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8 of the best pizza places in Vienna

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to pizza places in Vienna. We know that having everybody agree on where the best pizza can be found around town is next to impossible, but we’ve listed 8 of our favourite pizzerias in Vienna, that will make you scream – MAMA-FUCKING-MIA!

Francesco – Best Pizza

This 19th district Italian restaurant is a popular venue for locals of the outer district, but plenty of the urban crowd has been venturing out to Francesco recently, as they’ve got word of the delicious fish, pasta and, of course, pizza, being served up at this legend of the 19th. In summer, Francesco is packed (especially on Sundays) with people enjoying their Italian cuisine in the sunny garden. In winter, the cosy candle-lit interior holds a warm atmosphere, added to by the chimney and the smell of fresh pizza being shoveled out of the oven. The pizza selection is stock standard, bar a few house creations. And for 1€ extra, you can get your pizza with a wholemeal base.

Be sure to try: the Summer Bowl drink with your pizza if you turn up on a summer’s day. They also serve a mean grilled octopus if you’re so inclined.


Il Sestante – Best Pizza

Daily: 11:30am–11:30pm


Il Sestante is one of the best places for an authentic pizza in Vienna. From a woodfire oven, they serve real Neapolitan pizza pies (said with the appropriate hand gesture and with our best Italian accent). Located in the heart of the 8th district, this large and very popular restaurant is always bustling. While they also offer different traditional Italian dishes – pasta, fish and meat – their pizza is what they’re famous for, and for good reason.

The decor is comfortable and predictable: wood paneling and wine bottles lining the walls. The service is friendly, fast and authentically Italian, so if you are so inclined, practice a little guide book Italian on them and they’ll probably pity you and switch back into German as they did with us (true story). While there are many different kinds of pizzas to choose from, we recommend you try the Bufalina.

Pizza prices range from 6.40€ (for a Marinara pizza – but why would you not have cheese on your pizza? WHY? Who are you?!?) to 14.80€. The owners are Italian and we believe this is what truly makes this pizza place one of the most authentic in Vienna. Sit down, order a glass of Montepulciana, and imagine yourself in Italy, a la Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love.

Be sure to try: the Buffalina for a true Napolitanean experience.
We recommend: Make a reservation in advance and in the summer, check out their incredibly charming outside seating in the cobblestone square in the shadow of a church.


Pizza Quartier – Best Pizza

Serving pizza’s since 2015, the relative newcomer, Pizza Quartier has quickly amassed a large following. With an excellent location on the Karmelitermarkt, a wood-fired oven, and a large outdoor patio in summer, the setup is promising. Their menu goes back to basics, with just under twenty pizzas on offer. We liked this, as it makes deciding so much easier. Wise Italians recommend picking the most basic pizza on the menu to test the quality of a pizza, so we went for a Margherita, with smoked mozzarella.

The base was perfectly chewy and as doughy as our thighs, the toppings were balanced to make sure you could taste the three ingredients without one crowding the others, and the service was quick and efficient. And while the classics are the original deal, there are a few bold and beautiful creations in the mix.

Be sure to try: a black pizza, or a deep-fried pizza if you’re feeling adventurous. They use black flour to create this unusual-looking pizza.


Pizzeria Pozzuoli – Best Pizza

MON–SAT: 12am–3pm & 6pm–11pm
SUN: 12am–10pm


Unassuming, yet brilliant, Pizzeria Pozzuoli is the parlour you wish was your local pizzeria. Nestled close to Rennweg train station in the 3rd district, this charming little restaurant, with its charming Italian jukebox and red chequered tablecloths, seems to be as authentic a little local pizzeria as they come.

Pozzuoli has quietly been ramping up its reputation for years through pure word of mouth. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they have pizza to blow your socks off. They also do a takeaway service.

Be sure to try: the San Danielo sports some excellent quality prosciutto. Be sure to leave some room for the tiramisu! Also, if you’re undecided, why not mix two pizza toppings together? Live a little.


Riva – Best Pizza

MON–FRI: 12pm–3pm & 5:30pm–10:30pm
SAT–SUN: 12pm–10:30pm


Ah, Riva. The mention of you in passing gets us drooling. We just can’t get enough of you. We keep saying it’s an open relationship. Sure, we can see other peo.. pizzerias. But we keep coming back to you.
Ask your Italian friends for the top pizza place in Vienna, and Riva’s highly likely to be their answer. It’s truly an institution. The chefs are all Italian, and they are probably among some of the friendliest in Vienna. Working their magic near the entrance, it’d be awkward not to say ‘Hi’ to these guys when entering (we like to think they add a little extra topping every time we do). Same goes for the efficient staff, who work their butts off to serve a packed house every night. Seriously, reserve a table.

The pizza is Neapolitan-style, with a relatively thick base, and an oh so soft and chewy crust. They also have a branch at Favoritenstraße, and are a permanent fixture at the Summer Stage in summer.

Be sure to try: if you have room for dessert, order their Nutella calzone to share. Just do it. Trust us. We’ll say it again – Mama-Fucking-Mia!

They also have a restaurant in the 10th:
Riva Favorita

Favoritenstraße 4–6, 1040


L’Osteria Bräunerstraße – Best Pizza

MON–SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: 12pm–12am


Yep, it’s a chain, but have you SEEN the size of their Roman-style pizzas? L’Osteria makes its way onto this list because of the fantastic value they offer and the high quality pizza you get for it. For less than €10, you’ll get a pizza the size of a cart wheel. We bet you your anchovy, that you probably won’t be able to finish it on your own. This is an excellent place for some serious pizza munching when you’re on a budget.
They have four locations in Vienna, including one at Hauptbahnhof, on Florianigasse, at the Wirtschaftuniversität (Economics University), and our favourite, around the corner from Stephansplatz on Bräunerstraße. Check out their exact locations, here.

Be sure to try: Salsiccia Picante. An unpretentious pie with spicy pepperoni sausage, mozzarella and basil.


Disco Volante – Best Pizza

MON–FRI: 12pm–3pm & 6pm–11pm
SAT: 12pm–11pm
SUN: 12pm–10pm


This younger sibling of Pizza Mari (see below), is owned by the same Italian-obsessed woman who knows how to recreate an authentic piece of Italy out of the country. As is in Pizza Mari, Disco Volante is Italian right down to the cutlery. The mint green, white and blue overall outfit of the waiting staff looks like they’ve been inspired by a mechanic’s garage, while the shiny disco ball pizza oven is what lends the place its quirky name and concept. Everything echoes here, including families, couples and friends enjoying the Neapolitan-style pizza that’s prepared by a couple of Italians, who always seem to be having a laugh while doing their job.
The variety is simple and so are the pizza recipes, however, in simplicity, plenty of flavour is found.

You should try: definitely try the desserts after your done with your pizza.


Pizza Mari – Best Pizza

MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 12pm–3pm & 6pm–11pm
SAT: 12pm–11pm
SUN: 12pm–10pm


The unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere of Pizza Mari is mirrored in the following words from its owner, Maria: “If you like the place, then come, if you don’t like it, don’t come.”
But in our not so humble opinion, there is nothing not to like about this Neapolitan-style pizza bar, but plenty to love about it. It oozes cool vibes, yet has all the awkward, effortless loveable charm of an Italian Nonna who hasn’t cut her toenails since 1953, and slaps you on the back of the head as she hands you a fat piece of lasagna and yells, “MANGIA!”

This place is honestly Italy, without the cliché kitsch. The retro-styled pizzeria is brightly lit like a petrol station, loud like an Italian in front of a football match, and the pizzas are some of the best in the city.
The laminated menu is pizza-only, with a selection with either a red or white base – from the traditional Margherita that is eaten from paper on the streets of Naples, to the funky in-house creations like the Patate (a white, cheese based pizza with rosemary, and potatoes on top) – like a lot of the Italian kitchen, simplicity is the secret recipe … and good cheese.

Check out our complete review of Pizza Mari, here.

Be sure to try: the funky in-house creations like the Patate (a white, cheese based pizza with rosemary, and potatoes on top)


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