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4 Viennese flea markets open all year ‘round that will make your vintage hearts beat faster

Thrift shopping lovers, take notes! As we know you all love haggling over the best bargains and fetching unique vintage pieces, we decided to take you on a virtual wander through our 4 favourite flea markets that are open all year ‘round. 

Pro-tip: As they take place on the weekends and start quite early, being an early bird might be beneficial in snatching the best treasures ( that’s if you are not hungover from partying the night before, for once). Plus, be sure to carry cash with you when visiting one of these flea markets. Because, well, you know…Vienna.

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Flea market Huma Eleven – Vienna’s best flea markets

Wicked tongues might claim that there is not a lot going on in Vienna’s 11th district, but we disagree! There’s more to the 11th district than just the famous (and gorgeous) ‘Zentralfriedhof’. (Okay, weird  to bring up a cemetery when talking about flea markets, but just go with it…)) The 11th district is also home to one of the biggest flea markets in Vienna, making it an El Dorado for vintage and thrift shopping lovers. More than 400 flea market booths and 1000 free parking spots help you to make the most out of your Sunday flea market experience, so get your ass out of bed and head over to Huma Eleven. You won’t regret it.


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Flea market at Naschmarkt – Vienna’s best flea markets

When talking about flea markets in Vienna, we can’t NOT talk about Vienna’s most popular flea market. Do we have to say more, or do you already know which one we’re talking about? Yup, yup, the big ol’ Naschmarkt flea market it is! No matter if you are looking for some old-school furniture to pimp your hipster ‘Altbau’ apartment, need some fresh art for your walls or are looking to expand your vinyl collection, the Naschmarkt flea market is your place to be. Our favourite thing to do is to combine the flea market madness with a nice Saturday brunch afterwards, because what else is there to do when you are already in Vienna’s top-notch culinary hotspot, right?!

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Flea market Wienerberg – Vienna’s best flea markets

If you think there is literally no reason to embark on the long and arduous journey into the outskirts of the 10th district on a Sunday morning, we actually have a good reason for you indeed. Prepare yourself some hot coffee in a thermos (optional with a shot of whiskey, because it is still the weekend and why not) and go explore one of Vienna’s largest flea markets taking place at Wienerberg. You’ll definitely find some nostalgic garb to wear such as iconic and authentic Y2K or 90s pieces or retro tech gadgets, because how about pimping your next Instagram photo dump with a random image of a Game Boy Colour? 

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Flea market SCS – Vienna’s best flea markets

Yeah, we know, the SCS does not technically belong to Vienna. However, deep down somewhere in their grumpy hearts, the Viennese see the big shopping mall in the south as an extension of their city, so we dared to include the so-called ‘mega’ flea market at SCS in the list as well. But is it really ‘mega’? (And does anybody even still say ‘mega’? Uhm probably not, but whatever, we just had to make this pun, so forgive us.)

This flea market is definitely a good idea if you have a car available, or if you like to go on hungover bus rides to Lower Austria on Sunday mornings. Challenge idea: Go there right after the club with your friends as some sort of after-party (in this case, take the bus please, don’t drink and drive). That way, you’ll be among the first visitors which will help you to snatch the best bargains. Another plus of this flea market is that you can use the fancy bathrooms of the shopping mall, so no nasty Dixi toilets when you have to go pee-pee. 


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