The 5 places serving up incredible Israeli cuisine in Vienna you have to try

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The 5 places serving up incredible Israeli cuisine in Vienna you have to try

Israeli cuisine has been around in Vienna seemingly forever, but with new modern adaptations of the playful kitchen, the city has experienced a new found love for it.

We’ve gone in searched for Vienna’s irresistible Israeli restaurants, old and new:

Bahur Tov – best Israeli restaurants

SUN–THU: 12pm–10pm
FRI–SAT: closed


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In 2005, Sarah and Abraham opened Bahur Tov. The meaning of ‘Bahur Tov’ in Hebrew is, ‘a good guy.’ Bahur Tov is located in the 2nd district, where the heart of Vienna’s Jewish community lives amongst many other Kosher restaurants, stores and synagogues.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time, and to the Middle East, especially with the big screen TV blaring Middle Eastern music.

Bahur Tov serves up a mixture of Israeli-Bukhari food. The menu offers traditional Bukhari dishes, such as the delicious Oshpelo (rice cooked with beef, chicken and lots of onion and carrots), and some Israeli classics, like the ‘Bahur Tov’ mixed plate which is a perfect sampler of Israeli salads, Hummus and yummy hot Falafel balls that the mother of the restaurant, Sarah, makes everyday by hand. These alone are worth coming back for.

The menu is a nicely balanced mix of vegetarian and meat-y dishes (the selection of skewers is extensive). There are also a range of pita sandwiches to choose from, and, randomly, a few Asian dishes.

Plus, the tables are big and perfect for sharing!

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Miznon – best Israeli restaurants

MON–SAT: 12pm–10:30pm
SUN: closed


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

“The cauliflower is a world, a being, a baby. Miznon’s main message is the cauliflower in itself – we like to pet it with oil,” Yuval Zederman, the manager describes the integral role of the humble cauliflower in the beautiful mess that is Miznon. Yuval’s cauliflower has made him famous around the world, which may help you understand why he’s gushing so much over this humble vegetable.

Smack bang in the center of good ol’ Vienna, it feels like we are in the midst of a roaring Israeli marketplace in what used to be the old Dom Beisl. Miznon has taken the Israeli cuisine, and gotten very creative with it.

Served up in a no-fuss, street food, wipe-your-chin-with-your-fellow-diner’s-scarf, kind of way, the menu is simple and made to be eaten with your hands. Most of it will turn up on your table heaped on paper and once you’re digging into it, with one foot pawing at the floor like a bull winding up to charge, you’ll understand the paper’s there to catch the mess.

From the tasty tahini to be scooped up with flat bread, to the variety of filled pita breads – succulent lamb ribs, steak, ratatouille – to the favourites inspired by the street food found in the Israeli and Arab world, like Malfouf (stuffed cabbage rolls), the food is alive with flavour. To learn more, read our full write-up about Miznon. 


Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Vienna

Florentin – best Israeli restaurants

Berggasse 8, 1090 & Siebensterngasse 58, 1070

Daily: 8am–11pm


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Florentin is known as the coolest district in Tel Aviv and you can find it’s cultural diverse, welcoming and open-minded atmosphere right in Vienna’s 9th district.

“Food is like music. It brings together all different kind of people,” Avi the owner tells. We can get in on that philosophy!

Catering to a diversity of tastes is also the principle of the menu. The Israeli-inspired kitchen offers lots of vegetarian and vegan options, all made with local and organic products to ensure quality.

They have an outstanding breakfast in their menu that, those in the know, come back again and again for. The rest of their menu is broken down into the highlights of the Israeli kitchen – salads, Hummus and a range of main dishes that include their own version of the favourites, like a ‘beefed-up shakshuka’, which is kind of a fusion between a Chili con Carne and Shakshuka, and Sabih tortilla (an Israeli salad, with Tahini piled onto a tortilla). All of it, is beautifully and colourfully presented, like all Israeli food should be.


NENI – best Israeli restaurants

MON–SAT: 8am–11pm
SUN: closed


cash only

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Haya Molcho is a well known character in the Austrian food scene. Nevertheless, she says, when she opened NENI in 2009 with her son, Nuriel, she had no Idea how successful it would become. Today, 11 years later, they are nine NENI locations around Europe! So you can imagine how tasty their food is to see such success happen. And it all began here in Vienna amongst the colourful food stands of the Naschmarkt.

Here, NENI is serving up delicious Israeli cuisine, with an edgy modern look to it.

With signature dishes out of the Israeli kitchen, like Sabich, Shakshuka and Hummus, they’ve stayed true to their origins.

Meanwhile, some of the classics have new interesting playful twists to them, like the pink Hummus that’s made with beetroot – which is a must-try, by the way.

NENI  was born out of a real love and passion for food, one we can’t resist but tell. Haya always loved to cook. Haya grew up next to a market in Tel Aviv and it was there she developed her dream to open a restaurant in a market that’s influenced by the seasonal ingredients on offer.

You can find a lot of vegan and vegetarian options in the Neni menu. It’s strongly recommended to order a bunch of dishes, put them in the middle of the table, and share, Mezze style!



Seven North – best Israeli restaurants

MON–FRI: 5pm–1am
SAT–SUN: 11:30am–4:30pm, 5pm–1am


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Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Located in Vienna’s seventh district, this frisky and fun restaurant’s lively vibes are contagious. Don’t go looking for a traditional spread of Israeli cuisine here. The chefs will tell you that it’s only Israeli-inspired, rather than being out of typical cookbook you’d find in the country.

Think of an Israeli chef that has traveled the world, particularly through the Mediterranean and Middle East, and thrown all of the best parts of the honest food in these kitchens into one menu. The menu is built upon, regularly, with dishes added for a limited time only.

The best hits include, the 3D Roast Beef (you got to see it to believe it. Here’s the description – Viennese brick wrapped with thin roast beef slices), a baby pizza (its name doesn’t do it justice and it’s no normal pizza – the flavours are incredible!), Kebap Schnitzel, and the restaurant’s part-owner and famous chef, Eyal Shani’s, piece de resistance, roasted cauliflower. Oh, and one piece of advice, don’t skip dessert.

There’s Tahini everywhere and freshly baked flat bread filling most tables. Seven North is an experience that you’ll want to have again. Read up about our experience at Seven North.



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