Best all-you-can-eat weekend brunch buffets in Vienna

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Best all-you-can-eat weekend brunch buffets in Vienna

The word ‘buffet’ is enough to make any fanatic foodie jump out of a window and run up the street with their pants on their head, questioning what the world is coming to. However, these Vienna brunch buffets are nothing to run from, but run to (preferably with your pants on, and those pants being the stretchy ones that expand as your belly does).

Whether it’s a classy and fancy spread of Champagne and smoked salmon you’re after, or a morning that passes into afternoon spent eating all your breakfast favourites, here are 7 all-you-can-eat weekend brunches in Vienna.

Harvest Bistrot – All you can eat brunch

MON–FRI: 11pm–11pm
SAT, SUN & public holidays: 10pm–11pm
Brunch is served on SAT, SUN & public holidays from 10am–4pm

All you can eat vegan brunch = 16.60€

The interior of Harvest Bistro is inviting with its rustic and calming look. Not one single table is like the other, just like the guests, we guess. The brunch of this vegan place is something that will hunt meat eaters and vegans alike with their exceptional flavours! It’s already a big hit amongst those in the know. True to the meaning of the word ‘bistro,’ food is cooked slow but served fast here. On the weekend, the stellar Vegan brunch – full of antipasto treats, and interesting creations like Vegan caviar and Grammelschmolz (which is a spread typically made of pork fat, but in this instance with Ghee) – keeps the place full into the late afternoon.

Turnhalle – All you can eat brunch

MON–FRI: 12pm–3pm
SAT & SUN: 9:30am–3;30pm
Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am–3:30pm

All-you-can-eat brunch = 18€ (inc. a hot beverage)

The beloved red-bricked performance, odd market spot and cultural hub, Brick-5, just got a whole lot better. The team from the 7th district cafe, Cafe 7stern, moved in late 2017 and created a Turnhalle, a cafe where you can sit for hours and eat till’ you heart’s content (or your pant button comes flying off). This place has become known fast for its wholesome all-you-can-eat vegetarian weekend brunch buffet (served on Saturday and Sunday from 10am–3pm). For 18€, you can stuff yourself full of good green stuff, plenty of fruits and some original creations.

Dolce Lago – All you can eat brunch

MON: 4pm–12am
TUE & WED: 8am–12am
THU: 8am–12:30am
FRI: 8am–2am
SAT: 9am–2am
SUN: 9am–12am
Brunch is served up on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10am–3pm

All you can eat brunch for grownups = 15.90€
All you can eat brunch for kids up to 10 years old = 6.90€

The friendly crowd at Dolce Lago make this Italian cafe hanging on Yppenplatz one of our favourites on the square. And that’s not the only reason – with big and beautiful brunch they could treat us however the hell they want, we’d still be turning up on the odd weekend. It’s lavish weekend all-you-can-eat brunch (do go hungry if you visit) is what it’s most known for. The spread includes plenty of options for vegetarians and those that need bacon in their brunch, with warm and cold dishes galore. So many, you won’t know where to begin (we recommend starting from the left and working your way through). They’ve got all the brunch regulars like jams, spreads, meats, cheeses, yoghurt and fruit, while each week they reach into their delicious repertoire and serve a variety of tasty dishes. The garden on the lively square is made for sunny days, while inside is a cosy affair.

Welt Café – All you can eat brunch

MON–FRI: 8:30am–11pm
SAT & SUN: 9am–11pm
Brunch is served on SAT & SUN from 9am–3pm

All you can eat brunch including a hot drink and juices = 14.90€

Hip, cosy and buzzing with a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere, the weekend brunch at Welt Cafe is like a small weekend festival of cultures and cuisines. From students with headphones, shovelling in plate after plate while staring at their computer, to family or friend groups, it’s been a popular brunch spot for a while. The huge variety of international dishes attracts a diverse crowd for brunch. We do not recommend the Schwarzebohnen Aufstrich or Chili con Verdura, but definitely suggest trying the Kraut mit Würstel for any meat lover. The dishes can be hit and miss here, but the breadth in variety will ensure you find plenty to your liking.
Since its opening in 2005, Welt Cafe keeps a fair trade and 100% organic standard. And they’re always getting themselves mixed up in some social project, supporting small farmers etc. Brunch time means busy time at Welt Cafe, so a reservation is recommended.

Hotel Stefanie – All you can eat brunch

SUN: 12pm–3pm (Oct–May)
Brunch is served only from Autumn until Spring, on special dates, from 12pm–3pm. Check the website for more details.

Sunday brunch per person = 43€

Fancy, but oh so worth it – what claims to be the oldest hotel in Vienna, ‘Hotel Stefanie’ serves up a luxurious brunch on Sundays filled with caviar, champagne, and the chance to get drunk with people over the age of 80.There are rules at the Sunday brunch of Stefanie: before the clock strikes midday, all guests are to arrive and be seated. There upon, the grand opening of the buffet commences, with the plentiful variety of little breads, cheeses, meats, salmon, and champagne neatly laid out. When all the guests have arrived and are seated, the grand maestro on the piano begins tapping away at the keys with his romantic tunes. During a well-mannered sit down brunch, for which we suggest booking a place a couple of weeks before, you’ll enjoy a classic vibe and charming staffl. Trust us when we warn: don’t eat too much before the brunch, and don’t make dinner plans for the evening.

Salzberg – All you can eat brunch

MON–FRI: 10:30pm–12am
SAT & SUN: 9am–12am
Brunch is served on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from 9am–4pm

All-you-can-eat brunch = 17.80€ (hot drinks and alcohol not included)

The brunch buffet at Salzberg is a beautiful sight to behold. There is so much delicious food laid out across the tables that we had to walk around them about 3 times and just stare, before we could actually decide what to start with.

Baked goods, spreads, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit and vegetables, cheese, cold meats, fish, antipasti, cereals, sweet treats and juice – you seriously have to book a whole afternoon to really make the most out of this. Our personal favourites were the semolina pudding, combined with chunky bits of Kaiserschmarrn (ask the waiters for a pinch of cinnamon) and the DIY waffle machine that we loved so much we started making waffles for everyone!! Have fun watching your waffle rise and then choose what you’ll spread on top: raspberry, apricot or strawberry jam, chocolate spread or honey.

Good to know… the café is quite big, but we would recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds – plus you get to have first dibs’ on the food, which is all that really matters here, right?

Sneak In – All you can eat brunch

TUE–THU: 9am–10pm
FRI: 9am–1am
SAT: 10am–1am
SUN: 10am–5pm
MON: closed
Brunch is served on Sundays from 10am–3pm (but you'll be given a morning or early afternoon appointment when you reserve)

All you can eat brunch including a hot drink = 18€

People line up for this lavish brunch and book 3 weeks ahead. Yes, that’s right, 3. weeks. ahead. We don’t even know what we’re doing 3 days from now. But anyway, Sneak In, the sneaker and streetwear shop/ café is a hit with the brunching crowd.

The brunch buffet includes the breakfast food classics, such as beans and soft boiled eggs, as well as a variety of cheeses and dips, many of which are vegan, such as the Sneak In version of the Austrian cream cheese spread, Liptauer. Alongside the Hummus and cottage cheeses on the menu, there are freshly cut exotic fruits and vegetables, a large selection of mueslis, dried fruit and nuts, as well as a chia pudding, rice pudding and delicious oat meals. To top it off, the selection of bread, chocolate, peanut butter and jam spreads will probably have you laying back in one of Sneak In’s comfortable benches, with your belly pushed out and your pant’s button undone. We always hear mixed review of this brunch with many saying that don’t understand the hype around it. However, this bright cafe does put on quite the brunch show.

Recommended: reserve 2 weeks in advance, this place is popular!

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