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Discover Vienna’s unique neighbourhood market squares

Now, everybody knows Vienna’s largest market, the mighty Naschmarkt, that spends most of its days constipated with tourists. But how about the smaller, lesser known, tourist-free market squares which throb at the heart of many of the city’s neighbourhoods. The collection of small huts, selling up food from all over the world, typically surrounded by buildings that look like they’re guarding it like soldiers.

We ventured from one side of the city to the other to make you a list of our favourite market squares to discover in Vienna.

Rochusmarkt – Market Squares

Shops: MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm, SAT: 6am–5pm
Restaurants: MON–SAT: 6am–11pm
Fresh regional farmers’ market: FRI & SAT: 8am–6pm (some stand also open during the week)

Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
Fresh trout = 7€
½ kg of tomatoes = 2.40–3.50 €
1 kg of apples = 2.90 €
A bunch of roses = 10 €
A half loaf of bread = 2.40 €
Pasta al pomodoro e basilico at ‘Pappa e ciccia’ = 6 €

Come to this market for:
+ The regional farmer’s market offering fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat and fish happening on Fridays and Saturdays (a few stands also pop up during the weeks).
+ The small restaurants that make the place buzz on summer evenings.

Rochusmarkt is situated on a lovely, open and sunny square in Vienna’s 3rd district, perched on Landstraße. Back in the 12th century, this location was already an important trade route, and since around 1786 it has housed a flower market, which has changed over the centuries to become the place we know today. Flowers are your first and final impression at Rochusmarkt. Amongst its small collection of permanent and temporary stands, the market offers a range of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and a cheese speciality store. It also boasts various lunch options (Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Austrian, and the famed Rochus Würstelstand).
You will mostly see people living in the area stopping by to pick up groceries, or sit amongst the ambience in one of the restaurant or cafe gardens.

Our favourite features of this market
+ The tiny, inviting Italian restaurant, ‘Pappa e ciccia’ open until late at night. We think they may think they’re in Italy as they keep their chairs and tables out front even in winter! And the food is bonafide Italian deliciousness.
+ The cafe/wine bar, Arrigo. Life is good when sitting in their garden out front.

Karmelitermarkt – Market Squares

MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
SUN: closed

Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
1 kg of asparagus = 3.60€
1 kg of pumpkin = 2€
1 kg of apples 'Golden Delicious' = 2.60€

Please note the following
+ While these are the official opening times of the market, each stand has their own independent opening hours which may vary.
+ The farmers market on Friday and Saturday are typically closed by midday.
+ Cafés and restaurants typically have longer opening hours.

Come to this market for:
+ The bustling farmer’s market happening every Friday and Saturday morning
+ The atmosphere and breakfast on a Saturday morning – it’s worth fighting for a seat.
+ A butcher specialising in horse meat … hmmm
+ A flirt with a half-arm tattooed, intentionally messed up hair styled, politically and environmentally savvy individual at the Kaffeestation or Zimmer 37 cafe
+ Lunch at the little sister of the Naschmarkt cafe, TEWA – top quality food

While it’s one of the oldest markets in Vienna, it has one of the youngest faces. In recent years, it has slowly gentrified and been colonised by numerous sweet little cafes, and a coffee-sipping, mixed crowd – from young families, half-arm tattooed millennial lost children, to those who fit the mould of the typical organic farmer’s market visitor.

On Saturday mornings, while seats are scarce at the cafes, as this crowd lounges in the sun and feasts on delicious breakfast menus, one of the city’s most popular farmers markets sees a conga line of conscious consumers bantering over, and buying organic produce from farmers that come in from the nearby regions. But be warned – your apples and oranges etc. aren’t cheap, as the quality tends to match the price.

Our favourite features about this market
+ The permanent stand ‘Kaas am Markt’ solely selling groceries from Austrian farmers and producers.
+ Zimmer 37 cafe

We also recommend… if you can’t find a seat for breakfast, head on down to the cool nearby café, Katscheli.

Volkertmarkt – Market Squares

TUE–FRI: 3pm–6pm
SAT: 8am–12pm
MON&SUN: closed

Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
1 kg of Styrian apples = 1.49€
1 kg of Spanish oranges = 1.49€
500 g of strawberries = 2€

Please note the following
+ While these are the official opening times of the market, each stand has their own independent opening hours which may vary.
+ Cafés and restaurants typically have longer opening hours.

Come to this market for:
+ A butcher out of Burgenland, specialising in Eastern European cuts of meat
+ A sweet little, reasonably-priced Italian delicatessen
+ The Turkish and Austrian delicatessen

Hidden in an area of town where few venture to, the Volkertmarkt is a sleepy 2nd district market who gets out of bed around lunchtime, and spends the day chilling while the world outside plays on. What we’re trying to say is – don’t expect a bustling market here. But its quiet calm and unpretentious atmosphere is where its charm lies. We see great potential here and predict great things from it in the coming years, with perhaps some of that gentrification from its big, popular 2nd district market brother, Karmelitermarkt, spilling its way.

Don’t turn up here seeking a wide variety in produce. However, the Nelke café is one reason to find yourself here, sitting in the sun on one of its dining room or deck chairs, spread spaciously in front it. Or stuffing your face with one of the best Döner Kebabs in town (grilled in a wood oven) at the Turkish restaurant Yudale, or a roast chicken (you’ll smell it as soon as you arrive) at the Styrian chicken take-away, could be enough to convince others.

Our favourite feature about this market
+ The uncomplicated, quality, reasonably-priced seafood restaurant, Fischinsel (try the fish soup – yummmm!).
+ A quiet breakfast or coffee in the sun at Nelke.


Kutschkermarkt – Market Squares

MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
Extra weekly farmer's market: FRI: 7am–6:30pm, SAT: 7am–2pm SUN: closed

Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
3kg of bio potatoes = 3€
100g of meat dumplings = 9€
100g of goat cream cheese = 1.90€
100g of salmon trout = 3.29€

Please note the following
+ These are the maximum opening hours for stands, the hours for individual stands may vary.
+ Cafés and restaurants are usually opened a bit longer.

Come to this market for
+ Plenty of seasonal veggies (including organic)
+ Freshly-made bread
+ Fresh fish and meat
+ An inspiring breakfast under the birch trees

This isn’t a market square as such, but a market street. Actually it’s one of the two remaining permanent street markets in Vienna. But we wanted to include it anyway as we love it so much, and the Kutschkermarkt has been around forever. First mentioned in written form in 1885, this little jewel has seen ‘em all. It offers a huge variety of cuisines and stands. There’s Turkish Kebab, Austrian organic produce, French crepes, Italian hand-made pasta, and much more. In addition to the fix stands open all day, there’s a farmer’s market installed on Friday and Saturday, sporting mobile stands with Burgenland wine, Styrian apples and berries, vegetables from Lower Austria, and freshly caught fish. And when the temperature’s right, you can sit on the cobblestone street, and talk to strangers till the stars come out, and the stands close down. The prices here aren’t the cheapest, but the quality is top notch.

Our favourite features of the market
+ The bread at Pöhl’s (especially the olive bread, dayum!)
+ The all-bio greißler – and Vienna’s organic pioneer – Naturkost Brunnader
+ A quiet breakfast at café Himmelblau
+ A moist crepe with sweet chestnut puree at Crepe Surprise



Viktor-Adler-Markt – Market Squares

MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
SUN: closed
Extra market street on Leibnizgasse: MON–SAT: 6am–1pm

Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
1 kg of cucumbers = 1.50€
1 kg of capsicums = 2€
1 kg of Spring onions = 1€
1 kg of mandarins = 1€
1 kg of Costa Rican bananas = 0.50€

Please note the following
+ While these are the official opening times of the market, each stand has their own independent opening hours which may vary
+ Cafés and restaurants typically have longer opening hours

Come to this market for
+ Cheap quality fruit, vegetables and meat produce
+ To buy good quality fish
+ Turkish speciality goods (including plenty of Halal products).
+ Some of the most quality sausage you’ll find in the city at the butcher, Wiesbauer

Now, this is a market! The closest you’re going to find to a bazaar in Vienna, where markets are orderly and neat. Situated in the multicultural 10th district, this place is one of our favourite markets and we felt like we’d left Vienna as soon as we approached it. If you’ve travelled to far-off exotic places in the world, you’ll know that the prerequisites of a real market requires a little grit, a little multicultural colour, pigeons humping on stand roofs. The Viktor-Adler-Markt ticks all of these boxes – the mélange of languages being spoken, the turban wearing men selling sunglasses, the smell of incense and spices, the shearing sound of the meat bansaw, the mix of Balkan, Turkish, Oriental, Asian and Austrian. And, you’ll be hard pressed to find fruit and veg and meat produce this cheap anywhere else in the city. It also boasts a collection of the best, and most reasonably priced seafood restaurants in the city. The real highlight of Viktor Adler Markt is the “pop-up” farmer’s market on the neighbouring street, Leibnizgasse. This place is loud and crowded, but where you’ll find the real deals on produce. An eclectic mix of Turkish housewives and restaurant chefs jostle for the best deals.

Our favourite features of the market
+ The fish restaurant Aura (with its rooftop terrace)
+ The small Bosnian grill stand, the Old Bridge imbiss.
+ The most amazing Turkish Gozleme’s we’ve tasted in town at Türkische Küche – you can watch them making it fresh!
+ Stopping at Rudy’s Imbiss for a moring spritzer and käsekrainer where Falco, or DJ Oetzi are often blaring on the speakers.


Meidlinger Markt – Farmers’ Market

The Meidlinger Markt has long been the underdog of Vienna’s market world, but while the Bobo army has been bathing in the Yppenplatz sun, things have really been moving up south of the Wien river. This market is everything a Viennese market should be.

Meanwhile, the farmers market is the real drawcard.

At the Meidliner market’s farmers’ market, you can buy cheap vegetables, along with a range of high quality meat and fish products.

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