Hildebrandt Café: This new cafe embodies everything you'd want

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Hildebrandt Café

Hildebrandt Café: this new cafe embodies everything you’d want in a brunch & coffee spot

If you don’t have the time to read the review below, WATCH this short and sweet video below!

Hildebrandt Café is what happens when an awesome location is discovered by a cafetier with a knack for making beautiful spaces for people to eat, drink and socialise in.

Charming big old windows letting the light flow into this cafe of vintage furniture, shabby walls and plants…

Take a seat and you’ll be catapulted right back into another decade. The tables are actually old wooden desks from a French school (being French makes them extra stylish school desks, of course).

It’s a complete pleasant picture, here – the dark French desks, comfy armchairs, an old-school glass side table, colourful throws, oriental rugs and pillows, a chandelier, a screaming coffee machine and plants draped across the bar. With it being a narrow nook of a cafe, Hildebrandt Café is a cosy cafe packed with character.

It looks like it’s been ripped out of one of those boutique designer magazines like Kinfolk.

The café was named after the architect of the Gartenpalais Schönborn, which is now home to the Volkskundemuseum and the café, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt. This dude even has a special place in the café as his portrait hangs on the wall.

There’s just a handful of indoor tables at the café, so you either gotta reserve well in advance, or try your luck and enter into a staring contest with the people sitting at the table you have your eyes on when you arrive.

Hildebrandt’s food balances colour, creativity and quality ingredients

Daniel Karl’s the guy behind Hildebrandt Café, and he’s also one of the guys behind Biodeli in the 6th.

If you’ve ever been to Biodeli, you’ll know what to expect from Hildebrandt’s food – good wholesome, tasty, no-fuss food. This makes it a solid choice for lunch hour.

From typical Austrian dishes (we’re talking Sacherwürstel with mustard and radish and Kärtner Kasnudeln) to dishes inspired from afar, such as Indian Red Lentil Dhal and Siomai – steamed buns from the Philippines.

And, as it pretty much embodies everything somebody would want in a brunch location, It’s very popular in the morning on the weekend.

Their breakfast smoothies caught our eyes immediately.

The name itself, ‘The Schmuusies’ remind us of our German-speaking grannies who’d mispronounce the word ‘smoothie’, and schmooching, of course.

We had a go at the vegan Risotto al Radicchio e vino rosso. You guessed right, it’s a risotto with radicchio and red wine.

You gotta try one of their homemade cakes and signature coffee creations

They’ve got a bunch of good-looking cakes on display in a glass cabinet, and we’re being told that Daniel’s grandpa bakes them. And we’re suckers for elderly people baking cakes that taste yum, so we couldn’t resist.

We’re not surprised that an up-and-coming and bustling place like Hildebrandt Café has some oh-so-hip coffee creations in their menu.

We ordered ourselves a Rote Rüben Latte, which made for a very Instagrammable Beetroot Latte, and went very well with our vegan chocolate cake.

If you’re not a fan of beets or don’t like the colour pink, try a green Matcha Latte, or a Kardamom Latte, or a yellow Kurkuma Latte (the list goes on). This creative flair transfers also into its drinks menu, starring homemade Limos (of course) and a Spritzer, Hildebrandt-style.

Then there’s the garden – a tranquil and green oasis in the middle of the 8th district

Where the Hildebrandt Café comes into full bloom is during the warmer months when it spreads itself outdoors with a spacious green al fresco garden set in the courtryard of the old museum.

Hildebrandt has all the character of a cult classic cafe. Hildys has already entered that reference library in your head that you turn to when friends ask, ‘want to go for a breakfast?’

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