The top 10 ugliest buildings in Vienna according to our community

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Your Words, not ours: the 10 Ugliest Buildings in Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city with tons of spectacular, historic and mesmerizing architecture. However, there are some places where you might wonder if the architect might have had a Spritzer too many when designing them. So we asked our community: Which buildings deserve a place in Vienna’s ugliness-pageant?  Here’s the top 10.

© TU Wien

TU Wien Freihaus

Imagine your average 1970s alien film and then imagine the spaceship. Now imagine turning the 70s spaceship into a building, add too much concrete and steel, some windows and place innocent TU students in there. There ya have it.

© Stefan Oláh


Did a giant car just crash into this building? Why is it so dented at the bottom? Or should it symbolize a giant mouth that is about to devour innocent passers-by? This building definitely raises more questions than it answers.

© MedUni Wien


You either love or hate the architecture, there is nothing in between. And while some may praise the simplistic design or might even argue that a hospital needs to be more functional than fancy, our community still selected it as one of the top 10 ugliest buildings. Sorry AKH fans!

© Reichl & Partner

Wohnpark Alterlaa

Wohnpark Alterlaa was built in the 1970s and 1980s with the underlying idea to create an innovative ‘city’ within the city where residents have everything they need, including rooftop pools, stores and green balconies. Whereas, in reality, it just looks like your regular 1970 ‘Plattenbau’ high-rise building. Sorry, not sorry.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Tina Capellari

Haas Haus

There is the picturesque and world-famous Stephansdom that attracts a shitload of tourists every year who wander through the first district and marvel at its majestic architecture. And then there’s Haas Haus right at Stephansplatz that seems entirely out of place. You should have been an Altbau, baby!

© Vienna Würstelstand | Tina Capellari


Only insiders will know that Juridicum has the ugliest orange floors one will ever see in their entire life. But its architecture is also more than questionable, as it perfectly fits in with the surrounding Gründerzeit-houses… Not!

© Vienna Insurance Group / Robert Newald


The Viennese Ringstraße is very famous for its Prunkbauten (fancy pantsy Altbau palaces, basically) and then you clash into Ringturm. The perkiest addition to the whole Schottenring area adds, uh, literally nothing to the flair of this area. Only plus: Its christmassy Christmas tree lights in winter are kinda cute.

© Vienna Würstelstand | Tina Capellari

Alte WU Spittelau

WU left its old location in exchange for its new boujee flex close to Prater and Uni Wien took over this gem. Now it houses its faculties when they need alternate quarters, because nobody really wants to be there (we guess). Its only benefit is that you reach Donaukanal within a few minutes if you feel like skipping class and sipping beer instead.

© InterContinental Wien / Foto: der Krug

InterContinental Hotel Stadtpark

No, but seriously, how could the city of Vienna let it happen that this colossus is overlooking gorgeous Stadtpark? And while the hotel might actually be fancy looking from the inside, its gray imposing concrete shell is just not eye-candy in any way. Its architect could have definitely tried harder.

© Gunnar Klack

Mooons Hotel

Mooons with three ooos. Like their round windows. They are uhm, very round. But also, so many questions about this building. Is it pretending to be a ship with portholes? How did this happen? Was this the best they could come up with? We will never know.

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