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22 street photos of Vienna’s elegant, fun, stylish & huggable characters

Amongst these shots, you’ll find the elegant, the fun, the stylish characters of our beloved city that we caught on camera.

‘Hi Berta! Ill be home late, I’m hiding from the rain.’


‘Oh Elke, we should definitely have thrown on some Prada heels for this street style shoot!’


‘No one cares about the weather – style is style!’


Don’t mess with me. I’m warning you!


This was him a year ago…


This is him now…


‘Even Mozart’s gotta’ stay dry.


‘Hurry up with the yoghurt! We have a bubble bath waiting for us at home, Berti!’


‘We love this shirt’


‘When you’ve been living in the 7th for too long’


‘Dogs and kids must stay outside’


‘Beer O’clock!’


‘Hey there, honey.’


Midnight snack at the Life Ball.

‘The weather is a tad grumpy, so we’re looking at the beautiful people instead.’


She’s going to piss a lot of people off in this coat.




‘No dude, his name is Puber and Klimt ain’t got nuttin on him!’


‘There’ll be some heavy drinking, I can tell you that much!’


‘Honestly Huber, I’m so pissed at you for what you did to Gerta in the park last night. I’m never going to look at you again! Never!’


‘Life is all about a healthy pension, a game of Sudoku and writing letters to your lover in Vorarlberg.’


‘Mean gurlz’

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