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6 ways to learn German in Vienna

1. Your friendly friend VHS

The ‘Wiener Volksshochschule’ has provided a wide range of education courses to the people of Vienna for more than 130 years. They are legitimately your first address if you are seeking to expand your language skills. Some of their German classes are even free, so go check them out.

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2. Neighbourhood Help

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‘Education and Language in the Neighbourhood’ is a project under the Integration 2023-2024 program and offers a wide variety of free German courses. They go beyond the usual classroom setting, as you can also learn ‘German on the go’, where you not only learn German in a walking setting, but also get to know your ‘Grätzel’ better.


3. Board the Orient Express

Orient Express | Facebook

The non-profit women’s organization ‘Orient Express’ supports and empowers women to reach their full potential, and as part of this vision they also organize free German classes for women. The courses are based on demand, so it’s best to reach out and let them know your needs.


4. Tandem is not only a bike

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If you already have some basic knowledge of German and want to further expand your skills in a chill and conversational setting, then getting a language buddy via one of the many Tandem Facebook Groups might be the right choice for you. Our tip: Meet up at a bar after a few glasses of vino. German will not get easier, but at least it will feel like it.


5. Go back to University

© Sprachzentrum Universität Wien | Facebook

Yes, you heard right. As it might be obvious that you can take any language class (and therefore of course also German) at the University of Vienna, did you know that you get discounts on language classes if you are enrolled in a study program? So in case you want to work on your academic skills in any field, why not combine it with stepping up your German game?


6. Mingle, Mingle

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Our list wouldn’t be complete without this tip, though, so bear with us. There is no better way to learn a language than to mingle with the locals, so why not try to polish up your German/Viennese while hanging out in one of the city’s dive bars?


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