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Why the 2nd lockdown is going to be sooooo much better for you than the first one in Vienna

However, trying to shift perspective from how shitty it all is to how there are certain bright spots shining through all of this muck can help. We hope this list of why lockdown 2.0 is soooo much better than the first one gives you at least one smirk-worthy moment, and smooths out those worry lines on your pretty forehead a little.

1. Everybody’s now a quarantine pro

You’ve got this. You trained for this in spring. You’re probably a better cook since the last lockdown, can make a mean banana bread, have mastered the might video chats and have taken up a hobby like puzzling that will make the 2nd lockdown pass you by like the first time you had sex. Wait, what?!

2.  There’s still toilet paper on the supermarket shelves as there’s less Hamster panic buying happening

People seem to be more relaxed about what they’ll wipe their butts with during the 2nd lockdown. That, or they have all bought a bidet.

3. It’s winter and grey outside most days so the desire to go out is less than in spring

You’d be hibernating 70% of the time indoors anyway at this time of year anyway, right? Ok, maybe 60% as 10% of your time would be spent at Christmas markets, but the cold does make hibernating indoors a little easier we assume.

4. You’ve mastered the art of video calls

Ok, this one might be wishful thinking – will we ever master the art of video calls?

List of awkward video call moments we predict will never be mastered:

+ Brainstorming – it’s either an awkward silence, or everybody talking over each other

+ When somebody’s housemate or partner walks past in a towel in the background

+ When a (let’s say to be diplomatic) less tech-savvy person tries to share their screen

+ When somebody doesn’t know how to unmute themself

(ok, we’re going to stop there as this list could go on forever)

5. You’ve probably set yourself up a nice little home office/ study space

If you haven’t done this yet, make sure it’s the first thing you do. It really does help when you have a specific spot at home where you can focus on whatever you have to be doing while cooped up at home

6. You know your favourite go-to delivery food

You know which pizzeria’s pizza travels the best, and you’ve eaten your way through enough Sichuan restaurants to know your favourite.

7. That anxiety stirring up your insides is a familiar feeling by now

Welcome back old friend, anxiety. We certainly haven’t missed you while getting some good sleep, however, at least we know what to expect from you by now.

8. Yoga and fitness instructors have gotten much better at streaming their classes

While video streaming was the equivalent to a really hard math algebra sum in the first lockdown that everybody was grappling to do properly, many have worked out a good setup and have invested in some basic equipment that make the streams much more enjoyable.

9. Local stores have upped their online store game

While most local stores tried to adapt quickly in the first lockdown, many struggled. However, a lot more stores have invested in better online infrastructure making it easier to buy local. Here’s a list of local stores that had their delivery game already down during the first lockdown. 

10. You’ve already got several sets of comfy stay-at-home clothes

Yes, you now have enough Jogginghosen now that you can wear a different pair each day so you have some sense of normality.

11. You won’t have all those damn people online telling you to wash your hands

Remember when influencers and companies were telling all of us to wash their hands in posts? A bizarre and annoying time in history, to say the least.  OK, we’ll listen when a scientists or some official from the WHO tells us, but we won’t miss the hundreds of others telling us to wash our hands.

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