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7 very unique Krapfen you have to try in Vienna this Fasching

Happy Fasching beautiful people of Vienna! If your heart skips a beat when thinking of stuffing your mouth with greasy fluffy sweet buns, a.k.a. Faschingskrapfen, then this article is right for you! However, basic Faschingskrapfen with jam get boring after a while. So we thought we’d dig deeper and pull out the freakiest Krapfen-creations Vienna has to offer. Enjoy!

© Der Mann via Website

Marshmallowkrapfen – Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

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A dream in pink! Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest. If you are aiming for the biggest sugar shock you can get, then this pinky Krapfen filled with strawberry jam and marshmallows is your ride to your annual Fasching sugar overdose. Only for the bravest among you: Combine eating this Krapfen with eating a ‘Punschtorte’ for the pinkiest pastry experience you will ever get.

© Szinh via Website

Salty Caramel Krapfen – Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

If the only thing coming into your mind when hearing ‘salty caramel’ is some sort of Starbucks salted caramel frappuccino, then this Krapfen will make your heart beat faster. Bakery ‘Szinh’ came up with this Krapfen combination for all those among you who want to give your taste buds a whole new Krapfen experience. 100 points for randomness: It comes topped with a pretzel.

© Der Mann via Website

© Der Mann via Website

Eierlikörkrapfen – Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

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For all of you who need an excuse to start drinking liqueur early in the day (it’s Fasching-time and we’re in Austria, so there is not really an excuse needed for consuming liqueur or any other alcohol early in the day. But, we’ll still give you one).

Try out the latest creation from the well-known bakery ‘Der Mann’, a fluffly Krapfen coated with white chocolate and refined with some fancy egg liqueur custard inside. Cheers…uhm, Mahlzeit!

© Ströck via Website

© Ströck via Website

Powidl Bauernkrapfen — Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

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Have you ever noticed that Austrians are obsessed with adding the word ‘farmer’ in front of wheat-y creations? Just think of ‘Bauernbrot’ (farmer’s bread) for instance. So, it should come as no surprise that there is also a Bauernkrapfen. Bakery ‘Ströck’ sells Bauernkrapfen in various fruity flavours, but our favourite is the Bauernkrapfen ‘Powidl’.

This Krapfen-creation is as Viennese as it can get as ‘Powidl’ is a dialect term used to refer to plums. Fun fact: When a Viennese person says ‘Das ist mir powidl’ it also means that they don’t give a shit.

© Szinh via Website

Cappuccino Krapfen – Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

If you’re a coffee lover but your regular dose of coffee isn’t enough to fulfill your longing for the taste of coffee, then Szinh’s capuccino Krapfen might be the answer to your prayers. A cottony Krapfen with coffee custard inside and a cute coffee bean on top.

Pro tip: Combine your cappuccino Krapfen with an actual cappuccino to go directly into cappuccino wonderland. Whoop Whoop!

© Ihana via Facebook

Swedish Semlar — Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

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When thinking of Scandinavian food, the first thing coming into your mind might be ‘Köttbullar’ (thanks, Ikea) but there is of course more to it than that. Café Ihana describes itself as the Scandinavian archipelago in the middle of Vienna, and offers traditional Scandinavian Krapfen called Swedish Semla or Laskiaspulla.

They are filled with whipped cream and, according to their country of origin, either with jam or almond paste. If you’re up for a Krapfen experience apart from the Austrian-ordinary, then this is your Krapfen!

© Ströck via Website

Briochekrapfen — Vienna’s Most Unique Krapfen

If you are a fan of a classic Krapfen filled with vanilla cream, you can level up your Krapfen game by adding a little bit more spice, uhm, brioche to your Krapfen. Baked from fluffy brioche dough, bakery Ströck made a new vanilla Krapfen creation with which we are literally obsessed. So if you haven’t already treated yourself today, this is your gentle reminder to get yourself a Brioche Krapfen.

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