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10 very unique places to drink tea in Vienna

Specialty coffee may have been getting all of the attention in recent years, but there’s nothing like its more Zen cousin, tea, who deserves a little Brew-ahaha itself. These very unique teahouses serving up hugs in mugs will make a tea drinker out of anybody.

Here are 10 tea-rrific (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) places to drink tea in Vienna:

© Rami Tea

© Rami Tea

Rami Tea – Vienna’s teahouses

SUN & MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 12am–6pm
SAT: 10am–6pm


You can find this cute new little teahouse in the heart of the 8th district. ‘All natural’ is the magic term that describes this tea gem best, as most of the teas have no aromas added and those that are flavoured only use fresh flowers of real fruits.

Bonus: If you’re keen to have your own unique mug, you can create yours at their very own ceramics studio on site. Yay!

© Mother of Pearl

© Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl – Vienna’s teahouses

SUN & MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 10am–6pm
SAT: 10am–5pm


Sweet mother of tea, guide us to bubble tea paradise! At Mother of Pearl, your quest to find the most authentic bubble tea will come to an end.

Unlike other bubble tea places, the tea is not westernised in this female owned business but is made from original bubble tea methods. You might not find the usual popular bubble tea creations like elsewhere, but if you’re up for the real deal, this is your place to be.

© Teahouse Channagasse

© Teahouse Channagasse

© Teahouse Channagasse

Tea House Channagasse – Vienna’s teahouses

MON–SAT: 12am–6pm
SUN: closed


Why not take the best of both worlds and combine the traditional Viennese coffee house culture with the finest Chinese tea culture? Sounds too good to be true? Well, actually it isn’t.

This concept comes to life at Teehaus Channagasse. Described by visitors as an oasis for tea lovers, you can easily pass the time and forget about your responsibilities in this hidden little gem in the first district.

Our tip: Participate in one of their traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.

© Matcha Komachi

© Matcha Komachi

© Matcha Komachi

© Matcha Komachi

Matcha Komachi – Vienna’s teahouses

MON—SAT: 11am—9:30pm
SUN: 11:30am—9:00pm


Did you know that Matcha heaven is located in Vienna? Matcha Komachi is just as serious about their Matcha tea than the Viennese are about defending their title as the grumpiest city in the world.

In fact, the only kind of tea you can get there is Matcha, which is already a flex in and of itself. They are also true pros in adhering to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. So if you always wanted to learn more about it, Matcha Komachi is the real deal.

Cha no ma – Vienna’s teahouses

Cha No Ma is a teahouse merged with a shop (we were told the name translates to an old Japanese word for living room, how cute is that?). This cosy little tearoom near the Naschmarkt is heaven for all matcha tea lovers out there.

If you go for a traditional matcha (the finely ground green tea leaves powder that you’ve probably been seeing plenty of on Instagram), you’ll get to witness a mini tea ceremony at Cha No Ma. They even let you choose your own chawan (aka. teacup), which is more a bowl than a cup.

Sir Harly’s Tea – Vienna’s teahouses

If you ever come across somebody desperately searching for Sir Harly, you now know the real deal. Sir Harly’s Tea, almost secretly hiding inside one of the hofs (courtyards) off of Mariahilfer Straße, will instantly attack you with multiple aromatic smells of the many kinds of teas stocked here once you enter.

With over 150 different kinds of tea, ranging from classics like English breakfast to the incredible exotic Tansania Golden Flowerly Luponde, you can be rest assured that your tea-petite will be satisfied. As a plus, you can also enjoy a tea (pinky fingers up, people!) with traditional English scones and toasts in store.

Haas & Haas – Vienna’s teahouses

MON–FRI: 9am–6:30pm
SAT: 9am–6pm
SUN: closed


Set under arched ceilings in a very old building in Vienna’s city center, Haas & Haas is one of the cosiest spots in the city for some teatime and adventures. It doesn’t matter if you favour fruit, herbal, black or green tea, the menu hosts dozens of high-quality teas, most of which we’ve never even heard of, and some we even have trouble pronouncing.

Insider tip: In their very own store, you find teas so rare, they are only delivered in 1kg amounts from distant corners of the world. Definitely a 10/10 for tea enthusiasts!

Jägertee – Vienna’s teahouses

MON–FRI: 10am–6pm
SAT: 10am–1pm
SUN: closed


Welcome at Jägertee, not to be mistaken with Jagertee, the infamous Austrian tea creation made from black tea and rum. Serving fancy oriental teas since 1862, this tea house is the oldest in the beautiful city of Vienna.

All teas at this inner-city boutique store are mixed in-house, and they pride themselves on being the only Viennese teahouse that does so. In their ‘secret’ backroom, they work on creating magical tea creations, that sometimes even include 9 different types of tea in one.

Sounds wild? Kind of. Should you go there and check out what this fuss is all about? Definitely.

Teenorissimo – Vienna’s teahouses

TUE–FRI: 9am–6pm
SAT: 9am–2pm
SUN & MON: closed


The perfect end station to a stroll through the 14th is Teenorissimo, a little gem where you can hide away from the world and pretend that teatime lasts forever while you sink into the plush, baroque-style chairs.

Take your pick from a whooping 49 (we counted!) types and flavours of tea. We heartily recommend “White rose”, a marzipan and rose-flavoured black tea (Marzipan flavour in a tea? Hell yes!). For a more solid option, the “Nabucco”, an organic first flush Darjeeling is also tea-rrific.

Teehaus Artee – Vienna’s teahouses

TUE–FRI: 12am–5pm
SAT–MON: closed


Teehaus Artee on Siebensterngasse has been supplying Vienna with high-quality tea – particularly green tea – sourced directly from tea farmers and houses in Japan, China and Taiwan, for more than 20 years now.

If you want to get into your Zen mode, this tea house is also the place to be. It offers meditation sessions and seminars about Wu Wei (which literally means non-action or non-doing) where you learn how to be free from fear, worries, tension, and greed. Omm!

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