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9 of Vienna’s best and most unique hotels

Vienna‘s full of character, so why when visiting the city wouldn’t you stay in a hotel with personality. Here’s a range of unique hotels in Vienna to match all kinds of budgets.

Hotel Kugel – Best Hotels

Vibe: family affair and floral wallpaper
Location: situated amongst the plentiful bars and cafes of the hip 7th district, close to plenty of public transport options, a 15 minute walk from the city center

Your stay described in a few words: Here you’ll experience what the Viennese mean by the term ‘wohlfühlen’ (to feel at home). From the colourful wallpaper bearing birds and flowers to the poster beds in each room to the owner who reminds us somehow of an Austrian version of Basil Fawlty, this old family hotel is a genuine experience of Viennese old world charm. The floorboards may creak beneath your feet, but the old Dusche signs still standing above what used to be the showers in the passageway (don’t worry – now each room has its own bathroom), you’ll be reminded you’re sleeping in history. Each room has a colour scheme, while some even have a theme (the Asian room was a random surprise). Their breakfast, with all ingredients sourced from regional farms, is also worth staying for.

Recommended if you are: on a budget, seeking a hotel in a residential neighbourhood away from the tourist traps, looking for a hotel where you feel comfortable to walk up and down the stairs in your pyjamas in the middle of the night, desiring a hotel with character


Hotel am Brillantengrund – Best Hotels

Vibe: retro furniture, the warmth of a family run hotel, a cheeky, ever-so-cool grin attitude, a kind of hipness that will make you want to hang out with the owner
Location: In a quaint, quiet street in the middle of a not-so-quiet district of cafes and bars

Your stay described in a few words: According to Marvin, the manager of the inconspicuous on the outside, bright and bold canary yellow on the inside, Hotel am Brillantengrund – “this is a place where stories happen.” The place certainly hosts the vibe of a setting perfect for such. Once an old, dusty Austrian hotel, reborn as one of the hippest hotels in the city (even according to The New York Times), it’s obvious as soon as you walk into the retro ridden foyer that a creative mind has been at work on the place. The rooms surround a seemingly sweet (many a party have been hosted here), laidback courtyard, aloft a balcony fringed 2nd floor. Inside, the rooms boast a lot of the vintage furniture from its past life. Meanwhile, in the hotel’s kitchen, some of the best Pinoy food is being served up by Marvin’s mum.

Recommended if you are: traveling as a family, a young couple seeking a dirty weekend getaway … or an affordable place with a personality to stay, a traveling hip hop artist or any other breed of musician in need of a pad to crash


Grand Ferdinand – Best Hotels

Vibe: classy, modern and quirk blended perfectly
Location: perched on Vienna’s charming tree-lined boulevard that encircles the old city center, the Ringstraße

Your stay described in a few words: This place has more class than a pocket watch, while it’s also got the same touch of quirk as somebody who wears a pocket watch in today’s modern age. While the taxidermy French horse at the entrance is an odd addition, and same goes for the guy behind the reception who sports a finely groomed handlebar moustache, it all blends seamlessly in here to this boutique hotel’s unique personality. The rooms are consistent with the green chesterfield couch look throughout the whole hotel, and we also love the old light switches – reflective of the fine details that can be found everwhere at Ferdinand. Meanwhile, the Grande Suite has a bathtub in the middle of it in an open plan which has a stuffed parrot on a perch, and even its very own secret entrance to the breakfast room. If this is beyond your price range, their standard rooms are surprisingly affordable, and they also have a dorm room option where fancy bunk beds (think Orient Express) can be slept in for a low 30 € per night.

Recommended if you are: seeking a different kind of boutique hotel, a creative entrepreneur who wears sneakers with a suit


Hotel König von Ungarn – Best Hotels

Vibe: how did I end up in this Wes Anderson dream?
Location: in the city centre of Vienna’s first district, 1 minute walk to Stephansdom

Your stay described in a few words: imagine yourself waking up in a Wes Anderson dream and you’ll imagine something similar to the Hotel König von Ungarn. Quirky wall paper that perfectly match the bed sheets, cleaning staff wearing french maid costumes, and a lobby with an indoor garden – this ancient hotel is delightfully different. We use the word ancient as rumour has it that Hotel König von Ungarn is the oldest hotel in Vienna, dating back to 1746. While it has kept its eccentric old charm, there are some newly renovated rooms here as well. Located 200m behind Vienna’s central square, Stephansplatz, where the city’s main monument the cathedral Stephansdom is located, this is the perfect place for an authentic trip to Vienna (complete with the Viennese brand of weirdness) in which you really get to experience the charm of the old city.

Recommended if you are: looking for the real Vienna experience, a connoisseur of all things culture, still use handkerchiefs


Magdas Hotel – Best Hotels

Vibe: inspiring and extremely friendly
Location: on the fringes of Vienna’s largest park, the Praterpark, and a short walk from the city center

Your stay described in a few words: The whole concept of this hotel is brilliantly original and inspiring. Magdas Hotel is a social business created by the charity organisation, Caritas, which seeks to provide employment for refugees in the city. Meanwhile, the creatively upcycled interior décor and the original design is impressive. From the half-cut chairs made into bedside tables to the changing artwork adorning the rooms, each room has its own personality. Also, some of the rooms have a great view onto the city’s iconic Riesenrad (ferris wheel), while there’s a family room with bunk beds ingeniously built into the middle of the room. There are rooms to suit all kinds of travellers, from families to couples to the lone-wolf-traveler.

Recommended if you are: a traveling family, a socially conscious and politically active person who likes the idea of staying in a place with a purpose, a creative looking to be inspired


Ruby Sofie Hotel – Best Hotels

Vibe: sexy, mysterious, hipster and calm
Location: in a quiet residential area, close to the city’s largest park, the Prater, well connected and close to the center of the city

Your stay described in a few words: Years after the fire that almost destroyed one of Vienna’s culturally and historically significant buildings, the Sofiensäle, which was once a concert hall, became a chic design hotel. On a residential street, the famous restored ballroom also now houses a new hip restaurant, a hotel, some apartments and the hotel/bar “Ruby Sofie.” There’s details everywhere – a piano hanging on the wall, a selection of old instruments adorning the dark walls. There’s a convenient self check-in option at the reception to take care of before you head up into the maze of dark, mysterious hallways whose calmness make you want to whisper and walk on your tiptoes. This maze leads to the 77 rooms that come in five different categories and styles: nest, cosy, lovely, wow and loft, starting at 69 € a night. The rooms are bright and sexy, with white sheets and old furniture blended into the modern setting.

Recommended if you are: somebody who likes to stay where the people live, rather than where tourists stay


Park Hyatt Vienna – Best Hotels


High-end, five-star hotel kind of prices

Vibe: cigars and whiskey, dark wood panelling, classic and grand, opulence on steroids
Location: located on a beautiful cobblestone square in the old city center

Your stay described in a few words: We’ll begin by mentioning that there’s a pool in what used to be a bank vault hoarding millions in gold bars. The past life of this grand old dame of a building was as a bank (evidence can still be seen in the restaurant which was once a cashier hall), before it was bought by a real estate developer and years and millions were spent overhauling the place, until it became the spruced up old dame it is today. There’s marble pillars, and dark, hand-carved wooden panelling throughout the hotel, enhancing its opulent vibe. Many of the rooms overlook the old city of Vienna through beautiful grand windows, while each tier of rooms possess their own design, full of small elegant details. Access to the spa is included in most room fees.

Recommended if you are: flying in on a private jet, looking for an opulent experience, a life of luxury


Hotel Daniel – Best Hotels

Vibe: fresh, white cotton sheets, shabby chic crossed with a farmer’s cottage
Location: situated a little outside the city center on a highway, however a short walk from Vienna main train station where subways and trams will connect you with the city

Your stay described in a few words: The creative Austrian crowd behind Hotel Daniel have style, and ideas that put this hotel in a league of its own. There’s a melting boat hanging from this former office building, born-again as a designer hotel, along with some beekeeping going on, on the roof. All of the rooms have a special feature which add something special to the stay, whether it’s a hammock, a room with a view onto the Belvedere palace, or a retro-futuristic caravan trailer parked in the front garden. The café known as ‘The Bakery’ on ground floor serves up great lunches, while the all-you-can-eat breakfast is famous, even amongst the locals in the city.

Recommended if you are: a modern traveller, like hotels that become part of the holiday experience, young couples that like smart luxury


25 Hours Hotel – Best Hotels

Vibe: fun and playful, urban and hip
Location: neighbours the Museumsquartier, is close to subway lines and is nestled between the bars and cafes of hipster-stan of the 7th district and the old city center. With some fancy rooms boasting bathtubs on the balcony, there are options for those on a lower budget.

Your stay described in a few words: Bourgeois hipsters will appreciate the fun and funky atmosphere found at the German-chain designer hotel, 25hours Hotel. From the foyer to the sign bearing the sentiment, ‘we’re all mad here,’ to the rooftop bar, there’s carefully curated personality throughout this hotel. The rooms range from medium to XL to a panorama suite (with a view that honours its name). The beds are high, some of the glass shower doors are transparent (a kinky extra option), yoga mats come with most rooms, along with other urban hipster essentials, like a wireless boom box, while some rooms even have standalone bathtubs. Meanwhile, all rooms will get you free bike and mini car rental, and most boast magnificent views that may keep you in the hotel longer than you expected.

Recommended if you are: a young couple, a budget traveller looking for a step up from a hostel, modern traveller


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