12 of the best 100% Vegan Restaurants in Vienna you shouldn't miss

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12 of the best 100% vegan restaurants in Vienna that will make you want to hug a cow

More and more people are choosing to take on a plant-based diet for a variety of solid reasons – so they can tread more lightly on this lovely planet of ours, so they can reduce the amount of animal cruelty going on, and for the number of health benefits that only eating plants comes with.

This means there’s been a steady trickle of vegan restaurants turning up in Vienna in recent years, and these restaurants are doing things that make it gloriously rewarding to be vegan. The city now hosts vegan burger places, as well as a raft of tasty Asian cuisine offerings.

Here are 12 vegan restaurants that are serving up not only some of the best vegan-friendly food in the city but also some of the best food in Vienna.

© Venuss

© Venuss

© Venuss

Venuss – All-vegan restaurant

Venuss is a largely vegan bistro that focuses on doing things sustainably, and only using organic and regional ingredients.

You can choose from their menu or hit up their buffet.  Their menu varies from colourful salads to hearty curries. If you’re vegan, you can make a solid bet you’ll find something to treat your tastebuds here.

Also, they host a Happy PLANET hour every day from 5pm to 6 pm, where you can eat all the leftovers for a special price. For this concept alone, we’re in love with this place.

via Facebook

Pizzi*s and Cream – All-vegan restaurants

WED-FRI: 12pm-3pm, 4pm-9pm
SAT & SUN: 12pm-9pm


Attention, herbivores and pizza enthusiasts alike! Pizzis and Cream in Vienna has conjured up the most mind-blowingly delicious vegan pizza in town. Their toppings are so tantalizing, they’ll make even the most dedicated carnivore question their life choices.

From a crust so crispy it could win a breakdancing competition to flavors that’ll make your taste buds sing, this place is a vegan pizza oasis where everyone can indulge guilt-free!

Harvest Bistrot – All–Vegan Restaurants

MON–FR: 2pm-11pm
SAT & SUN: 10am-11pm


At Harvest Bistrot, you get to enjoy (international) traditional dishes with a vegan twist! The interior of Harvest Bistro invites you with its rustic and calming look. Not one single table is like the other, just like the guests we guess. The weekend brunch of this vegan place is something that will hunt meat eaters and vegans alike with their exceptional flavours! It’s already a big hit amongst those in the know. Full of antipasto treats, and interesting creations like Vegan caviar and Grammelschmolz (which is a spread typically made of pork fat, but in this instance with Ghee), the weekend brunch keeps the place full into the late afternoon.



© Tolstoy Facebook

© Tolstoy Facebook

© Tolstoy Facebook

© Tolstoy Facebook

©Tolstoy Facebook

Tolstoy – All-vegan restaurants

At Tolstoy Restaurant, you can order vegan food made from healthy and seasonal ingredients. The unique thing about this restaurant that may be the pull factor for you is its modern back-to-the-future approach: you can order your meal via touchscreen and pay directly at the counter, where you can also grab the food once it’s ready.

They serve a very mixed range of dishes, from Portuguese pizza to healthy colourful bowls.

Plus, if you ever happen to be in the mood for some bomb vegan food, but it happens to be way past closing time, they have vegan vending machines packed with all things from vegan, from cheeses to soups in a jar, and more.

Best Burgers In Vienna

Photo by Johannes Staudenbauer

Photos by Johannes Staudenbauer

Photos by Johannes Staudenbauer

Photos by Johannes Staudenbauer

Photos by Johannes Staudenbauer

Swing Kitchen – All-Vegan Restaurants

various locations in Vienna, check the website for details

Daily: 11am–10pm


Swing Kitchen is boutique fast food for vegans. Well, to be fair, the food at Vienna’s Swing Kitchen is delicious. The soft bun, the tender soy burger patty that mingles with the creamy sauce and crunchy roasted onions – all of this delights the tastebuds. Sure, it has little to do with choosing a vegan lifestyle – but who cares as Swing Kitchen is fun. The black-and-white tiles and big lamps in that industrial chic look straight out of New York, the big band swing music playing in the background – it’s all very laissez-faire, yet also aims to draw on (in a modern way) the “innocence” and soul of the big band swingin’ era.

The huge chalkboards assure the guests that all the plastic you see at Swing Kitchen is bio-degradable, while the heavy cast iron trays add to the down-to-earth feel of the “simpler times” theme happening here. Why is the chain called “Swing Kitchen”? It isn’t because of the Swing music. Yet rather, its name reflects the movement it ambitiously aims to inspire in the non-vegan community. As Irene and Karl “Charly” Schillinger, the heads of the whole shebang, put it: “If vegan fast food can make at least some of the meat-eating folk swing to meatless days occasionally, that’s a big win already.”

Since they opened their Swing Kitchen in January 2015, a vegan burger mania has spread in Vienna, resulting in quite a few Swing Kitchen locations opening up all around Vienna.


© Maran Vegan

© Maran Vegan

Maran Vegan – All-vegan restaurants

MO-FRI: 8:30am–7pm
SAT: 8:30am–6pm


Maran Vegan is an all-vegan grocery store located in the 6th district. While that’s already cool in itself, in this article, we wanna talk about their amazing in-house kitchen and its daily alternating healthy lunch options. You can order lentil daal every single day, or choose one of their many dishes like stuffed peppers and Gemüsenockerl.

There’s also always a soup option and plenty of desserts to eat your way through. This is the perfect place for those groups that include non-vegan and vegan friends cuz’ the food is delicious no matter what your denomination.

Also, a little life hack: if you bring your own to-go containers, you’ll pay way less!

© das suess’kind / instagram.com/das_suesskind_veganery

das suess’kind – All–Vegan Restaurants

Das suess’kind, located in the third district, is not only completely vegan but also cooks with 100% organic ingredients, and without wheat flour and refined sugar. But that doesn’t tell you anything about what yummy things for your tummy you can find here. Let’s get to the good stuff:

There’s no clear story here in terms of what kinds of cuisine they serve up here, except that it’s damn tasty. Their menu changes every day, and this crowd focuses on preparing delicious food with seasonal ingredients. Your plate will always be colourful at this little cafe setup. If your curious about their daily menu, you can catch it in their Instagram stories most days.


simply raw bakery – All–Vegan Restaurants

MON – SAT: 9:30am–5pm
SUN: closed


gluten-free, soy-free

The simply delightful cafe and bakery, Simply Raw Bakery in the 1st district is one of the most known places in the city serving up savory and sweet raw and vegan treats. The ‘raw’ part of this equation means that everything sold here is uncooked and unprocessed.

If you’re looking for more than just a tasty baked good treat, their bowls and brunch options will do the job in satisfying that rumbling belly of yours.

To get technical about the raw side of things here – nothing is heated above 42°C at this place, which means all of the ingredients preserve their vitamins and enzymes.

And you know what that means, right? You can stuff your face with delicious desserts all the while convincing yourself that you’re having a healthy meal! So, if you thought raw vegans only live off celery and carrots, you definitely need to stop by this place and get learned.

©Pepper and Ginny Facebook

© Pepper and Ginny Facebook

© Pepper and Ginny Facebook

Pepper and Ginny- All-vegan restaurants

Pepper and Ginny is the vegan go-to place for those who don’t only eat food but worship it. They offer a wide variety of vegan cheeses, salmon, and sweets to eat at their lovely bistro or for take away.

Their menu is small but well-curated, with all kinds of fancy stuff in there like truffle caviar.

You can also head here for a whole vegan fondue date! If this option has grabbed your attention, be sure to call ahead so they can put together the ultimate plant-based cheese collection for your fondue.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: Christopher Hanschitz

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: Christopher Hanschitz

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: Christopher Hanschitz

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: Christopher Hanschitz

© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: Christopher Hanschitz

Vevi – All–Vegan Restaurants

Vevi is a 100% vegan Vietnamese restaurant. Now, don’t go thinking they lose any of those amazing flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen by being all veganator (yes, we just made up that ridiculous word). They have an array of flavoursome (noodle) soups on the menu (yes – including Pho), alongside rice dishes, and Banh Mi sandwiches.

So, you can simply expect the dynamic flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen, minus the cow, pigs and chickens (…and what comes out of them…wait, what?!). If you weren’t vegan before, perhaps you are now.

LaLa – All–Vegan Restaurants

Neubaugasse 1, 1070 & Neustiftgasse 23, 1070

MON–SAT: 9am–8pm

MO-SUN: 9am-8pm


The all-vegan superfood, juice and smoothie bar, The LaLa, is bringing L.A. vibes to Vienna.

It offers everything from your typical breakfast Roundies (or ‘bowls’ – as boring people would call them) to healthy and savoury lunch slash dinner options.

Their colourful and freshly made Roundies usually come with quinoa, or brown rice (or both), and a bunch of other fresh ingredients that blend deliciously together. We guarantee that you’ll be wondering how the combos thrown together in the bowls don’t need any spicing or seasoning.


via Website

via Website

Tau – All-vegan restaurants

Tau is an all vegan restaurant located in the outskirts of the 22nd district.

They offer the well-known crowd-pleasers every Asian restaurant has, but without the animals-in-your-food part.

They’re especially known for having top-notch meat substitutes that look and taste just like the original thing.

Also if you’ve been vegan for a while, you may be sick of eating fake chicken. Well, this restaurant is a golden insider tip for you, as their extensive menu also offers up dishes with fake shrimp and a vegan knock-off of crispy duck!

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