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9 reasons you should go to the Danube river for dinner or a night out in 2021

There are a raft of restaurants and bars sitting waterside along the Danube river where the food and drinks are as good as the view.

Yep, there are a hundred good reasons to hit the river in the blazing heat of summer, and dipping your sweat-dripping balls, or lady parts into the Danube is just one of them (yes, we just slipped this into an article about eating and drinking riverside). We’ve already summed up the best swimming spots for you.

This is your guide to the idyllic spots along the river where dining out feels like a mini-vacation, and where sundowner drinks will give you goosebumps.


Copa Beach- Food and Drinks by the river

Daily: 10am - 4am


varies, check restaurants websites before hand!

veggie-& vegan friendly


Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

not a lot of shade, bring sun-protection!

The relatively new hang out spot on the river, Copa Beach, gets better year after year.

The Copa Beach hosts…well, a beach, and many new pop-up beach bars serving drinks out of shipping containers, and food trucks where you can pick up the yummiest, trendiest street foods.

To name a few – there’s the Latin-inspired cocktail and food place BAHIA (here you’ll often see people dancing out the front of the bar), the bubble tea and bao joint, BAO & TEA, the street food beach bar, D´AREPA, the disco Italo beach bar, AMALFY AMALFY, and CHARLIES BEACHBAR.

You can rent bikes, roller skates and scooters at X-Rent, jump on a trampoline at the trampoline park located there, and there’s also a new Climbing Park

The iconic Ponte Cagrana pontoon bridge connects the Copa beach with the Sunken City, and it makes for one very cool spot with holiday vibes (thanks to all of the multiculti additions there) on a hot summer’s evening. 


© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Su Tandogan

© Vienna Würstelstand | Su Tandogan

Sunken City – food and drinks by the river

Daily: 11am-11pm


varies, check restaurants websites before hand!


(al fresco garden) available

The Sunken City is a mile of restaurants and bars with an international flavour located directly on the Danube island (next to the subway station, U1 Donauinsel). Just lookout for the lighthouse and you’re on the right path.

The officially unofficial catwalk and culinary mile starts with Sansibar and ends with genus.fluss.

You’ll catch the lively Sansibar often blaring out Salsa and Latino tunes and it’s known for some awesome waterside parties. It’s decked out with lounge-like seating areas on decking that hangs over the water. They call themself a dance bar, which is an accurate description, and their cocktails more often than not are made by bar staff that know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, the genuss.fluss is more a red and white chequered table cloth set up where you rip at spare ribs with your teeth.

There’s also a hint of Greece sitting on the Sunken City at the Taverne Sokrates, which also has a cute little Gyros to-go stand. Neighbouring this is Italy at a little place called It’s amore, that has a charming al fresco garden, and menu with all of the favourites out of the Italian kitchen.

Meanwhile, you can catch some Latin America vibes at Cafe del Solo and Rumba & Mambo. Head to the Cafe del Sol for the chilled terrace and Rumba & Mambo when you’ve got an urge to move your hips like a Latino. 

There are two locations located directly on the river, like Deuces Summer Moments (once again, a a spot for drinks) and the Booteria, where you can rent a few varieties of boats – who would’ve thought?

Porto Pollo – Food and drinks by the river

Daily: 1pm - 10pm


cash only

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

If a relaxed crowd that has a come-as-you-are attitude is your kind of tribe, stick to the west side of the river (the one facing the city) and hit Porto Pollo.

You’ll find at this chilled location comfy hammocks to swing in, and probably people who go swinging. No shade intended, the hippie commune sure does feel at home here, and how could they not given the uncomplicated vibes at this intimate waterside location.

Good to know… this is more a place for drinks, rather than dining out.


© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

© Vienna Würstelstand | Teresa Kuen

Zum Schinakl – Food and drinks by the river

Daily: 11am - 11pm


Marinated chicken skewer: 16.30 €
Fillet steak: 29.60 €
Local brook trout: 20.90 €

veggie- & vegan-friendly

accept cards

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

Located on the old Danube, close to Kaiserwasser, Zum Schinakl is one of the lesser-known restaurants around the river, but is nonetheless a very hot tip. They’re a classic Viennese restaurant, with a down-to-earth and authentic vibe. They serve mostly meat-dominated dishes and local fish, but also vegetarians will get their fill (they even have two vegan dishes!)

What makes Zum Schinakl even more special is their cooperation with Meine Insel – this sees people floating out to the middle of the river while consuming Zum Scinakl’s food and drinks on one of their many very funky-looking island boats.

Good to know… some islands are barrier-free. Plus, right next door is also a Stand-up puddle rental called flotus.

Also good to know… Zum Schinakl is located in a very lively area where many inetersting (architecture-wise) holiday houses are located, which makes for a nice walk after dinner.

Das Bootshaus- food and drinks by the river

An der unteren Alten Donau 61, A-1220 Wien

Mo-Fr 11:30-23 Uhr
Sa-So/Ft: 9-23 Uhr


Cappuccino 4.40€
Gentle Chick 16.90€
Apfelstrudel 4.90€

veggie-& vegan friendly

accepts cards

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

If it’s fish and seafood you’re seeking on a warm summer’s day, Das Bootshaus has got you covered.

Munch on a ‘Freshman’s trout’, or go for the calamari, codfish, or prawns – there’s even a quality paella in the mix. The interior is set up like a British gentleman’s rowing club, and the decking is a gorgeous place to sit at any time of the day (did we mention their breakfast is highly recommendable?!)

Plus, if you’re up for getting bendy and zen while finding your chakras and stuff, you should check out the regular outdoor yoga sessions that are held on Saturdays and Sundays on their decking.


Zur Alten Kaisermühle – food and drinks by the river

Daily: 11:30am–11pm


Spareribs: 22.00 €
Salmon trout: 22.00 €
Rib Eye Steak: 32.00 €


accept card

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

At this classic of a waterside beer garden/ Austrian restaurant, Zur Alten Kaisermühle, you can sink your teeth into a rack of ribs that are longer than your arm.

Now, while they’re indeed famous for their ribs there is a lot of other fantastic stuff in their menu. The Black Tiger prawns appetiser tastes incredible, while Backhendl is a hit and the same goes for their fish dishes.

The portions are big and the view is impeccably idyllic.

Strand cafe – food and drinks by the river

Daily: 11:30am – 11:30pm


Pork ribs: 25.90€
Fish grilled on a stick: 15.90€
Wiener Schnitzel: 20.90€


accept cards

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

A lot of people recommend this as THE place for ribs, and they indeed had us eating them in a way that we wouldn’t want our lovers to see. This is also the place where the residents of the 22nd district head for family dinners because it’s just so damn good!

Just imagine teeth tearing at meat, sucking on bones, forearms used to wipe away grease and mess –we’re just saying, you might have to leave some of your table manners at home. And if such savagery is not your thing, the view is stunning. Plus, they make a mean Steckerlfisch (aka. fish on a stick)


Flamingo- food and drinks by the river

Daily: 11am - 10pm


Trout: 12.90 €
Sea Bass: 14.90 €
Rib Eye Steak: 17.90 €


accept card

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

The fish restaurant, Flamingo, is a little hidden gem located on a spot along the river that few people think of when they think of going for dinner on the water.

With fish sourced outta Greece, Turkey and Italy, and with affordable prices attached, this is one sweeeeet secret local place!

There’s also other seafood, like calamari and mussels in the mix. All of it is well marinated and spiced. As there’s a Turkish crowd behind the restaurant, you can finish the evening with a freshly brewed Turkish-style coffee. There are also a few dishes inspired by the Turkish roots of this restaurant (especially the kind that are prepared on a grill) snuck into the menu.


wake_up – food and drinks by the river

June – August
Daily: 10am – 12pm
May + September
MON – FRI: 12am – 10pm
SAT – SUN / HOLIDAY: 10am – 10pm
April + October
THUR – SUN / HOLIDAY 12am – 9pm
Winter: Open for events


Falafel Bowl 12.40€
Sweet Potato Fries 4.90€

veggie- & vegan-friendly

accept cards

Schanigarten (al fresco garden) available

The main thing people come here for is for the wakeboarding setup they have on the water, but it’s also a good spot for drinks, plus to have a quiet laugh at those falling off of their wakeboard while doing crazy tricks.

However, if you’re not mean like us, then this is a good go-to for a beautiful view to go with slurping at cold drinks and munching on crispy fries. The menu is nothing to write to your Oma about, but it does the job.

And who knows – maybe you’ll get the daring urge to hop onto a wakeboard, too. 

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