5 different & indulgent Vienna breakfasts you must try before you die

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5 different & indulgent Vienna breakfasts you must try before you die

Meeting for breakfast is more popular than afterwork drinks these days, but finding restaurants and cafes doing something original in Vienna can be difficult.

We’ve hunted down 5 spots doing breakfast their own way, and in a way that will spoil the hell out of you.


Ramasuri – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

MON–SAT: 8am–12am
SUN: 9am–11pm


Blueberry pancakes = 7.50€
Bacon & eggs omelette = 7.50€
Cappuccino = 3.60€

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Set on one of the most idyllic corners in the city, if you manage to grab a table at Ramasuri for a weekend breakfast, you know it’s going to be a good day. And this vibrant and popular breakfast, lunch and dinner joint (it plays all of these roles equally well) doesn’t just rely on its dream location to speak for it, however it also serves up some magnificent breakfast dishes. And some of the most indulgent. Take the blueberry pancakes, for example – served in a stack of three, they’re as light as they are fluffy, and they come covered in a devine blueberry and caramel sauce. There’s no holding back here in the treat yo’ self department. The omelettes that arrive in pans are also generous and well made, coming in a diverse array of combinations.

We’d recommend you go one of their fresh squeezed juices go atleast give yourself the illusion you’re having a healthy breakfast. Plus, they know how to make a decent coffee, too.

Be prepared to wait when the place is busy as the waiting staff seems overwhelmed when it’s a full house (we waited over 30 minutes for our coffee), but we’d suggest the wait is worth it.


Best Winter Warmer Breakfast Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfast Vienna

Cafe Frida – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

Daily: 9am–12am
Breakfast served daily: until 5pm 


Interessiert mich nicht die Bohne Classic = €9,90
French Toast Pikant = €7,20
Pancakes = €4,90

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Aptly named after the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, Cafe Frida is a colourful cafe serving up a very tasty breakfast in the kind of setting that makes you sigh and go, ‘ain’t life wonderful.’

With Frida pictures and quotes everywhere and staff that are always smiling, Cafe Frida emanates the kind of light and warm atmosphere that you want from a breakfast spot.

Besides Frida fever, their original breakfast creations are what attract the crowds

Their coffee game is strong while their all day breakfast (until 5pm) is what most turn up for.

At the top of the menu, you’ll find an organic claim to fame, meaning nothing gets in that kitchen that’s not quality ingredients.

Sweet tooths will be happy with the handful of French toast options and pancakes – all being a quality take on the dishes. There are also breakfast burgers (pita Diego – Frida’s famed fellow artist and lover – and pita Frida) and open sandwiches

We went for the staff recommendations and tried the “French Toasting Pikant” and the veggie version of the dish “Interessiert mich nicht die Bohne” (inspired by the German saying for I don’t care a stitch), which – as you may have guessed – involves a bowl of baked beans with eggs, etc.

Have you ever tried French Toast with bacon, rocket and maple syrup? Well, we hadn’t before Frida told us to.

From now on we will always do, what Frida says.

The sweetness of sirup covers the crispy bacon with a heavenly taste, before it’s the rocket’s that bring some fresh peppiness into the dish.

By the way, the drinks are as fancy as Lady Frida herself. You can have a hot ginger-lemonade or choose from the lovely tea selection with names like Lovely Morning, Lovely Break or Love is Green. The names say it all, don’t they, love?


Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Cafe Ansari – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

MON–SAT: 8am–11:30pm
SUN: 9am–3pm
Breakfast served: daily 8am–2pm


Russisches Frühstück (Russian Breakfast) = €10,90€
Georgisches Frühstück (Georgian Breakfast) = € 9,80€

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This place has fans aplenty, far and wide around the city. It’s especially good looking, with it’s modern take of a Viennese coffeehouse, and the food is, quite simply, exquisite.

Run by a couple hailing from Georgia and Lebanon, the menu lives somewhere in between Vienna and the Orient, with a little bit of Russia thrown in there.

There are 3 breakfasts that don’t only stand out on the Cafe Ansari menu, but also in terms of what Vienna’s breakfast landscape offers as a whole. The Georgian breakfast involves a very tasty, and very cheesy, Khachapuri – which is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread crowned with an egg in the middle. Then there’s the ‘Variation von Blinis’ (a range of Blinis) served with sour cream, butter, caviar, salmon and other garnishes. And the Orientalisches Frühstuck (the Oriental breakfast) will have you humming to the hummus. They also spend time and care in preparing the coffee here, with a quality akin to any specialty coffee cafe.

Our favourite breakfast at Cafe Ansari: the Georgian breakfast


Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Florentin 1090 – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

SUN–FRI: 8am–11pm
SAT: 8am–11:30pm


Israel Breakfast Mix (hummus, beetroot, falafel or tuna, avocado, salad, pastry) = €10,90
Avo Avi (Avocado Toast with fried eggs): €6,90
Brownie-Muffin = €3,80
Raspberry Cake = €3,90

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Florentin is known as the coolest district in Tel Aviv and you can find it’s cultural diverse, welcoming and open-minded atmosphere right in Vienna’s 9th district.

“Food is like music. It brings together all different kind of people,” Avi the owner tells. We can get in on that philosophy!

Catering to a diversity of tastes is also the principle of the menu. The Israeli inspired kitchen offers lots of vegetarian and vegan options, all made with local and organic products to ensure quality.

We went for the vegetarian interpretation of the Israeli breakfast, which you can also share. It’s the right way to start your day. The mix contains lots of little bowls filled with salads, avocado, beetroot, hummus and pastries, falafel, as well as feta cheese and a fried egg. It all was right on point, especially the hummus. Absolutely hummulicious.

In case you’re seeking  something smaller, go for the Avo Avi. The avocado toast is named after the owner and comes highly recommended. To pair your breakfast with a suitable drink companion, consider the Nana Tea, a fresh mint tea with honey, or a fresh Grapefruit juice. The coffee’s ok, but nothing to get excited about.

If you’re more of a sweet tooth, treat yourself with cake for breakfast. The homemade raspberry pie is the perfect synergy of fruity, creamy and biscuit-y. The aftertaste of cinnamon and orange is a unique flavour to us.

Good to know…they have a second cafe in the 7th district, called Florentin 1070 (Siebensterngasse 58, 1070)


Best Winter Warmer Breakfast in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfast in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfast in Vienna

Himmelblau – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

MON–FRI: 8am–7pm
SAT: 8am–4pm
SUN: closed


Vegan breakfast plate 'Das Liebliche': €12,60
Chili con carne with avocado and bitter chocolate mousse: €9,80
Caffe latte: €3,90


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Meet Nicole and Florian– the mother and son who made their “second living room” the coziest place on Kutschkermarkt.

Entering Himmel Blau is like entering your grandma’s home – you feel relaxed, safe and know you’ll leave overloaded with delicious homemade food.

This family team does a really good job. As Nicole says – “it’s an international kitchen” inspired by her many years abroad.

You won’t find the traditional Wiener Frühstück here, but instead breakfasts like ‘The Lovely One’ and ‘The Charming One’ will definitely give you a boost of energy to start the day with a big, fat smile on your face. You can choose your own type of omelette, made with organic eggs and fresh products from the Kutschkermarkt market at the café’s doorstep. 

All of their ingredients are bought at the market, so there’s no wondering where your food came from.

Don’t miss out on: the Apple Crumble and the Raspberry Cheesecake are amongst the super stars on the menu and we totally recommend them both… like, we mean, totally.

Our favorite breakfast at Cafe Himmelblau: the vegan breakfast, ‘das Liebliche,’ which is made up of vegan porridge, containing raspberries, beetroot hummus, grilled veggies and homemade bread


Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

The Guesthouse – Vienna breakfasts to try before you die

MON–SUN: 6:30am–11pm
Breakfast served: daily 6:30am–11am


Eggs Benedict = €9.50
Guesthouse Breakfast set = €20

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Some hail this as the place for THE best breakfast in Vienna. We don’t know about that, but we will confirm that the breakfast here is something special. The in-house bakery provides a heavenly, homey smell, amidst the schick interior which blends classic Vienna with clean-cut modernity. Here, a large array of breakfast options can be feasted on. The breakfast packages are not that original, but they’re full of complex flavours – a result of the trained chefs at work on them.
All the egg-centric dishes are there – Eggs Florentine and Benedict, omelettes etc. – alongside some amazing French toast creations and homemade Bircher muesli. Meanwhile, it’s not strange to see people slurping at oysters and champagne for breakfast.


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