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7 Random And Unique Workout Classes In Vienna

1. Taylor Swift SuperCycle Class (Swifties Supercycle)

The return of the spinning trend (aka SuperCycle) already reached Vienna long ago. But, did you know that you can visit various music-themed spinning classes? SuperCycle Vienna even has a special offer for hardcore Taylor Swift fans (Swifties), Falco workout classes as well as a Ballermann Special and many more! So if you wanna give your all to the sound of Taylor Swift, then this is your call.

© Supercycle Vienna

2. Kangoo Jump

Kangoo, what? And no, we are not talking about kangaroos here. In  kangoo jumping workout classes, you bounce around in boots with jump springs that kinda look like giant skiing boots. Looks like fun and who doesn’t want to feel like they are floating above the ground.

© Kangoo Club Wien

3. Jumping fitness

When was the last time you jumped your heart out on a trampoline? Probably when you were a kid. What if we told you that this is actually a great workout and that you can also join trampoline jump workouts in Vienna? We are intrigued.

© GK-Studio

4. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is actually what you might think it is. You play soccer, but you are in a giant inflatable bubble while doing it! Only your legs are out, so you can run around and the rest of your body is inside this huge bubble. Must be so fun crashing against the other bubbly balls…uhm…people running around on the field.

© Bubble Football Austria

5. Quidditch

Charms class got ya down? Then why not blow off some steam by playing a little Quidditch? Although you will obviously be flying around on a broomstick, to the muggle eye it will look as though you will be running around with a broomstick between your legs.

5. Hula Hoop

Are you looking for the hula to your hoop? Doesn’t make any sense to you? Fair enough. What does make sense are the hula hoop workout classes you can take to shake all your worries off. So shake them hips till you can’t shake them anymore and bring your hula hoop skills to the next level.

© Verein Hula Hoop Austria | Danijela Bogdanovic

7. Indoor Skydiving

Ever wanted to learn how to fly? Well, at Windobona Indoor Skydiving Vienna,” you can. It is basically like being in free fall when jumping out of a plane with a parachute, but you can experience this feeling longer and in a safe environment. So, spread your wings and fly away.


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