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The 10 things that you have probably experienced when ordering food in Vienna

1. Your order doesn’t arrive, so you’re left alone with a growling stomach and your (H)anger issues

Maybe you put in your address info wrong, or you order during peak hours and your order is simply lost in transit. Whatever the reason, this really sucks when it happens.

2. You get the same delivery rider twice in a week

This may possibly be a sign that you’re ordering in too often.

3. You spend your waiting time watching the delivery rider on the map

And when they take a wrong turn, you find yourself screaming at your phone –  “No! Come back!”

2. It arrives, but you don’t get what you ordered

Which is especially great if you’re vegan and due to some mixup receive somebody’s meat lover’s grill platter.

3. You get what you order, but wait forever until it finally arrives

And it’s reeeeaally hard to to stay patient when you’re hungry.

4. The food is as cold as the leftover pizza in your fridge when it arrives

Of course, when it’s cold outside your cravings for ordered in food prepared by somebody else that knows what they’re doing is stronger than usual, BUT the downside is that it’s being delivered by somebody on a bike that can only do so much to prevent your food from getting the chills due to the below 10 degrees temperatures.

5. You want to order from a place only to discover that they don’t deliver to your district

Ah yes, when you finally want to try out that new, hip restaurant everybody’s talking about and then you realise you live on the other side of town and they don’t deliver in your neighbourhood.

6. You got cat-fished by a restaurant’s food photos in the delivery app

Doesn’t only happen on Tinder. You’e drooling in anticipation based on what the delicious pics online look like in the food delivery app, and then, when it finally arrives, you’re slapped with the real deal that looks like a discounted version of what you saw online and looks like it has been put into a washing machine cycle before it arrives on your plate.

7. The delivery guy/ gal calls you when they arrive because they can’t find your address

You always know it’s your food delivery guy/ gal calling because, let’s face it, who makes phone calls anymore?!

8. You order food from a restaurant and it tastes amazing, so you order from it again and it is completely different and sucks ass

Consistency is not easy during these turbulent times, but boy does this suck when it happens.

9. You tip your delivery rider double because it’s freakin’ freezing outside, or raining

They definitely deserve it!

10. Your pizza, or burger, arrives as if the delivery rider has traveled to you via a spinning vortex

You can’t blame them! The Viennese streets are crazy and chaotic. They’ve got to dodge trams, buses, cars, the odd person who doesn’t look before crossing the road. It’s a wonder the food arrives at all!

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