These 7 VERY different bowls in Vienna are the tasty summer treat you deserve

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These 7 VERY different bowls in Vienna are the tasty summer treat you deserve

The hype around ‘bowl food’ has been around for some time now, and it’s still going strong. What the hell is bowl food? It is a bunch of ingredients, thrown into a bowl, sometimes with sauce and voila – you have yourself a meal.

Since the trend’s arrival in Vienna, variety has grown in the ‘bowls’ department – you’ve got the classic Hawaiian Poke-style, the superfood bowls (think Acai), the plant-powered vegan bowls and the Asian street-style creations.

All hype aside, the flavour and simplicity of these meals named after the dish they’re served in makes for a tasty summer treat.

Here is our selection of 7 very different bowls being served up in Vienna that you’ve got to try:

Wiki Wiki Poke – different bowls in Vienna

MON–FRI: 11am–9pm
SAT–SUN: 12pm–9pm

Bowls = 9.80–10.50€


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The Wiki Wiki Poke is a comfortable cozy place in the first district, perfect for anyone who loves a good lunch break to break up their day. Sit down on one of their swinging seats and enjoy your Hawaiian-style bowl. They have quite a few unique ingredients here – we’re pointing at you kimchi, caviar, octopus and pineapple. They even change up 2 or 3 ingredients every week, so you can eat a bowl every freakin’ day without throwing up after two weeks of bowl eatery. Plus, the bowls look like a tropical holiday, so you can imagine yourself on one every time you sit their spooning at one.

Their most popular bowl is the Yuzu Lach Bowl – which we loved – while you can also decide yourself how you want your bowl to be. Also recommendable is to add any of their homemade sauces on top, and the cool thing is that you can do so any time you want during your meal. These bowls are filled to the brim with flavoursome ingredients packed with all the good nutritional stuff, so they won’t only satisfy your hunger, but also your soul.


HONU Tiki Bowls – different bowls in Vienna

Teinfaltstraße 4, 1010 & Schultergasse 2, 1010

MON–FRI: 11am–8pm
SAT–SUN: closed

1 bowl = 9.80 €


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

This place has been a hit since it opening it’s first location in the city center on Teinfaltstrasse. So much so that it opened it’s second location shortly after. As you might have guessed baby the name, it’s all about the tiki bowl here, which is a bowl creation hailing from Hawaii that contains the ingredients you’d expect source on a tropical island.

HONU Tiki is clearly dedicated to the lunch break takeaway crowd. While sitting in is an option, it feels slightly crammed in and the chances to run into someone from the office if you work in the area are sky high. This being said, the tiki bowls served up here are pretty special! You can make your own (even though we were pretty overwhelmed by the options here) or choose a signature one that comes with fish (salmon or tuna), meat (beef or chicken) or veggie (tofu). We went nuts for their truffle mayo.

This fancy-pants bowl bar has all the crunch & flavour you want in a lunch place. The bowls don’t leave you heavy, and they’re incredibly beautiful to look at.

We recommend… you come here outside office lunch hours, so you can linger long enough over the bar and choose your best combo without any pressure from a mile long queue behind you

Also good to know….while the extra toppings and add-ons are tempting and easy to get, they quickly add €’s to your bill 😉


Superfood Deli – different bowls in Vienna

Opening times Lerchenfelderstraße:
MON–FRI: 8am–3pm
SAT: 10am–3pm
SUN: closed

Large Açaí bowl = 8.90€
other Lunch bowls = 9.80€


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Superfood Deli is all about (yep, you guessed it) superfood – it serves up plant-based, organic and nutritious food. It’s Vegan-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable here, sustainable there. This is the future of food, as Superfood Deli’s two founders, Filip & Peter tell us themselves.

Have you ever heard of açaí? No? It´s a Brazilian fruit from which all the Brazilian football players, skaters & surfers get their superpowers from. And it´s also Superfood Deli´s superpower.

SF Deli were one of the early adopters of the açai trend, which has become super popular amongst healthy eaters and those also seeking plant-powered superpowers. When they started out In 2016, they were actually the first place serving up bowls in Vienna. Once you spot the call to arms scrolled across their deli’s wall – ‘change starts here’ – you’ll get that this is a place that is powered with a mission.

Their Açaí, along with other ingredients, such as Graviola or Pitaya, are sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest.

We tried out their by-far most famous bowl, the Açaí Bowl. Coming in in all sizes, you can get hella’ full from this bowl. It’s perfect as a cold refreshment on a hot summer’s day when you’re melting, or as a breakfast option that will give you all the superpowers you need to face the day, and all the flavour you need for a satisfying breakfast.

Good to know… there are also a bunch of other nutritious bowls to choose from – we just got hung up on the açaí one.


Miss Maki – different bowls in Vienna

MON–TUE: closed
WED–SUN: 11am–9pm

Poke Bowls = 10.50€


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Miss Maki is a small and bright local in the heart of Vienna offering up Poki bowls, and much more. But we´re here for the bowls, so yeah, let´s talk bowls.

As we’ve already established, their bowls are Poki-inspired, and from the ones we tried, we can safely conclude, they’re all freakin’ delicious. Their rice is top notch sticky-icky quality rice. They also have this super duper healthy bowls, that has quinoa as its grain base instead of rice. We felt like all the unhealthy shit we ate this week got evened out after eating this health bomb.

A few unique ingredients you’ll find in your bowls here (and most probably no where else in Vienna) are Shimeji mushrooms, red beets and wakame (!!!). Plus, they have really cool sauces to drizzle on top, like dates-mustard sauce – which we really enjoyed –and a ginger, pear & sesame, lemon grass sauce.

We love you Miss Maki.

We love… that they have a bowl for dogs. Yes, you heard that right – a bowl for dogs! We gotta’ try that one. Well, our dog does anyway.


PLAIN Vienna – different bowls in Vienna

Daily: 9am – 10:30pm

Sweet Bowls = 6.90–7.90€
Main Bowls = 9.80€


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

At the up-and-coming cafe in Vienna’s 9th district, PLAIN Vienna, they’re serving healthy, and somewhat fancy, soul food bowls in a trendy location. We became instant fans of their ‘Main Bowls,’ that will serve you well for a lunch, or dinner.

There are a bunch of vegan bowl options alongside a couple of meat- and fish-based versions in the menu.

The ‘Plain Gain’, what we guess is their signature bowl, is a well-rounded vegan bowl filled with smoked tofu, spaghetti squash (or other fancy vegetables currently in season) and a bunch of fancy-sounding ingredients and sauces, such as almond cream and ponzu (just Google it). One of our favourites is the Vegan Chicken Bowl, which comes piled with coconut and mango, giving it a fresh and fruity twist.

PLAIN goes well beyond its name in the bowl department.


The LaLa in Vienna

The LaLa – different bowls in Vienna

Daily: 9am–9pm

Sweet Roundies = 8.90€
Fresh Roundies = 10.90–12.90€


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

‘Roundies’ are the new bowls…at least according to this health-conscious superfood, juice and smoothy bar in the 7th, The LaLa.

This L.A. inspired, pink and ALL-vegan eatery offers everything from your typical breakfast bowl to healthy and savoury lunch slash dinner options. Their colourful and freshly made Roundies usually come with quinoa, or brown rice (or both), and a bunch of other fresh ingredients that blend so well together, they hardly need any spicing or seasoning. Their Sweet Roundies are literally to die for (okay, maybe not literally, but we just want to emphasize that they’re THAT good).

Good to know… most of their ingredients are organic and sourced locally!


Figar Bao.Bun – different bowls in Vienna

Daily: 11:30am–10pm

Bao Bowls = 12€


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Figar Bao.Bun is Asian-Austrian Fusion at its best. The typical Bao buns, with origins in Taiwan, are freshly steamed and filled with a variety of fillings, like a fist-sized burger-like bao. Recently, Figar Bar.Bun has transformed their bao into a bowl (try saying that x10 fast). There’s a choice of six bowl variations, one of which is vegan (you can actually veganize all bowls by swapping the meat, or fish with seitan). The ingredients are locally sourced and organic and the bowls are generous in size and full of flavour.


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