3. Frühe Hilfen Wien

Languages: German, English

Being a new parent is hard, and when you’re on your own it can be terrifying. But Frühe Hilfen Wien has got your back, providing knowledge and emotional support to new single parents or single parents-to-be.

Vienna is one of the most livable cities in the world, with excellent social welfare support, but that doesn’t mean things are simple for new single parents. The birth of a child is a challenging time and dealing with the many levels of seemingly needless Viennese bureaucracy can add more difficulty. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but you can rely on the stability and guidance of Frühe Hilfen Wien.


4. Rainbows

Languages: German, English

Some changes happen fast and take a long time to get used to. Just ask anyone with a stroller who uses Pilgramgasse U-Bahn station. The sudden lack of accessibility at a busy U4 station is one thing, but losing a parent through separation, divorce or death is quite another.

Rainbows focuses on children living through these life-altering changes. The qualified staff offers professional guidance through one-on-one sessions, support groups, and day camps. Their program helps children and parents cope with grief and loss, providing relief from the stress of these difficult times.


There is no one way to enjoy family life in Vienna, but sometimes you can feel like you’re on your own. So when you need a helping hand or just want to meet new people in a parenting environment, these organisations are here for you.

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