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7 restaurants where getting food is an experience

Are you tired of eating at the same old restaurants that offer nothing more than a basic meal? You are literally bored by having meals, and you are ready to be entertained and have extravagant experiences along with your food and drinks? Then this is exactly what you need!

We carefully hand-picked 7 restaurants in Vienna where food is not just food, but everything about or around it makes it special.

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Dinner & Crime – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

various locations in Vienna

varies, check website!


from 84€

This is the right place if you love mystery, crime, acting and food.

The real big question will be: Who’s the murderer? There will be multiple mystery rounds alongside food being served.

You will receive a crime story and instructions in advance, so you will know how to behave and what to wear.

© Hiro | Facebook

© Hiro | Facebook

HIRO – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

In this Japanese restaurant, humans already work side by side with a serving robot. You can select what you want to eat through a QR code with your smartphone and then you wait…

You wait for your food to be served not by a human being but, if you are one of the lucky tables, by the serving robot!

© Vytopna l | Facebook

© Vytopna l | Facebook

© Vytopna l | Facebook

Vytopna – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

In case you didn’t know, there’s a new train station at Naschmarkt and trust us when we say it’ll be a ride you don’t want to miss. This station won’t serve you a ride to other places, but it’ll literally serve you… food.

Over 600m of railways, 9 bridges and many tiny food trains will take care of your entertainment and hunger while you are there. Chew! Chew! All aboard!

© Vier Sinne | Facebook

© Vier Sinne | Facebook

© Vier Sinne | Facebook

Hotline 5 – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

There is nothing special about the restaurant itself, BUT there’s this one special dish you can get that might change your life forever, and we can only say that it has to do with a lot of cheese.

They will serve you this juicy burger and pour perfectly melted cheese over it right in front of you. Is your mouth watering yet?

@hotline5.at #burger #lover #cheese #vienna #hotline5 ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 박일서 – korean model

© Teddy's American Diner | Facebook

© Teddy's American Diner | Facebook

Teddy’s American Diner – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

MON–THU & SUN: 12pm–10pm
FRI–SAT: 12pm–10pm


If you want to have an kitschy American diner experience just like in the movies, you’ve come to the right place.

You can choose from a hearty dose of good ol’ US-American cuisine starting with juicy burgers, crispy fries and ending with milkshakes so thick you’ll need a spoon.


@teddysamericandiner @ MILLENNIUM CITY WIEN 🫶🏽 #teddysamericandiner #teddysdiner #restaurant #diner #50sdiner #burger #wien #vienna ♬ original sound – Henry

© Vier Sinne | Facebook

© Vier Sinne | Facebook

Vier Sinne – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

Are you ready to lose your senses? Because at ‘Vier Sinne’ in Huttengasse you literally will. Dine in the dark (and we mean pitch black) and focus on the taste and smell as you experience dinner in a whole new way.

What’s super cool about this experience is that you will be guided through the evening by blind people who will know exactly how to bring out the best in your other senses.


© Laboratorium Hotel Bristol | Facebook

© Laboratorium Hotel Bristol | Facebook

Laboratory – Restaurants where getting food is an experience

Upcoming in May 2023: a dining experience from another dimension – at least that’s what they promise.

Multiple crazy professional artists mix their expertise together and create an extraordinary meal that probably looks much more like abstract art than anything else, and you get to eat it. That sounds f***in’ dope to us.

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