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9 French bakery spots in Vienna where to get heavenly French pastries & baked delights

If you’ve ever been to France and sunk your teeth into a buttery and crunchy croissant, or the kind of baguette you can eat bare because it’s so good, you may have found yourself dreaming of these divine moments ever since. And don’t get us started on the pastries – Sacre bleu!

But here’s the thing – thanks to a growing trend happening in Vienna that has seen French bakeries aka. boulangerie, popping up all over the city, you no longer have to indulge in the heavenly treats of a French bakery only in your dreams.

Here are 9 French bakery spots in Vienna where you’ll find authentic French baked goods that taste like they’ve come directly out of a Parisian boulangerie ou pâtisserie.

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© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

Motto brot – French bakery

Mariahilfer Straße 71a 1060 Vienna

MON-FRI: 7:00-19:00
SAT-SUN: 8:00-19:00


Pain au chocolat = 3.60€
Bio- croissant = 2.90€
Bio-tartine-bap (weckerl) = 1.10€
Bio-Kirschplunder = 2.90€
Maracuja – schokolade – choux = 5.90€
Bio – Motto – Brot = 5.50€ (for 600g)
Bio Urgetreibebrot = 6.50€ (for 700g)


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Motto Brot is located on the busy boulevard of Mariahilferstrasse. Entering into the petite little bakery, you immediately get some early 20th century vibes.

All the walls are covered with mirrors, the prices and little descriptions of the bread are written in gold, black and white print on glass.

Meanwhile, about the baked goods they’ve got up for grabs – a lot of their baked goods are bio-certified. Their almond croissant is one indulgent treat and the same goes for their Pain au chocolat. Speaking of indulgent – do pay attention to the heavenly-looking tarts cabinet.

They’ve also got a few salad bowls along with some quiche options, and a few ready-made baguette sandwiches. This is one sweet spot to pick up a sourdough baguette or a coffee and croissant – did we mention they know how to make damn good coffee?

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© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

L’amour du pain – French bakery

Otto-Bauer-Gasse 21/2 1060 Vienna

TUE-SAT: 7:00-19:00
SUN-MON: closed


Pain au chocolat = 2.70€
Pain pecan cannelle = 3.90€
Pain aux raísíns = 2.90€
Croissant = 2.40€
Quiche Lorraine 4.10€


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L’amour du pain feels as extravagant as its name soon as you walk in – in a good way.

The black glass of the shop front gives off a fancy vibe, and kind of keeps this gem hidden from the unaware.

There’s scarce seating at this authentic French boulangerie and patisserie, besides the few tables and chairs out the front. 

You can also share an intimate moment with the bakers and pastry chefs as they’re making all of their mouth-watering pastries and baked goods directly next to the counter.

You won’t know what to choose from when scanning your eyes over their elegantly arranged pastry cabinet full of exquisite éclairs, tarts, quiches, and more, but one thing is for sure – you won’t leave this place without spending a fair bit of cash. 

La Mercerie – French bakery

MON–SAT: 8:30am–7pm
SUN: closed

Baguette = 2.40–2.90€
Mini Baguette = 0.95€
Croissant = 2.00€
Pain au chocolat = 2.40€
Pain au raisins = 2.40€

La Mercerie is a true Parisian bistro located right in the midst of one of Vienna’s most charming areas, the Servietenviertel of the 9th district.

Once you find yourself sitting in the garden out front, or inside looking out the window, you’ll know you’ve achieved that state of being that the French live by – eat, love, laugh and live well, and often.

There’s an old wooden exterior encasing the place, and if you look down, you’ll find beautiful old tiles covering the floor. We say ‘if’ as you’ll find it hard to convince your attention to wander from what sits in the cabinet.

A range of authentic, fresh French baked goods is presented as proud as the French in the cabinet. And what makes the baked treats at La Mercerie even more special is that everything (except the éclairs that come from France), is made from scratch, on the premises. Including the authentic handmade French baguette (and the mini one for 95 cents), and the selection of great breakfast pastries, like the brioche, pain au chocolat, pain au raisins, and  La Mercerie’s bona fide croissant.


Tart’aTata – French bakery

MON–SAT: 10am–6pm
SUN: closed


Brioche = 1.80€
Pain au chocolat = 2.30€
Croissant = 1.80€
Viennoise Choco = 2.50€
Feuille abricot = 2.80€
Macaron = 1.80€
Éclair (orange, vanille, café, pistache) = 3.80€
Tarte aux myrtilles = 4.50–4.90€
Whole tartes (3/6/8 persons): 11.50€ / 19€ / 25€

If you haven’t been to the French Pâtisserie, Tart’aTata, before we strongly advise you to prepare for your first visit by tucking a napkin into your shirt collar. Or by dressing in a plastic poncho.

The dainty, hand-crafted, and neatly presented chocolatey and sweet tarts, eclairs, and other pimped pastries will have your mouth watering, no matter if you’ve just eaten an entire cow on the way there (why you might have done that, we’re not sure).

The display case is filled with everything that a wet dream made in France would contain: Éclair, Pain au chocolat, Tarte au Citron, Mille-feuille, Brioche, Feuille abricot, Tarte aux pommes – all made by a professional pâtissier from France.

We tried the tarte au citron – our lips pursed like a homophobic’s bum in a gay club from the citrus tang, and the pastry is deliciously buttery.

If you’re not into the super sweet sugary French stuff, you can switch to the cabinet on the right and choose from the selection of French pastries – brioche, pain au chocolat, croissant, Viennese choco … ou une feuille abricot, peut-être?

Plus: Best feature ever – you can watch the pâtissiers at work through the window!


Café Telegraph – French bakery

MON–TUE: closed
WED–SUN: 9am–5pm


Éclair (vanille, choco, pistachio, and a seasonal one) = 3.50€
Tartelettes = 3.50€
Croissant = 2.00€

Telegraph is a charming corner café that boasts a vintage interior that will possibly distract you from the reason you’re actually there – to eat French cake.

However, we bid you please concentrate on the task at hand, as we’d hate for you to miss out. The coffee is the real deal and we’ll confidently stamp it with the ‘specialty’ label.

Now, the Frenchness of this place begins and ends with the mouth-watering selection of French pastries sitting all pretty-like in the cabinet.

However, their secret French weapon comes in the form of their classic french eclairs. They make a daily fresh batch of French éclairs that come in the classic flavors: vanilla and chocolate. (yes, we can’t hold back the drool.)

Meanwhile, we found our new French affair in the form of their assortment of cakes that are to die for. (yum.)

While they also have a croissant on offer, we have to mention here, that it is the Austrian kind of croissant (it comes from the Lower Austrian baker, Kasses). It is very tasty and fresh, but it’s a lot drier and less buttery than a French one.

Also good to know… Café Telegraph serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a menu of an impressive selection of different dishes from all over the world.


Parémi – French bakery

Bäckerstraße 10 1010 Vienna

TUE-SAT: 7:30-18:00
SUN-MON: closed


Croissants = 2.70€
Tartlet saison = 6.20€
Quiche = 6.20€
Macron = 2.30€


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Good to know: You can also find Parémi at various markets and festivals.

Parémi got its name from its founders, Patricia and Rémi. They both learned the ancient arts of fine baking in France.

At this charming and handsome looking bakery in Vienna’s first district, you get to enjoy daily freshly French style baked goods in a bright setting with natural stone and wood filled interior.

In Parémi you can also watch the bakers toiling away at their craft as they make traditional French bread and pastries.

Besides being a fancy French boulangerie, you can also grab delicious breakfasts, lunch options and salads at Paremi. 

Read more about our visit to Paremi.

Beaulieu – French bakery

MON–SAT: 10am–11pm
SUN: closed


La baguette originale = 2.70€
Tartes (various flavours like marrón, citron, fruits, fraises) = 4.50€
Croissant = 2.00€
Pain au chocolat = 2.20€
Brioche = 2.00€
Éclair = 3.90€
Petits fours = 2.10€

Beaulieu is probably the most Parisian-like place in all of Vienna. Situated in the pretty, pretty Ferstl Passage, the small bistrot/épicerie will have you feeling like you’re walking straight into the Passage des Panoramas à Paris.

While you can sit down and have a real française food experience, we’re talking solely about the French baked goods in this article.

Beaulieu has it all – it stocks one of the most authentic French baguettes in Vienna, which involves a stick-like crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, low in salt and a very subtle touch of yeast, creation (be sure to stick the baguette right under your arm while walking out for maximum authenticity).

Also behind the counter is one of Vienna’s best French-style brioche – a very buttery and yeasty pastry, in the form of a small box.

The Tartes will have you staring at the glass cabinet for hours trying to decide what does it for you the most (the kinds of tarts change with the seasons). Their Croissant and Pain au Chocolat boast a great buttery taste, and the latter explodes with a creamy chocolate filling.


Crème de la Crème – French bakery

Lange Gasse 76a 1080 Vienna

TUE-FRI: 9:00-18:00
SAT-SUN-HOLIDAYS: 10:00-17:00
MON: closed


Filled sandwiches (toast or bread) = 5.50€
Yogurt with toppings = 5.50€
Café latte = 3.60€
Croissant breakfast = 3.90€
Lunch = 5.90-8.90€


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This small, family-owned patisserie is dressed up in one stunning interior design and the big windows bring in plenty of natural light to make it very inviting for a cake and coffee visit. They work with quality and regional ingredients, and they have pro pastry chefs making it all fresh, every morning, out the back. 

We do not hesitate when the claim that Crème de la Crème is putting together some of the most divine French pastries in the city.

Meanwhile, it’s also a popular place amongst plenty of people to get a buzz happening with a Spritzer, Hugo, or Gin Tonic in hand.

You can check out one of our Fork You episode in which Creme de la Creme was featured.


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© Vienna Würstelstand

© Vienna Würstelstand

Peti Pari – French bakery

Otto-Bauer-Gasse 2 1060 Vienna

MON-SAT: 9:30-18:00
SUN: closed


Croissants = 2.10€
Tartlets = 4.80-5.20€
Quiche = 5.00€
Eclairs = 4.20€


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al fresco garden

According to the crowd behind this place, Peti Pari is the best patisserie in Vienna.

We tried their chocolate raspberry crumble tart and we can confirm that it was an out-of-this-world experience.

Anna Idzik is the owner and Chef Pâtissier at Peti Pari. The whole establishment is modern, from its looks to what it serves up. Spoons are hanging from the ceiling under which you can enjoy some quality French pastry experiences.

Besides their variety of pastries to delight any sweet tooth, like the classic pain au chocolat and almond croissants in various styles, they also offer homemade cheese sticks.

Peti Pari also carries a big selection of hot and cold drinks, which you can enjoy on their lovely terrace in front of the shop, which we found to be the absolute cherry on top (sorry, we were in a rhyming mood on the day of writing this).

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