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Salty and sweet on the street – Your ultimate Vienna Street Food Guide

Is there anything better than the sizzling sound of deep-fried deliciousness on a warm summer evening? Definitely not! That’s why we checked out THE best street food spots in Vienna just for you! That’s how much we love you.

No matter if you’re craving sweet or savory – we guarantee that at least one of these spots will tickle your taste buds just the right way: 




Forget the typical sausage on a stick: Try Korean Corndogs at KO:ON – Best street food in Vienna

Tue-Sun: 12pm - 8:pm

Starting at 5€

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They are hot, they are crispy, they are gooey inside. K-Dogs are the new hot dogs. KO:ON offers a wide variety of different Korean street food, but the K-Dog is what they are known for. Sausage, cheese, or sausage AND cheese deep fried with a thick bread, potato or ramyeon crust. We literally can’t think of what more you could want!

Tip: Get the potato crust. Trust us.



© Monte Ofelio

Take your taste buds to bella italia with Coda d’Aragosta at Monteofelio – Best street food in Vienna

Craving something “dolce?” Make sure to stop by Monteofelio and enjoy this outstanding Italian speciality called “Coda d’Aragosta!” It is a pastry made out of puff paste, filled with whipped cream and their delicious “crema di pistacchio” – it’s so good it will make you cry. But, like, the good kind of cry.

Tip: Make sure to also check out their second (and very beautiful) location in the Augarten.

© Kimbo Dogs

© Kimbo Dogs

Fly to vegan sausage heaven on the vegan rocket man at Kimbo Dogs – Best street food in Vienna

Tue-Fri: 12pm-2:30pm and 5pm-9pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm-9pm

Vegan Rocket Man: 8.20€

All the vegans around the world who are craving hot dogs, look no further! Kimbo Dogs offers a wide selection of hot dogs with lots of different, innovative flavors AND they have the option of making the sausage vegan! We recommend the classic Rocket Man with the vegan sausage for a traditional hot dog experience with a plant-y twist. You’re welcome, vegans.

© Cha No Ma

© Cha No Ma

Get some authentic, handmade Daifuku Mochis at Cha No Ma – Best street food in Vienna

Mo-Sat: 11am-6pm

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These mochis are sweet, pounded rice balls filled with strawberries and lots of love. The store makes them all by hand, so they are a limited edition. Make sure not to come too late as they are in high demand!

Tip: Get a matcha frappe along with it. THE perfect summer refreshment!


Fancy food in Würstelstand aesthetic: Calamari und Champagner am Würstelstand – Best street food in Vienna

MON-SAT: 12am-7:30pm

Calamari: 11€

In the mood for something fancy, but prefer the ambiance of the Würstelstand much more than that of a restaurant? No problem! At “Alles Wurscht” you can get both! Our personal favorite dishes are Käsekrainer over Truffle Fries or Calamari Fritti and Champagne. You’re promised high-quality food because this Würstelstand really cares about regionality and sustainability too.

© BaoMeBu

© Vienna Würstelstand

Don’t get one, get three REALLY Crispy Chicken Baos at BaoMeBu – Best street food in Vienna

Mo-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 12pm-8pm

3 Crispy Chicken Baos: 10€

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Baos have finally reached Vienna, and we could not be happier about it. The steamed dough buns are filled to the brim with crispy chicken, quinoa, pepper topped with lime mayo and spring onions. Even though two will definitely keep you full for hours, we recommend getting three simply because they are delicious.

Tip: If you’re feeling healthy, get a bowl instead.

© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

Make sure not to burn yourself on the fresh-out-the-oven Manoushah at Brunnenmarkt – Best street food in Vienna

Brunnenmarkt - from Brunnengasse to Yppenplatz; Standl "Schamiat"

MON-FRI: 6am-9pm
SAT: 6am-6pm

Our beloved Brunnenmarkt with all its colourful foods, scents, and people has even another ace up its sleeve: The Middle Eastern dish called “Manoushah” – a Levantine flatbread with all the toppings your heart could desire. At the “Schamiat” Standl, they usually make up to 2000 flatbreads a day – always freshly prepared, still hot and steamy coming out of the oven.

Tip: Try it out with thyme, sesame seeds, lemon juice, oil, and saffron – you won’t regret it.

© Dampha Kitchen

© Dampha Kitchen

Bored of plain white rice? Feast on Jollof Rice at Dampha Kitchen – Best street food in Vienna

Mon-Sun: 12pm-10pm

Jollof Rice: 9.50€

Drop the plain rice immediately and head over to Copa Beach for some delicious Gambian Jollof Rice at Dampha Kitchen. Ground beef and vegetables mixed with well seasoned tomatoe-y rice is for sure far up on our favorite comfort food list.

Tip: Hang your feet in the Danube while you feast – vacation mode activated!

© vienna wuerstelstand

© vienna wuerstelstand

Enjoy a crispy but soft 5 spice beef Banh Mi at Banh Mi Vienna – Best street food in Vienna

Mo - Fri: 11:30am-8pm

5 spice beef Banh Mi: 6.60€

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There is nothing and we mean NOTHING more satisfying than the first bite into this freshly baked baguette filled with veggies, spices and beef (or any other meat of your choice). We recommend getting the 5 spice beef, the seasoning combines all 5 key flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy.

Tip: Get pate on your banh mi. The owner recommends it and so do we. (That rhymed.)

© All Reis

© All Reis

Feast on delicious Pad Thai at All Reis Bangkok Street Food – Best street food in Vienna

Daily: 11am-10pm

Pad Thai: 11.90€

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Pad Thai is one of THE traditional Thai dishes that everyone should try at least once. If you try it at All Reis though, you definitely run the risk of developing a new habit. It’s that good!  . Enjoy a big portion of stir-fried rice noodles mixed with various vegetables, eggs and meat of your choice (or tofu!) in a perfectly seasoned tamarind sauce.

Tip: Do yourself a favor and Get. The. Thai. Tea.

© Unsplash

© Ernst Varga

Try Lahmacun at Berliner Döner – Best street food in Vienna

This traditional snack is known and loved under the name  Lahmacun or “Turkish Pizza” in English. It’s a flatbread baked with a spicy mixture of mince, onions, and tomatoes and will make you rub your belly  and chuckle softly to yourself. We promise

Visit the oldest Würstelstand in Vienna for a crisp and juicy Käsekrainer – Best street food in Vienna

MON-TUE: 10am-2am
WED-SAT: 10am-4am
SUN: 12am-12pm


We all know and love the greatness of the Käsekrainer – but what makes eating it at Würstelstand Leo so special? For one, it’s the oldest Würstelstand in Vienna – no kidding. It’s a family-owned enterprise in its third generation which will soon be celebrating its 100th birthday! ! And to top it all off, they  move with the times and put great emphasis on good quality bio food and also offer vegetarian dishes.




Drunkenly devour some fresh Bing Bread at Kikko Ba – Best street food in Vienna

Tue-Fri: 5pm-10pm
Sat: 4pm-10pm

Bing Bread: 7.50€

Not in the mood for dine and wine? Bing Bread is flat bread, deep-fried until it’s golden and crispy, and goes incredibly well with some sake. Are you salivating yet or is it just us? The bread is either served with hummus, chili oil and sesame, or black beans and sour cream, depending on your cravings.

© 25hours hotels

Juicy American Burgers in Viennese Schanigarten Style: at 25hours Hotel – Best street food in Vienna

MON-SUN: 12pm-8pm

from 7€

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Burger de Ville,  part of the 25hours Hotel, will fulfill the wildest dreams and wishes you’ve ever had about burgers, trust us. Not only do they serve a great variety of American-style burgers, but what really takes the biscuit is their beautiful Schanigarten in which you can enjoy eating the best burger in town. We say wow!

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