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Awesome Vienna audio-walks that will help you forget that you’ve been doing the “going for a walk”thing for more than a year now

Follow in Beethoven’s footsteps with ivie

The Vienna tourist board has an app called “ivie” that is offering up – next to sights, tips & tricks – some of the coolest themed audio walks for Vienna around.

Our favourite is an audio walk celebrating Beethoven’s anniversary. They’ve created an audio walk that leads you to places that are closely related to Beethoven’s life in the city (and boy, did this guy live one hell of a life!).

The walk will take you four hours (so you better bring comfy shoes and enough water) and leads you to 15 stations, starting at the Beethoven-Blick in Vienna’s first district.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?!

Learn how to focus on the important things while walking through your Grätzl

© Nora Jacobs und Sööt/Zeyringer

The audiowalk “More or less” by Tiina Sööt und Dorothea Zeyringer (also known as Sööt/Zeyringer) is about appreciating the small things that you would normally take for granted (like your Grätzl).

The audio walk gives you all kinds of tips and tools to help you decelerate and slow down.

Sounds like pure bliss right? The audio file for the walk is available from the 8th to the 30th of April and costs 6€.

Get to know Vienna’s masterpieces of modern architecture

Another walk that you can find in the “ivie” app is the one about modern architecture in Vienna.

Here you can choose your starting point and walk to as many places as you like (there are 13 stations in total).

You’ll learn about buildings like the 1920’s Karl-Marx-Hof in Döbling, and all of the different architectural creations in the hyper-modern WU campus in the second district. This tour will pump you full of fun facts you can throw out to impress your friends when walking around the city.

Walk along Vienna’s most beautiful street and get to know its history

Most weeks, we find ourselves walking along the boulevard that wraps around the city centre known as the Ring, but after doing this tour, we learnt how very little we knew about the buildings that frame it.

If your Ring knowledge is also not the yellow of the egg (as the Austrians like to say in one of their sayings that makes absolutely no sense when translated into English), you should definitely do the Ringstraßen audio walk on the ivie app.

The walk includes 15 stations and will take you about two hours.

Follow the Falter magazine on one of their newsletter adventures

© Vienna Würstelstand

While this tip doesn’t involve an audio walk tour, it does point you in the direction of one very cool collection of tours you can get your hands on if you subscribe to a newsletter from Falter magazine.

Throughout the Corona fun and games, the Falter magazine has been publishing all kinds of fascinating tours in their newsletter ‘FALTER.morgen’.

In their beast of a newsletter that seems to have you forever scrolling, they’ve featured a section, ‘Wir schicken dich da raus’ that offers a different tour daily, and they’re super niche, with original themes that help you really get to know the city intimately.

It may be a lockdown thing, but we certainly hope it isn’t as it’s one awesome feature.

Have a phone call with a complete stranger

© Tausend Wege – ein Telefonat | Volkstheater

Let’s get one thing straight: this is not an actual audio walk (because you won’t actually be walking on this tour), but it sounded so interesting that we wanted to include it in this list.

“Tausend Wege – ein Telefonat” is a live performance art piece by the New Yorker duo ‘600 Highwaymen’ that the Volkstheater is currently presenting.

In a one-hour phone call, you and some other complete stranger follow some elaborate instructions fed to you by some computer voice. The situation is this – the three of you – the other person being the computer avatar voice – have your car break down, and you need to find a place to sleep.

Throughout the phone call, you and the other person will get to know each other in the space of one very unique experience.


Walk the streets of Vienna with fun facts streaming into your ears

You can get going on a range of fascinating self-guided walking tours on a little app called Cultural Places.

The app hosts a range of tours, some of them free and some of them will set you back for the price of the specialty coffee from some hipster cafe that you should pair the tour with.

We highly recommend the free tour that will reveal all of the fascinating details about Stephansdom – whoever knew that a church could be so interesting!

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