6 of Vienna's most romantic bars for dates, drinks & cuddling

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6 of Vienna’s most romantic bars for dates, drinks & cuddling

Looking for a cosy spot for two in a bar with just the right atmosphere to inspire canoodling (don’t you just love that word?), maybe some heavy petting, swapping of bodily fluids through some sloppy kissing, and it all ending in…well, ya’ know.

Ok, we’re super teenage-like when we talk about ‘THE sex,’ but anyway, if you’re looking for a place that has the setting for some romantic happenings, here’s a list of bars in Vienna that are more romantic than asking your date to come around to your place and surprising them by greeting them at the door, butt naked. Ok, that’s not romantic at all, but these bars are:


Die Parfümerie – Vienna’s romantic bars

People have streamed through their front door with the simple sign above it reading, ‘BAR,’ ever since it opened. The people walking through that door are seeking out a dimly-lit bar, with the right mood, the right music, and well-made drinks. Yes, cocktails are created here behind the bar, and the bar staff certainly know what they’re doing. You can play a fun game where you and your date can order drinks for the other, and see how well you know each other. If it turns out bad, immediately order shots afterwards to forget the whole embarrassing ordeal.

Anyway, Die Parfumerie is made up of all the right stuff for a cosy, cuddly evening with your lover, lover.

© Das Kleinod

Das Kleinod – Vienna’s romantic bars

Das Kleinod can be of the, ‘ I want to take your underwear off with my pinky toe,’ stuff. The setting is certainly set for cupid’s arrow to strike, especially if you get one of the cosy table and bench seat set ups in the small room that’s kind of separated from the bar. In there, you could hide away with a date for ages, so if you intend to reserve, be sure to ask for a table for two in there.

However, we will warn you that, on occasion, it can feel here like the staff are having a party of their own to which nobody but the regular Stammgäste are invited. They’ve also been known to play the music far too loud for a tiny bar that loud music does not suit, at all. But other than that, the interior is slick and handsome, and their cocktails are quality.

© Ganz Wien

Ganz Wien – Vienna’s romantic bars

This intimate bar has two small stories to it, and the upstairs is where you want to head if you want to be whispering in the ear of your date while sitting super close to each other. You won’t have much privacy here as a couple as Ganz Wien is small size, but don’t let that hold you back. It’s the kind of place that the people on the neighbouring table won’t mind overhearing your exaggerating, sloppy kissing sounds.

As for the interior, plants are draped around the bar, the furniture is from the flea market and typically, candles are lit on every table. If you can score it, be sure to grab the sofas sitting at the big window on the second floor that looks out over the lively street of Zollergasse.

© Frau Bernhard

Frau Bernhard – Vienna’s romantic bars

We have no idea who Frau Bernhard is, but we absolutely love the place named after her. It identifies itself as a wine & champagne bar, which also serves a select range of tapas (meaning usually one dish per night, plus a few antipasti arrangements). It’s a intimate and cosy affair, making for the perfect setting to put on your moves. It kind of feels exclusive and like an insider tip, of sorts.

If you’re looking for one of those bars that host a more mature crowd (we’re talking 30+), this is an option that ticks all of the romantic mood boxes.

Barfly’s Club – Vienna’s romantic bars

Not only does this bar boast an interior that will have you and your date feeling like they’re sipping at drinks made from bootlegged liquor back in New York during the 1920s, you’ll also find that the waiting staff here are pros at making every single guest feel special. This will only add to your romantic evening.

Seriously, you’ll be waiting for the likes of the characters in the black and white photos that cover the walls to walk down into this dimly lit basement cocktail bar – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the like. It’s all very charming, and damn do they know their cocktails. With over 480 cocktails (including a slow, comfortable screw against the wall. wink) made in house, the cocktail menu looks like a novel. But luckily, the smartly dressed waiters and barmen are perfect at matchmaking when it comes to cocktails and their guests.


Joma – Vienna’s romantic bars

Joma has intimate booths, good looks and the right lighting for a night of ‘luuuuuurv.’

This modern cafe, by day, bar by night, features all the good elements of a Viennese coffeehouse – the velvet booth seats, the black and white dressed waiting staff – have been hijacked by a designer who matches the patterns of his socks with the colour of his shoes. We’re talking about attention to detail.

The most striking of all these details being the lighting. Often the underestimated ingredient by restaurants, the lighting at Joma is like perfectly applied blush on its dark complexion, and its handsome colour scheme.

This is the romantic bar to head to if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat with your drinks.

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