We Came, We Ate, We Drank… at the hip restaurant where young art meets innovative cuisine, Otto Bauer - Vienna Würstelstand

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We Came, We Ate, We Drank… at the hip restaurant where young art meets innovative cuisine, Otto Bauer

We want you to know that we’re giving you 100% independent sneak peeks at these places with a fiercely honest flavour. Nobody paid us to eat here.

Check out our no-bullshit text below (about 1.5 minutes reading time required), and watch this TikTok video:

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What’s the menu made of:

Well, for starters, we could also tell you what it’s not made of – anything that contains preservatives, emulsifiers, or all that other sh*t that gets your tummy upset. Instead, only the best ingredients are used in the kitchen, where they are turned into some seriously delicious dishes.

Their rather small but promising lunch menu consists of two daily changing options (one veggie and one with meat) to which you can also add a soup, a salad and/or dessert. For the later hours, they offer an evening menu that varies from month to month.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

So you see, your culinary experience at Otto Bauer is gonna be unique each time you visit. So the stuff we got to taste there might not be on the menu when you decide to check it out. But you might find the likes of Beef Steak Tartare, ceviche, Schnitzel or Lentil Dal on the menu.

The portions are medium-sized and packed with flavour, leaving you satisfied but not in a total food coma.

What did we manage to do while waiting for our drinks/ food:

We had a deep look at the abstract pictures gracing the walls and wondered how high the artist must’ve possibly been while painting them.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

Recommended if you like:

taking your taste buds on a trip straight to taste heaven, hearty and well-thought-out meals, locally sourced ingredients, meals that look super expensive but aren’t, admiring artworks while you eat, food arrangements that could be considered artworks themselves

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

How would we describe the place to our Oma:

Oma, how do we tell you this? We’re not saying they cook better than you, buuuut… they almost kinda do. Please don’t get angry at us for saying this! Your cooking is obviously top-notch, but this place just sets the bar really high.

Also, don’t get put off by the weird-looking paintings if you ever go there. It’s called modern art, which you probably wouldn’t understand. Actually, many people really understands modern art, so don’t worry about it and just enjoy the food.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz

Otto Bauer is perfect for…

when you’re in the mood for treating yourself (or your friends or even a date) to some high-class lunch/dinner but don’t wanna sell one of your kidneys to be able to afford it.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Christopher Hanschitz


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