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We Came, We Ate, We Drank… at a summer pop-up burger bar hidden in the Wurstelprater

We want you to know that we’re giving you 100% independent sneak peeks at these places with a fiercely honest flavour. Nobody paid us to eat here.

Check out our no-bullshit text below (about 1.5 minutes reading time required)

What’s the menu made of:

Everything you need to cure a hangover! The menu is small, but the portions aren’t! It includes a homemade organic burger, organic bowls, classic fries or rosemary wedges, and Backhendl (translation: Austrian-style deep-fried chicken). And yep, the’yre all organic, too. Vegans and vegetarians can go to the falafel if they’re passing on the bowl.

Their signature burger is The Smashed Beef Burger. Talking about smashing – what’s one thing you can say about a burger, but shouldn’t say about the fun parts of a sexual partner? ‘Tastes better than it looks.’

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

Seriously, it may not be a beauty, BUT it is absolutely delicious.

They’ve created a ‘special sauce’ for this saucy baby, with all kinds of flavours packed in, like orange peel.

You can also feel less guilty about eating meat here since the burger patties had a better life before turning into, well… burger patties (meaning the meat is sourced from sustainable farms where animals are treated well). Also, they’ve found their last rest on a fluffy brioche bun from the boutique bakery, Joseph Brot.

You can accompany your burger with two different kinds of fries.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen


© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

To give you a bit more of an idea of what they’re serving up and how pricey it is, check out their menus below:

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

What did we manage to do while waiting for our drinks/ food:

Rosa & Blau Food is located in a gloriously green and shady garden on the edge of the Wurstlprater fairgrounds (right where the fairground meets the WU campus).

While waiting for our food, we chatted a bit with the team. The crowd behind it is a bunch of fresh young starters (all are around 21 years of age).

Fiona, the captain of the project, is doing her thing on her own, with support from her young team.

They are doing a great job of making the most out of a very cool location.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

Recommended if you like:

Curing a hangover with food (Okay, okay we know we’ve made this joke quite often so far, but guess what we were before we stopped by? Yep, you guessed it, hungover.) knowing that your food isn’t drenched in pesticides and antibiotics, checking out unique and awesome locations, getting messy with good food, dislocating your jaw when trying to fit the whole thing into your mouth, the idea of leaving your partner to marry some dirty fries. supporting young entrepreneurs doing awesome things

How would we describe the place to our Oma:

It’s got a gorgeous, quiet garden where the sound of people screaming on rides in the fairgrounds mixes with the sounds of birds in the trees above. You’ll need a pile of serviettes if you’re not going to leave here looking like you’ve had a fight with a burger.

Rosa & Blau Food is perfect for…

…being that go-to place where you meet up with your friends for uncomplicated good food and a chilled afternoon.

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