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Enjoy being single or in love this month on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day & World Single Day

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day this month! If this inspires a groan from the depths of your belly, then look away from this event tip and read on! However, if you’re the romantic type, or have somebody special in your life, we’d suggest you check out 6 of Vienna’s most romantic bars for dates, drinks & cuddling.

And hey all you singles! We didn’t forget you. There’s plenty of tips on how you, the lone wolf, can spend this – some say, commercial day hijacking love, some say, sacred day of sweetness that ends in a climax of some wild rooty tooty – day. Our random tip for more happiness: Get your lazy ass out of the house and check out these beautiful, colourful Viennese doors that will hopefully instantly boost your mood on this gray day.


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