7 of the best Vietnamese eateries in Vienna you have to try

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7 of the best Vietnamese eateries in Vienna you have to try

Are you looking to get your slurp on with an authentic pho, a zingy noodle salad, or sink your teeth into a banging bánh mì?

These Vietnamese eateries and restaurants in Vienna will do the trick:

Happy Vietnam – Vietnamese in Vienna

MON–FRI: 11:30am–9pm
SAT: 12pm–8pm
SUN: closed

Pho bo (beef) = 7.80€

cash only

This hole in the wall is easy to miss, and we have to admit, we almost left it out until it was recommended by the daughter of the owner of another popular Vietnamese place in the 7th district (we know people ;-). Happy Vietnam serves up classic Vietnamese dishes in a small fast food eatery on Neubaugasse. Given the narrow and small size of the place, most customers get their meals to go, however, there’s also a few seats to sit and eat. But whether you decide to stay or go, the low prices are one of the things people love about Happy Vietnam (most dishes are priced between 5–8€). Their summer rolls are popular, while their noodle and meat ‘Bun’ bowls (which also come in vegetarian) are a real favourite.

The frying pots and pans of the kitchen, that are in sight from each of the 8 seats inside, make up the background noise here. And as for the soup, it definitely gets the job done: it’s freshly made, intensely flavoured and delicious, yet completely unpretentious, just like the prices and the look of the place.Throughout summer, there’s a few tables and chair on the street amongst the hustle and bustle of Neubaugasse.


© vienna wuerstelstand

© vienna wuerstelstand

Banh Mi – Vietnamese in Vienna

MON–THU: 11:30am–8pm
FRI: 11am–8pm
SAT–SUN: closed


Banh Mi sandwiches = 6.20–6.90€
Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) = 8.80€

cash only

This little hole-in-the-wall eatery is doing a quality take on the street food star of the Vietnamese kitchen that has been trending around the world recently – Banh Mi. They may look like any old baguette to those not in the know, however, the Vietnamese sandwich combines the best of the French (the respect for a crispy baguette) and Vietnamese (their magic of making sauces) kitchen. It’s the Vietnamese-style barbecued meats, peanut and lemongrass marinades and pickles that make the Banh Mi sandwich stand apart. Meanwhile, the pho on the Banh Mi menu packs a punch of flavour and the summer rolls hold their own, with fresh and tasty insides.

Don’t skimp on the chicken pate made in house if you order one of the sandwiches – its smooth and salty richness harmonises with the crispy meat perfectly.


© photos courtesy of Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam – Vietnamese in Vienna

Daily: 11:30am–3pm; 5:30pm–11pm

Evening menus range from 29.90 – 35.90€ (for 2 people)
Midday menu = 7.90–11.90€

accept card

Good Morning Vietnam offers just about everything you might expect from a Vietnamese restaurant in the 1st district of Vienna – chic, minimalist decor, impeccably smartly dressed staff, and beautifully served food. And we’d like to emphasise the beautiful part. It’s a set menu kind of affair here, with very reasonable set prices. Every dish that makes their way out to your table will tick two boxes – they’ll be inventively and beautifully presented and be full of little taste bombs that are left off in your mouth as you chew away on them. The classic Vietnamese dishes are cooked up traditionally here, with the highlights crowd including their summer and spring rolls, and a crazy good curry. Their midday menu is divided by portion size (small at 7.90€ to large at 11.90€), and damn tasty.



Pho84 – Vietnamese in Vienna

MON–SAT: 11am–10pm
SUN: 1pm–10pm


Pho Bo (beef): 7.90€
Spring Roll: 3.90€

accept card

We love going to this place, mainly because of the pleasure of our own pun-intended nickname – Pho-Eighty-Pho. Get it?? Anyway, excuse us. Moving on – did you know that the lady who owns this place also owns a hairdresser further up the street? She’s not the cook though, yet rather she’s the smiling presence coming in between haircuts to check on pho soup and noodle slurpers. The cook comes from Hanoi and offers in the selection of dishes a cross country Vietnamese journey.
And they make a damn good Pho soup! The aromas, fresh herbs and spicy broth keep us coming back to Pho84, again and again.

They’ve got a lengthy vegan selection, which is a stand out feature of the menu, while the Mi xao (stir fried egg noodle dishes) are a highlight for us…alongwith the pho, of course.


Nguyen‘s Pho House – Vietnamese in Vienna

WED-SUN + MON: 11am–10pm
TUE: closed


Pho Bo (beef) = 7.90€
Goi Cuon (pork and prawns) summer rolls = 3.90€

cash only

Pho fangirls and fanboys have descended on this place like a bunch of really hungry, slurping ninjas (because ninjas are cool) since it opened. It’s become so popular, it had to expand in 2018, taking over the neighbouring store. Nguyen’s specialises in the now forever-trending noodle soup, pho, and they pull it off well. The pho comes in beef and chicken, plus a vegetarian option that’s packed with tofu, mushrooms, carrots and daikon. As it’s cooked properly (meaning left to simmer for hours) the broth has the flavoursome depth you’d expect from a pho.

Their midday menu at 8.90 € through the week is a good deal for the portions (and the flavour factor) while their main dishes beyond pho are prepared traditionally, and well. The vegetarian options are also plentiful and are tasty enough to rival any of the meat dishes on the menu.

Its furniture looks like it could be used in a real life Tetris game and the open kitchen is churning out fresh, light dishes at lunch and dinner. And according to Anna Nguyen and her husband, Nghi, it all comes down to the heart they put into it … not literally, but you know what we mean.

“We cook the dishes we love from home and we cook them with plenty of heart.”
“Nghi is here at 7am every morning to prepare the Pho as he just loves cooking.”

Check out our full review of Nguyen’s Pho House, here.


Vietnam Bistro – Vietnamese in Vienna

Daily: 11am–10pm

Pho bo (beef) = 7.90€
Spring rolls = 2.90€

The look of the place may make you go ‘Meh,’ but the food will make you let out a long, drawn-out, ‘Mmmmmmm.’

This tiny takeaway place fills up daily around lunch as those in the know in the neighbourhood cram in to its poky seating area for its tasty Vietnamese menu. The service is all about getting the job done and getting the dish to you as quickly as possible.

Their menu is short, to ensure all cooking is done fresh. Our Vietnamese dish of choice to get here is the Bun Tom – absolutely magnificent. They also have a pho soup that tastes as it should and comes beautifully presented.


Vietthao – Vietnamese in Vienna

SUN–MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 5pm–10:30pm


A main dish = 8.90–12.90€

cash only

Only open in the evening (and full almost every single one of them) it’s safe to say the word is out about the tasty Vietnamese cuisine being served up at Vietthao. And the owner will proudly tell you that they’ve won the competition happening amongst the Vietnamese places in the city (that all seem to know each other) for THE best pho in town. Every dish that leaves the kitchen and lands on the table of every eager guest is prepared by his wife, who’s secret ingredient is ‘alot of love and passion,’ they tell us.

The menu is full of Vietnamese classics such as summer rolls, noodle salads, pho (of course) and the tasty Bánh Xeo – Vietnamese crepes filled with fresh ingredients and steamed prawns. Their spicy beef noodle soup – Bun Bo Hue – is also a noteworthy dish for those who live for the spice.

While we don’t like to play favourites, the pho here is one flavoursome bombshell, full of all the complex characteristics a good pho soup should involve – a clean beef broth taste, good quality, thinly-cut beef strips, fresh leafy sides, and the bánh phở rice noodles, which just so happen to be homemade. Be sure to reserve here.


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