8 very special & lesser-known Christmas markets away from the tourist crowds

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8 very special & lesser-known Christmas markets away from the tourist crowds

Vienna’s Christmas markets get fuller and fuller with tourists every year, and while we’ve got nothing against all those bus tours following a guy poking a yellow umbrella in the air, it can sometimes steal some of the cinnamon from our Christmas spirit.

If you’ve also been thinking about enjoying your Punsch and Bauernkrapfen at a insider’s kinda’ market with a bit of space to move and with a local feel, we recommend you visit one of the following Christmas markets. Some of them may require an adventure (and a bit of time) to get to them, but Holy Santa are they peaceful and full of that traditional festive feeling that the markets of this city should buzz with.

Blumengärten Hirschstetten Adventmarkt

November 17 – December 23
THU–SUN: 10am–8pm


No dogs allowed except for guide dogs

The Blumengärten Hirschstetten Christmas market is a charming escape from the hustling and bustling ones in the city center. It’s also one of the few that can be found on the other side of the Danube river. In amongst the gardens where flowers crowd the place in summer, little stands crowd the place, selling the typical wares, drinks and Christmas market snacks (there’s also an awesome cheese stand selling…well, hundred of different cheeses). It’s a trek to get out here if you’re traveling by public transport, but the trip adds to the feeling that you’re escaping the city.

Also good to know… there’s some kind of display set up with Christmas motifs arranged around the place – great for the kids! AND there’s live music on every open day from 5pm! Wow.

Weihnachtsmarkt im Türkenschanzpark

11 November – 23 December
MON–FRI: 3pm–10pm
SAT–SUN: 12pm–10pm
Holidays: 12pm–10pm


One of the beautiful gems of the 18th district is the vast greenery of the Türkenschanzpark. At this time of year, amongst the trees in one of the corners of the park is a little Weihnachtsmarkt (a Christmas market) serving up all the things you’d expect to find at a Vienna Christmas market, including Punsch, Maroni, the Shhhh-peck and smelly cheese, and the usual woollen hats, scarves, and the Omas selling soaps or some kind of egg liquor. However, you’ll also find a few unique stands in the mix selling wares from Morocco or handmade jewellery. This market is especially good for some family fun, as it has a few rides, and plenty of space to let the little people run free.

© Wild im West

Wild im West Wintermarkt

If you’re too alternative and different and edgy for a boring old-school winter market, then make sure to drop by this new market hosted by Wild im West! You might know them because they usually host flea markets, but this time around they decided to dip their toes into the winter scene! At their winter market you’ll not only find the typical shenanigans like Glühwein and Punsch, but artists from all different walks of life displaying their art – queer, feminist, revolutionary – you’ll find everything here! They also have a circus tent (we’re sure you’ll feel very comfortable there! Haha. Just kidding. We love you. We meant WE’LL feel very comfortable there…), DJs and food, obviously.

© Ottakringer Brauerei

Ottakringer Weihnachtszauber

November 24 – December 23
THU - FR: 3pm - 10pm
SAT: 11am - 10pm
SUN: 11am - 8pm


Free entry!

To all you beautiful beer lovers, listen up: We’ve found the perfect Christkindlmarkt for you! For the very first time, there’s an urban Christmas market at the Ottakringer Brauerei. And yes, you’ve guessed it right, there will be beer punch served. And even homemade ‘Bierbrand’. Wooooow. And obviously there will also be all the other Christmassy stuff, like Eisstockschießen, incredibly tasty food and crafted goods. Oh, and the a cappella choir will make sure the Christmas vibes will be felt, obviously.

Haas & Haas Winter in the City

Nov 4 – Dec 31, 2023
MON–THU: 4pm–8pm
FRI–SUN: 2pm–8pm
closed on Dec 24


Why is it a favourite?
Just off of the tourist-catering Christmas markets surrounding Stephansdom where pullovers from Peru are sold, there’s an inconspicuous tunnel entrance to a hidden treasure of a Christmas market run by the Viennese institution and temple of tea, Haas & Haas. Just follow the charming tunes coming from the tunnel and you’ll find your way to an intimate inner courtyard of the tea house, full of the atmosphere that makes Christmas in this city charming, and people huddled around a couple of standing tables with fire billowing out. They have some food here, like stuff you can grill yourself, and spareribs, however the homemade Punsch is the best reason to be here.

You should also: buy yourself some of the ready-made skewers, like the plum wrapped in crispy bacon, or sausages – to grill over the coal-fired grills. This makes for a very special experience that is unique to the Haas & Haas Wintergarten.

© Böhmischer Prater

Winterzauber im Böhmischen Prater (Park Hrabalek)

December 3rd, 4th, 8th - 11th, 17th
FRI: opening at 2pm
SAT + SUN: opening at 11am


Hooray, the Böhmischer Prater is opening its doors for us all (in a Christmassy sense)! You can hop on all the beautiful rides and soak up the beautiful view and delight in the sound of a traditional barrel organ. Even the (probably) oldest Ringelspiel of Europe from 1890 will make its moves for you. Get mulled with Maroni and Glühwein (there’s also Kinderpunsch of course) and wander around aimlessly. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find presents for your loved ones too.

© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2022

Ikea husmas Market

Yep, Ikea is hosting a Christmas market on their roof. Now, if that’s not enough to get you going, you really NEED to check out their full programme. Workshops, live music, a whole choir from Sweden?! AND they promise the REAL SANTA CLAUS! (Don’t destroy our hopes and dreams by being realistic now, people.) Besides their full programme, they’ll obviously decorate the rooftop to make it look like a Christmas wonderland watching over Vienna, AND they’ll have a curling rink. Nice.

Lichteradvent im Stift Klosterneuburg

The Christmas market setup in the scenic main square of Klosterneuburg is the definition of Christmas kitsch. It’s an idyllic Christmas market that will fill you with all those lovely warm and fuzzy feelings Austria’s brand of Christmas markets radiate. The stands here are selling all the treats that you expect at these markets, from roasted chestnuts to mulled wine and Punsch. While you’re out here, you can go for a wander around Klosterneuburg’s charming streets.

Also good to know… there’s an advent market running close by in what appears like it was the wine cellars attached to the church in Klosterneuberg. This setting makes this little market full of stalls selling craft by the locals worth visiting.


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