4 restaurants where you can experience the flavours of Africa in Vienna

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4 restaurants where you can experience the amazing flavours of Africa in Vienna

From the tasty tajine out of northern Africa to Zanzibarian fish dishes and Ethiopian stews – these are the places in Vienna where you can find delicious cuisine hailing from the culinary rich continent of Africa.

No matter what country your talking from the continent, the African kitchen is deeply intertwined with social customs and culture.  This means that a visit to an African restaurant will not only be a delicious feast, but also a cultural experience. These kind of restaurants are in short demand in Vienna, making these 4 an even more special experience:

Ethiopian Food in Vienna: Café Lalibela

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Ethiopian Restaurant Café Lalibela – Best African Restaurants in Vienna

SUN–THU: 5pm–10pm
FR–SAT: 5pm–11pm


Shiro: €8
Beyaynetu: €11
Tibs: €12
Key Wot: 11€
Coffee ceremony: €5 p.p.

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Lalibela is a holy city and a pilgrimage destination in Ethiopia. The same can be said about the Ethiopian restaurant in the middle of Vienna — at least for food pilgrims.

We didn’t know what we were getting into when paying Café Lalibela a visit. Ethiopian cuisine was new to us.

Now we are hooked. Not just on the food, but on the whole Ethiopian eating culture. Eating with your hands belongs to the Ethiopian food culture

First of all, when was the last time you at with your fingers in a restaurant? (OK, pizza, burgers, burritos and sushi doesn’t count) Never? Well, when no cutlery turns up at your table at Cafe Lalibela, embrace the experience.

Eating with your hands is typical in Ethiopia. While this may sound sloppy – without wanting to sound too spiritual – we discovered this actually makes for a heightened sensory experience, and gives you a different connection to the food your eating.

Also typical to the country’s kitchen is the ‘Injera’ – a sourdough-risen flatbread with a slightly spongy texture that is served with all dishes. One of the two vegan dishes we try is a mix of different lentil curries called Beyaynetu. A red and spicy one, a mild yellow one and a third brown one, which is like a tasty lentil stew. This is accompanied by potatoes and beans and all flavored with spices that Sara sources directly from Ethiopia. If you’re wanting to more, read our full review of Cafe Lalibela. 

Good to know…you can order a typical Ethiopian coffee ceremony for a larger group, where the coffee will be ground and roasted freshly in front of you on a small table. Accompanied by popcorn, this ceremony has you paying the coffee the respect it deserves.

Also good to know…the service here gives a whole new definition and standard to the concept of hospitality – they’re truly lovely, here.



Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Restaurant Petit Maroc – Best African Restaurants in Vienna

MON–FR: 12pm–3pm & 6pm–11pm
SAT: 5pm–11pm
SUN: closed


Zahlouk (egg plant mash): €5,60
Mixed starter plate (2–4 persons): €15,90
Vego tagine: €11,90
Chicken Couscous: €13,00
Desserts: €5,90

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It’s got the dynamic sweet & savoury flavours, couscous and tangines of Morocco, along with the North African country’s iconic elegant style – Petit Maroc (eng. little Morocco) in Vienna’s 7th district is a quiet, intimate space to eat loud and colourful food.

Couscous and Tagine: they do the real deal of these typical Moroccan dishes at Petit Maroc.

The name of the dish, tagine, refers to the claypot that the stew kind of meat, veggie and couscous dish is cooked in.

For hours on end, may we add.

Petit Maroc offers a bunch of tangine variations. The veggies are always stewed au jus, which does not only make it really healthy, but also low in calories. Not that we’re counting – when food is this good, why would you!

Plus, there’s only one good end to any Morrocan meal – pastries and mint tea. The tea pot comes in a cute little dress so you won’t burn yourself, and to make it all feel a lil’ more special. Want to know more about Petit Maroc, read our full review. 

Good to know…the Petit Maroc offers a daily lunch menu for €8,90.

Also good to know…you can have Moroccan wine with your Moroccan dinner.


Velobis – Best African Restaurants in Vienna

MON: closed
TUE-FRI: 4:30pm–11pm
SAT: 9:30am–12am
SUN: 9:30am–5pm


Zanzibari Fish Curry = €13,90
Kuku Paka (Kenyan chicken) = €13,90

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Can you think of a place in Vienna where you can get your bike serviced at the same time as downing a craft beer, ordering a Kenyan fish curry and having your hair cut and blow dried? No, neither can we. There is one place, though, where you can do the first three (they might oblige on the last one too if you ask – they’re super friendly, here). 

Ok, so Velobis’ menu is not a strictly African menu, yet instead it and borrows elements from all types of cuisine from across the continent and marries it to the Austria kitchen. Although the relationship is complicated and not entirely faithful.  The menu might not be exhaustive, but it is well thought out and features a wide variety of dishes to cater to all tastes. 

We tried the Zanzibari fish curry served with fried couscous balls and a piquant, nutty sauce. The fish was succulent and tender, crisp in texture, but subtle in flavour. The Kuku Paka Kenyan chicken curry – made with good old Styrian chicken – was equally delicious. It was served up with a mild coconut sauce and garnished with onions and pink peppercorns.

The ambience is also fantastic. In a nod to its biking heritage, the walls are adorned with steel racers. And even though its located on the 14th and 15th district, it always manages to be really full.

Good to know… the dishes on the menu change regularly

We also recommend… a warm, friendly chat with the proprietor, Anthony Chira is a great experience on its own!


Best African Restaurants in Vienna

© Vienna Würstelstand

Best African Restaurants in Vienna

Ethiopian Restaurant – Best African Restaurants in Vienna

MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 1pm–11pm
SUN: 4pm–9pm


Beyaynetu meat: €10.30
Beyaynetu veggie: €8.50
Coffee ceremony for 5 persons: €25
2 people dish (including small portions of everything) = 17€

cash only

When food is this good, you don’t really need an overly creative name to sell the place. This Ethiopian restaurant has been around since 2011 and it’s a real food adventure!

Their flavours are exotic, and the whole experience of dining here is unforgettable and something to tell your friends about. While eating with your hands is encourgaed, this place draws spice fiends with its flavourful, but light sauces that are made with stewed vegetables and an original garam masala mix.

Adventurous diners can experience spicy and tender meat dishes, or complete menus of vegan stews and sauces, from spiced beets and creamy lentils. We recommend for first-timers the mixed dishes so you can get a taste of everything! Also, for those that know it and miss the experience, you can also experience the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony (called Bunna) performed here (Ethiopian’s are not only famous for growing great coffee, but for also having their own unique way of serving it).

Plus… all dishes are served with their homemade fermented bread, and we recommend asking for extra portions, because this bread is sent from heaven!

Good to know…the African restaurant offers a lunch menu from Tuesdays to Thursdays for €6,50 for the veggie and €7,50 for the meat option.

Also good to know…kitchen closes one hour before closing time.


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