8 Schanigärten to enjoy a drink in Vienna when the sun's out

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8 Schanigärten to enjoy a drink in Vienna when the sun’s out

Sunny days equals plenty of hours spent sitting in Schanigärten (that’s Viennese for restaurant and cafe gardens) in Vienna. We’ve made a list of 8 bars/cafés and restaurants that will have you make the most out of the weather this year.

Ramasuri – Schanigarten

MON–SAT: 8am–12am
SUN: 9am–11pm


Setting and Atmosphere: This jewel of a Platz (square) in Vienna’s 2nd district will have you feeling like you’ve fallen out of Vienna and dropped into Southern Europe. There’s plenty of people in gastronomy that fought for the site of the new Ramasuri café/restaurant, due to the holiday-like, Mediterranean feel to this cobblestone setting. And there’s a nice view of the good old playwright Nestroy’s sculptured ass from where you sit.

Menu: Fresh and creative takes on Austrian seasonal dishes dominate the menu.

Shady or sunny: There’s plenty of space underneath the big awning out the front, and also a few spots on the side for those seeking the sun.


Vollpension – Schanigarten

MON–SAT: 7:30am–10pm
SUN: 8am–8pm


Setting and Atmosphere: With the concept of an outdoor living room, the new Kaffee & Kuchen cafe/bar run by Omas, Vollpension, has a colourful, leafy green streetside Schanigarten with floral cushions on the beergarden-style chairs tucked in at tiny tables. There are pot plants and picture frames on the wall, and cuddly and caring Omas weaving in and out of the tables. We love this place as much as we love our grandmas!

Plus: There’s a swing seat!

Menu: Oma’s coffee and cake, with a few small warm dishes on top. The weekend brunch is also a hit.

Shady or sunny: mostly shady – optimal for the really hot days

China Bar an der Wien – Schanigarten

SUN–FRI: 12pm–11:30pm
SAT: 10am–11pm


Setting and Atmosphere: A sweeping and slick looking garden as stylish as the insides of this place. While it’s not on the river as the name may suggest, this urban garden – with its bench seats wrapped around shady trees – is a pleasant spot to dig into very tasty and creative Asian dishes, or on a Saturday night, summer drinks.

Menu: One-of-a-kind fusions of the Asian kitchen, and quality drinks

Shady or sunny: There’s the choice here to sit in the sun, or under the big shady umbrellas and overarching shady trees.


Das Eduard – Schanigarten

MON: 4pm–12pm
TUE–SUN: 9:30am–12am


Setting and Atmosphere: You’ll find peace and quiet at this crossroads in the 15th district. It’s like it’s set on a island which pokes itself out like a nose. It’s made for lazy weekend breakfasts.

Menu: As a younger, hipper looking spin-off from the famous old Gasthaus Quell, the kitchen knows what they’re doing here in terms of seasonal Austrian dishes, yet it also ventures into the realms of other international dishes, like burgers and fresh pasta. The food delights the eyes as much as it does the tastebuds. Meanwhile, its also become a popular spot for breakfast.

Shady or sunny: Sweeping shade will keep you covered from the sun here.


Erich – Schanigarten

Setting and Atmosphere: We still don’t know what it is, that makes Erich so cool. Is it its shady corner hugged by beautiful buildings that keeps the hot sun away? Or is it the fresh fountain that provides the soundtrack of a light lunch or drinks at Erich?

Menu: Remember Ulrich, that never-disappointing café-bar off Burggasse, whose only downside is, that too many people seek it at once? Well, if you are one of those “too many people” you can just walk your way to the new sister-café, Erich, a few steps further down the cobbled stoned street. Just like Ulrich, Erich’s menu is bold and busy importing international food trends and trying to do new things – soft tacos, grain bowls, grilled cheese sandwiches and colorful fizzy drinks are amongst them. Oh, and the breakfast is just as kick-ass.

Shady or sunny: a breezy getaway shaded by buildings on all sides.


Concordia Schlössl – Schanigarten

Setting and Atmosphere: This one is an oldie that has been taken over by new owners and given a facelift. Concordia Schlössl is one of the more eccentric little places in Vienna, which is probably fairly apt given its location opposite the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), which means this spot is great to combine with a walk with the dead in the cemetery. Indeed, the strangeness is all around you: cemetery detritus in the gardens, the strangely temporary feel of the building itself, the fact that you’re confronted with a twelve-foot marble Jesus at the entrance. The waiters seem to like it though: they will greet you with a cheerful ‘Servas’ and aren’t averse to a bit of banter.

Menu: All of the Viennese favourites are on the menu here, from a fluffy Kaiserschmarrn and Schnitzel.

Shady or sunny: With a choice of sun or ample shade here, a cold beer or Spritzer on a warm summer’s day is just the ticket.

HEUER am Karlsplatz – Best Schanigarten

MON–WED: 5pm–11pm
THU: 5pm–1am
FRI & SAT: 3pm–1am
SUN: closed


Cocktails = 8.20€–13.50€
Gin Tonic = 8.70€
Moscow Mule = 9.10€
4cl of Vodka = 5.80€–12.50€

Free entry (some Friday nights are “Kino am Naschmarkt” after parties, free entry until 11pm)

Located on the little grassy island amidst the traffic at Karlsplatz lives Heuer – a restaurant/ cafe that possesses one of the most beautiful al fresco dining and drinking areas in the city. The huge terrace and garden out front, made up of tables and chair along with sofa seating, is often full on a warm summer’s evening. The urban garden, Karlsgarten, next door also makes it extra pleasant. The music is typically chilled electro, or some kind of jazz or swing. It’s a inescapably ‘urban’ feel at HEUER am Karlsplatz.

Summer drink of choice
Alcoholic: Pimm’s Cup (Pimm’s No. 1, cucumber, lemon, orange, mint, Thomas Henry ginger ale) = 11.50€
Non-alcoholic: Erdbeer (strawberry) Shrub = 2.40€ (0.25l) / 4.80€ (0.5l)

We love… that they serve 13 different kinds of vodka and 18 different brands of gin
We advise you… to try as many different drinks as you can – one of Europe’s best barkeepers is mixing it up right here

Palmenhaus – Best Schanigartens

MON–FRI: 10am–11pm
SAT & SUN: 9am–11pm


Beer 0,3l = 3.70/3.80€
Weißer Spritzer = 3.60€
Espresso = 2.70€
Soup = 4.50€
Carpaccio = 14.20€
Filetsteak = 32€

The other-wordly coffeehouse/bar housed in a former Emperor’s glasshouse, the Palmenhaus has one of the most popular Schanigartens in the city.
Directly overlooking the glorious Burggarten (formerly the Emperor’s private gardens), the atmosphere in the bulging dining garden out front pulls a crowd whenever the sun shows its face. Actually, the Palmenhaus is at its best in summer, when the sun reaches your breakfast plate in the morning (yes, the breakfast here is worth checking out). The Emperor’s old playground works as an after work option, a spot with a front row to the sunset, for a coffee (it’s mediocre, but the setting makes up for it) anytime of day or to have a bite of some first-class culinary creation.

You can also… ask for a drink at the bar (inside) and sit down somewhere outside if you don’t find any seats in the garden.
Good to know… cocktails are served in the evening and the DJ line-up on Friday is predominantly chilled electronic beats

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