We Came. We Ate, We Drank… at a place serving up one of the most delicious burgers and pastrami sandwiches in Vienna, XO Grill - Vienna Würstelstand

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We Came. We Ate, We Drank… at a place serving up one of the most delicious burgers and pastrami sandwiches in Vienna, XO Grill

We want you to know that we’re giving you 100% independent sneak peeks at these places with a fiercely honest flavour. Nobody paid us to eat here.

Check out our no-bullshit text below (about 1.5 minutes reading time required)

What’s the menu made of:

Their small, but meaty menu consists of their homemade Dirty Fries, a thick, layered Pastrami Sandwich, and XO Grill’s already famous, beloved Smash Burger. Then they’ve stuffed the Malaysian dish, beef rendang, into a tasty pita bread creation.

The portions are plentiful, so be sure to turn up with a growling stomach. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, they even have a burger for all the veggie people out there!

Side note: While this XO Grill location is new, the crowd behind the location has run a highly-respected butcher outfit at the Karmelitermarkt for a while.

© Vienna Würstelstand / Photographer: Su Tandogan

The star of the restaurant is the Smash Burger. People go crazy for it; some even call it the best Burger Vienna has to offer  – a claim we will neither confirm or deny, but simply say – it’s one damn tasty burger!

Dressed in homemade ketchup, with a dollop of mustard-caviar and a juicy and crispy XO Beef– patty, all packed into a fluffy brioche bun from the boutique bakery, Joseph Brot. 

What’s so special about the XO-Beef Patty is that it is produced from old milk cows, so it packs a very intense flavour.

© Vienna Würstelstand/ Photographer: Su Tandogan

The Pastrami Sandwich is layered with top notch Pastrami, a few leaves of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, and a very special homemade mustard. It’s served with two plump pickles.

© Vienna Würstelstand/ Photographer: Su Tandogan

The so-called Dirty Fries are crispy fries, topped with a delicious sauce, spring onions, and toasted sesame seeds. It was so good that we dreamt about walking down the aisle with it.  

What did we manage to do while waiting for our drinks/ food:

XO-Grill is located at Café Lambrecht right now and the interior is nothing special. While waiting for our food, we listened to some cool Reggaeton tunes and got our bellies dancing to the smell of pure yumminess. 

© Vienna Würstelstand/ Photographer: Su Tandogan


© Vienna Würstelstand / Photographer: Su Tandogan

Recommended if you like:

getting sauce and fat all over your hands while biting into a burger and making a mess, dislocating your jaw and opening your mouth like a turtle while biting into a pastrami sandwich, the idea of leaving your partner to marry some dirty fries

How would we describe the place to our Oma:

Oma, pack your bags we’re going to Linke-Wienzeile! They have Portions big enough to feed all of your 30 grandchildren and music to turn any meal into a party.

© Vienna Würstelstand/ Photographer: Su Tandogan

The person sitting next to us was wearing:

With Miss Roni still on the loose and the temperatures heating up, we found ourselves to be the only customers in the restaurant. So we talked a little with the staff and cooks, who were all super, super nice.

XO Grill is perfect for:

Pure indulgence when you’re in the mood for some meat, and a burger that is so big it’s hard to handle. When you get those cravings for pure takeaway food kind of feasting. Taking your date to see how relaxed they are with you (as you will both get messy eating anything on the menu here).

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