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A guide to the lively Yppenplatz – 10 picks of our favourite places

Yppenplatz, or if we may…Hip-penplatz (hehe) is one of the most buzzing and cosmopolitan squares we can think of in this lovely city. Yppenplatz offers a generous amount of restaurants and cafes that will spoil you with choice.

And even though we like to go there for the whole shazam and vibe that Yppenplatz represents, here are some spots that have caught our eyes… and tastebuds:


Wirr am Brunnenmarkt – Guide to Yppenplatz

Category: bar, bistro, rooftop

We just love when legendary bars decide to give birth to another. The legendary bar WIRR in the 7th district has a younger, hipper clone that opened up last summer. This stand out new addition to the 16th district’s popular Yppenplatz market square drew crowds every night during the summer months. The rooftop terrace offering a view into neighbouring building’s windows is its major attractive feature, while the insides, well dressed with furniture and big windows, is a nice spot to meet over drinks. This is a real island of newness in the middle of the veggie market stalls of the Brunnenmarkt. The prices resemble any hip place of the 6th or 7th district and actually so do the drink and food menu, with homemade lemonades, cocktails and gourmet burgers to still your thirst and hunger.

Recommended if you like: sitting outside when wining and dining, well-priced bars and bistros that are a perfect mix for a drink and a bite to eat

Summer Samba – Guide to Yppenplatz

It’s not very often we stumble upon an absolutely new taste for our tastebuds. But Summer Samba, a tiny ice creamery, almost hidden in the house facades of Yppenplatz, blew us away with colour bombs and taste grenades. The little, no-frills shop features ice cream made from Brazilian fruit like Acai and Caju (some of which you’ve probably never even heard of before). Recently, a taqueria has also attached itself to Summer Samba.

Ludwig & Adele am Markt – Guide to Yppenplatz

TUE–FRI: 4pm–11pm
SAT: 9am–11pm
SUN–MON: closed


In the chaotic atmosphere of Yppenplatz, this laid back, yet elegant, spacious place attracts lovers of wine and fine food, alike. Luscious salads, crispy focaccias, various soups and indulgent cakes make up the simple menu of this bistro, who are proud of their “Vorarlberg meets Italy,” concept that is Ludwig & Adele. Saturday’s guests can linger over a long breakfast of locally sourced products. The place inspires relaxation, so grab your book, friend, or favourite newspaper and let the atmosphere of this good-looking eatery do the rest!

AN-DO – Guide to Yppenplatz

One of the most dominant characters in the cafe collection of Yppenplatz is the green coloured building of ANDO. Popular as a breakfast or lunch spot, ANDO works at anytime of day. Their dishes are inspired from  oriental roots, while they have a bunch of breakfast options. Oh, not to mention the fresh, tasty salads they whip up. ANDO is a good option  when the weather isn’t playing along with your plans, as it has a lovely indoor glasshouse section adorned with greenery and plants.

Cafe Frida – Guide to Yppenplatz

Category: cafe, bar

In amidst the cosmopolitan vibe of Yppenplatz, a little cafe opened its doors in March, 2017, and we’re so grateful it did. Aptly named after the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, Cafe Frida is a colourful cafe serving up a very tasty breakfast in the kind of setting that makes you sigh and go, ‘ain’t life wonderful.’ With field flowers on every table and staff that are always smiling, Cafe Frida eminates a light and warm atmosphere. It’s also a great spot for lunch as their menu has a range of original club sandwich creations and salads, while at night, you can soak in the buzz of this lively square while sipping at one of their homemade lemonades, or if you’re after something harder, spend some time with the drinks menu filled with a few new faces that we bet you haven’t tried before.


Club International – Guide to Yppenplatz

MON–SAT: 8am–2am
SUN: 10am–2am


Club International is one of the veterans of the Yppenplatz scene, and while it may not be one of the prettiest of them all, it boasts plenty of character. The inside is bare basics, while the garden out front is popular amongst all sorts. And we really mean ALL kinds of people. You see, Club International is a very welcoming place, and naturally takes on the role of as a home to all – middle-aged men with moustaches, a multiculti crowd, young hipsters trying to escape the hyper hip. It also claims to be a organisation that promotes integration, which is why German courses and other cultural happenings are also on the menu.

Dellago – Guide to Yppenplatz

MON–THU: 8am–12am
FRI–SAT: 8am–2am
SUN: 9am–12am


The friendly crowd at Dellago make this Italian cafe one of our favourites of the square. Most know it for its lavish weekend all-you-can-eat brunch (do go hungry if you visit), however the risottos, pasta dishes, fish dishes and other Italian dishes are served up full of flavour and colour. The Foccacias make for a light lunch option, while we highly recommend the grilled calamari. They also have a bizarre pizza burger creation that looks like it’s worth trying. Oh, and did we mention how we’re fans of the neat little design and concept it is all wrapped up in?

Sofi Vera Pizza Napolitana – Guide to Yppenplatz

MON–FRI: 5pm-11pm
SAT: 1pm-11pm
SUN: closed


It seems this city can never get enough pizzerias. Keeping things simple, one of the newest ones have opened up in Yppenplatz. Sofi Vera claims to be serving up some of the best Napolitana pizza in the city. Sofi Vera spreads itself out with a huge al fresco garden at the atmospheric Yppenplatz, while the smell of the pizzas in the oven also lets everybody know of the new Italian’s presence. The pizzas have all the traditional toppings, and sport the thick crust and thin, floppy base of a true Napolitana pizza. In the menu, there’s a large variety of pizzas – both classic and a full page of original gourmet creations. The service counter is an eye-popper with its cover of colourful tiles, and the garden is big and beautiful.

Kärntnerei – Guide to Yppenplatz

THU–FRI: 12pm–7:30pm
SAT: 7am–6pm
SUN–WED: closed

This is the something else place of Yppenplatz. The little open air Beisl/ Gasthaus – opposite to the hip cafe strip on the market side – is easy to recognise its wooden beer bench and table setup that make up this timeless Carinthian eatery. All things Carinthian are served up here – some unheard-of type of craft beer, spritzers made from wine from the region, a great Jauseteller (plate of Austrian-style antipasto) including cold cuts (traditional ham, sausages and cheese from the region), and some mean Kasnudln (typical Carinthian cheese filled pasta) to enjoy with your beer. It’s also the kind of place where middle-aged, old-school rocker looking types, enjoy their daytime binge-drinking, but, to be quite honest, doesn’t this describe all of us deep down?

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