22 places delivering specialty coffee in Vienna throughout quarantine

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22 places delivering specialty coffee in Vienna throughout quarantine

We hear you all you lovers of the brown bean! A daily quality coffee is key to getting you through these challenging times. While you can’t go to your local barista and grab your favourite flat white to-go, thankfully there are many cafes & coffee roasters that will deliver specialty coffee beans directly to your home.

Here are 22businesses that can supply you with your specialty coffee fix during quarantine time:

© Photo via vettore.at

Vettore – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Vettore is the go-to place if you’re after some top notch Italian coffee. This place is run by some passionate individuals who are sworn to be some of the best coffee dealers in the city by their regular customers. They get their beans from roasters all over Italy. Apart from beans, they also offer all the gear a real coffee aficionado needs in their kitchen.



© Maria Ritsch

Jonas Reindl – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Währinger Straße 2–4, 1090 & Westbahnstrasse 13, 1070


Philip Feyer, the owner of Joanas Reindl, has traveled to Nicaragua, to witness for himself the conditions on the farm from which he sources his beans. This fact alone speaks of a man who is serious about the bean, and how he goes about the craft of making coffee. And the flavours you can experience with their various different blends are truly astounding. Jonas Reindl, since recently, now have their own roaster in their 7th district location, where the beans are prepared just how you like them.


Photo © facebook.com/kaffemik.at

Kaffemik – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The people behind kaffeemik provide high-quality coffee sourced from small European roasters. If you don’t want to miss out on their blends (or need some equipment, which they also sell), simply browse through their selection online and drop them a mail with your order. The minimum order value is 25€, but the delivery is free of charge.



Kaffeemodul – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The two guys behind Kaffeemodul, Valentin and Boris, source their beans mainly from the direct-trade German Roaster, Quijote, and stock and serve a variety of different kinds, from fruity, to kräftig (strong) to filtered. They also sell filters, grinders and other coffee paraphernalia. You can find all of this in the online shop of their roastery, Nomi Coffee.


Fürth Kaffee – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Fürth Kaffee is one of Vienna’s popular coffee roasters, and they offer a variety of single origin roasts from all over the world. There are also a couple of blends on sale, with punchy names like ‘Treibstoff’, ‘Kraftstoff,’ or ‘Zündstoff.’


Balthasar – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The guy behind Balthasar is Otto Bayer, a former star chef from Tyrol turned barista heavyweight. Now he is offering sustainable fair-trade coffee out of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Brazil, with beans roasted by an artisan German company. In the Balthasar webshop, you’ll not only find their blends, but you can also source some handy coffee making equipment.


Kaffeefabrik – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The lovely, bubbly beans that the Kaffeefabrik offer are acquired directly from farmers in South America, Africa and India, which are then freshly roasted in their very own roastery in Vienna’s 11th district. But they don’t only sell beans – coffee supplies can be bought from them, as well.


Photo © facebook.com/CoffeePiratesVienna

Coffee Pirates – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

When Coffee Pirates’ co-captains, Werner and Evelyn, talk about their trade, they’ll tell you vivid tales of their coffee-hunting trips around the world, and how they carefully select each direct and fairly-traded bean variant they have on offer. It’s also one of the few coffee places that do their own roasting, and boy, do they know how to roast! Check out their online store.



GOTA Coffee Experts – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The GOTA Coffee Experts are Katharina, her brother and her husband, Junior, who actually grew up around coffee plantations in Peru. Not only do they offer some supreme beans, but they also roast their own beans in a roaster on the fringes of Vienna. You can buy beans online from Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru and Brazil, as well as professional equipment, plus vouchers for barista workshops that you can do after the shutdown.


Wolfgang Coffee – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

MON–FR: 6am–6pm
SAT: 11am–6pm
SUN: closed


You will find everything you need at Wolfgang, whether it’s a darker, more chocolatey bean variety, or a lighter, more fruity one – whatever you’re into. You, do you. Their classic roast, ‘Leitwolf,’ is hand-roasted by the bean brand, Wildkaffee, and is an El Salvador/Brazil/Guatemala blend (a more chocolatey variety). But you can also go for a more fruity and light roasted one from Süssmund.


Pelican Coffee Company – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The Pelican Coffee Company offers some great quality, direct-trade, specialty coffee beans (by Süssmund and guest roasters). And if you’re in need of some coffee equipment, you’ll find it there, too. Their delivery works as follows: anyone in the districts 1-9 and 13-20 can order beans and equipment. As they don’t accept any cash, you’ll pay with vouchers you can purchase and use as often as you like (as long as there’s still credit on them). And if you happen to live in their neighbourhood, you can even order hot beverages, sandwiches and croissants (from 8:30am till 1:30pm). All orders can be placed from Monday to Friday via email.


Photo © facebook.com/roestwerkstatt

Röstwerkstatt – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The Röstwerkstatt’s roasts can be found in various coffee shops around town, but you can also simply buy them online from the makers. The bean creations all bear fitting names like Ferdl (a Viennese blend), Guiseppe (Espresso), or Eduardo (from El Salvador), which perfectly underlines their respective characters.



Photo © facebook.com/premfrischkaffee

Prem Frischkaffee – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Prem Frischkaffee sells a variety of blends for all tastes. Whether you like it fruity or chocolate-y, strong or mild – they’ve got you covered. They also offer a special coffee subscription offer, which will see you getting three coffee packages delivered to your door once a month. You can choose the size and the type of the packages and it ends automatically after three months. Pretty neat if you need a regular supply of them beans.



Photo © facebook.com/WienerRoesthaus

Wiener Rösthaus – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

While the beans they roast come from all corners of the world, the roasts they produce are typically Viennese, and they’re all prepared in their roastery located in the Prater. And since a good brew needs the right gear, they also sell all the things you need to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.



Photo © facebook.com/biedermaiercoffee

Bieder & Maier – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The coffee from Bieder & Maier is heavily inspired by the eponymous period, which was the golden age of Viennese coffee house culture. The barista behind it all, Valentin Maier, combines this classic tradition with modern expertise and only uses carefully selected beans to create his unique blends. They’ve won many awards and if you’ve had a brew made by their beans, you’ll understand why.


Photo © jhornig.com

J. Hornig – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

J. Hornig has been in the coffee business for over 100 years now, so with that much experience, you can be sure they know a thing, or two, of how to make an excellent roast. They also claim to take their time with the roasting process, assuring that the slow process brings out the finest taste of their beans.



Photo © altwien.at

Alt Wien Kaffee – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

With over 40 different blends to their name, the assortment of Alt Wien Kaffee can give coffee enthusiasts a decision crisis. But don’t worry, they’re all good and the descriptions provided with lead the way in your decision-making process.



Photo © facebook.com/suessmund.coffee

Süssmund – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

The Süssmund beans are gently roasted in a handmade Greek drum roaster. This leads to the beans taking on incredibly complex flavours. Besides their trademark specialty beans, which they divide into three categories – fruity & complex, balanced & sweet, dark & full – they also have a selection of specialty coffee paraphenalia on offer.



Photo © facebook.com/beans.at

Beans – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

At Beans, you can buy beans from all over Italy. With over 75 different sorts, the variety of beans on sale should be big enough to hit your sweet (or bitter) spot. They also deliver the necessary gear you need to prepare your specialty coffee just right.



Photo © facebook.com/CaffeaCasa.SpecialtyCoffeeVienna

Caffè a Casa – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Servitengasse 4A, 1090 & Hoher Markt 8-9, 1010 & Wipplingerstraße 32, 1010


Roasted the traditional way, by roasting the beans in big drums, in their Klosterneuburg roastery, the Caffè a Casa creations are made to preserve the uniqueness of the different bean varieties. For certain districts (1,4,6,7,8,9,18,19) they even offer same day delivery if you order before 11am. They also have some subscription models that you can sign up for and have your beans automatically delivered to your door on a regular basis.



Photo © facebook.com/Sonnentor

Sonnentor – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Wollzeile 14, 1010 & Landstraßer Hauptstraße 24, 1030 & Neubaugasse 29, 1070


Sonnentor is mainly known for their vast variety of teas and spices, however, they do offer a select selection of coffee as well – a melange blend, an espresso blend and a single origin out of Nicaragua.

For the adventurous coffee lovers, there is also a very special bag of beans called ‘green coffee’ – this is unroasted beans that you prepare similar to how you prepare tea – just add water!



illycaffè – Specialty Coffee during Quarantine

Ok, so this one isn’t local and small, however, if you’re a fan of the Illy coffee brand, we’ve included them in this list for you. Their cafe in the 6th district has got a few single origin bean varieties to choose from that you can purchase in their online store.


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