The 13 stages of spring that you'll recognise if you live in Vienna

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The 13 stages of spring that you’ll recognise if you live in Vienna

1. The stage when Donaukanal and Museumsquartier wakes up

© Vienna Würstelstand | Hertha Hurnaus

2. The ‘false start’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand

3. The ‘first shorts and t-shirt wearers are spotted on the streets’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand


4. The ‘April, April, der macht was er will’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand | Juls

5. The ‘getting dressed in the morning becomes very confusing’ stage

© Canva


6. The ‘cherry blossoms bloom in waves of pink in parks across the city’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand

7. The ‘Everybody is sneezing all over each other and their eyes look like they’ve been smoking the wacky tobacky’ stage

© Unsplash | Brittany Colette

8. The ‘It rains…’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand

9. The ‘It’s tulip time! Flowers pop up all over the city over night’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand | Juls

10. The ‘everybody starts eating asparagus, and are talking about how their pee smells funny’ stage

© Unsplash | Duarte Nunes

11. The ‘more fucking rain…’ stage

© Unsplash | Rafael Hoyos Weht

12. The ‘bikini-clad and topless people in Burggarten and Augarten give you a cheeky grin as you mutter under your breath – ‘Oh yeah, summer has arrived’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand

13. The ‘all of a sudden it’s summer and people are complaining about how hot it is’ stage

© Vienna Würstelstand


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